9 Guest Room Paint Colour Ideas To Make Your Friends And Family Feel At Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | May 21, 2021 | 7 mins read

Vibrant guest room paint color ideas for your home

Gift your guests a delightful stay by using these thoughtful and welcoming guest room paint colours

Guest rooms are usually less used but an integral part of most houses. They are the extra bedroom that occasional guests use. However, not a primary room, a guest room or a guest bedroom’s interiors are as important as any other part of your house. Therefore, selecting suitable interiors for your guest room is essential and tricky.

Hence, you would need to go with universal designs that appeal to most people. And while we speak about interior design for guest rooms, the room’s paint colour is the most crucial element. It can significantly impact your guests and help create a certain mood for the room. The first step is to select the correct guest room paint colours.

Usually, light, neutral colours are most popular among people since they are not overwhelming and friendly for house paints. Following this rule of thumb, we bring you some elegant and soothing guest room paint colours along with some great bright colours (because we know bright colours can be fantastic too) that will let your guest have a great time at your place.

A Bright White Guest Room Paint Colour To Keep Things Lively

White is a universally loved colour. It brings positivity and creates a natural brightness that makes places look spacious and clean. Therefore, you can definitely consider painting your guest’s room in all white. Though there are several shades of white that you can go with, selecting this colour can be a wise choice, especially for less spacious guest rooms. The colour will create an illusion of spaciousness and openness.

Moreover, this guest room paint colour is ideal for rooms that are not naturally lit. The colour will impart a brightness that won’t make the room feel cramped without sunlight. White is also a good choice for guest rooms because the colour can go with any interior design.

Bright white best paint color for guest room brings positivity and creates a natural brightness.
A bright white guest room paint colour with a modern interior design

Bring Calmness Home With This Seriously Soothing Blue Guest Room Paint Colour

A soothing shade is a universal interior colour. Going with a fabulous guest room paint colour brings two essential benefits:

  1. Because everyone loves to stay in a calming ambience
  2. Such a colour can help to create crispr design themes that you can experiment with

Therefore, choosing an excellent colour like this blue as a guest room paint colour is intelligent. As you can see in the picture, the blue colour gently blends with the white colour and the wooden bed design. The blue colour also gives you a subtle background for different wall decorations.

Soothing blue best guest room paint color with the white colour blends well and brings calmness to the area.
A soothing bedroom design with a blue guest room paint colour

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A Cream And White Guest Room Paint Colours

Cream is a sophisticated colour that adds a natural charm to interiors. And it is also an elegant colour that most people love, which is why beige is often used in hotel rooms. So, going for such a universal guest room paint colour can be an ideal choice. In this guest room design, we have used cream paint colour with a combination of white ceiling and wooden flooring. This type of guest room paint colour can be ideal for small guest rooms where the cream colour can create a spacious and open ambience.

Guest room paint color in cream with a white ceiling and wooden flooring adds a natural charm to space.
A contemporary bedroom design with cream guest room paint colour
Modern bedroom interior designs for all home sizes

This Textured Peach Is One Of The Most Interesting Guest Room Paint Colours

If you want to invest in more delightful interiors for your guest room, go for textured guest room paint colour choices as shown in the picture. The room has a white paint scheme with an accent textured peach paint colour that enhances the room’s appeal. The textured paint brings a striking factor in the room’s interiors that will exude a lively vibe in the room for your guest. The accent paint colour will also add dimension to traditional guest room designs.

Wall paint colour for the guest room in textured peach with white accent enhances the room’s appeal.
An elegant guest room design with a textured peach paint colour

Who Doesn’t Love The Lovely Coral Pink For Guest Room Paint Colour?

Coral pink is a great colour for home interiors. It’s homely, warm and welcoming. So, feel free to use it as a guest room paint colour for your house. The one shown here has a deep pink colour palette with a matte finish. It brings a lively vibe to the place that will surely warm your guests’ hearts. The coral pink, combined with the white wall colour and wooden flooring, accentuates the brightness of the pink shade. The colour also brings an earthiness to the room.

Guest room paint color in coral pink combined with the white wall colour and wooden flooring brings an earthiness.
A pretty coral pink guest room paint colour for your guests

If You Want To Go A Bit Bold, Go With Golden Brown Guest Room Paint Colour

Do you want to move away from the universal cool guest room paint colours and have an unconventional guest room design? Then go for a bold colour like this golden brown guest room paint colour. It adds a unique charm to the place, creating off-beat but stunning room interiors. The golden brown also brings a traditional, old-school feel that will give character to your guest room.

Golden brown best paint color for guest room brings a traditional, old-school feel that will give character to the room.
A bold golden brown guest room paint colour for your place

An Off White Guest Room Paint Colour For Everyday Charm

Off-white is one of the best guest room paint colours as the shade is universally loved. The off-white shade is warmer and creates a cosy ambience that your guests would love. Off-white is also preferred as a guest room paint colour because it allows versatility in other room design elements. The colour also brings a clean and uncluttered look that most people appreciate.

Off white best guest room paint colour warmer and creates a cosy ambience that guests would love.
Bring calmness home with this off-white guest room paint colour scheme

Jazz Up Your Guest Room With This Vivacious Lime Green Colour

If subtle and straightforward is not your style, you can always go for a peppy guest room paint colour choice like this lively lime green. The colour captures the essence of a high spirited family lifestyle, giving a more personal touch to your guest room. The lime green can pep up any place and make it look spacious and open. The lime green will also keep a home bright and fresh-looking.

Guest room paint color idea, bedroom in lime green colour makes it look spacious and open.
Refresh your guest room with this lively lime colour scheme
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You Can Also Go With An Orangy Guest Room Paint Colour

If you are going for bolder shades, you can also opt for orange as the best paint colour for guest room. Contrary to the soothing, cooler tones, orange is a warm tone that brings more positivity. The colour imparts instant happiness. The colour can also be overwhelming at times, so you might want to be careful. But you can surely use it as an accent guest room paint colour choice. Using it in a combination of white can be a good shot!

Orange guest room paint color in a warm tone brings more positivity and a vibrant feel to space.
Make a bright and vibrant guest bedroom with this orange twist

Now that you know the secret of choosing the right colour for your guest room, we are sure you will create a homely atmosphere for your guests. Besides the paint colours, other elements like beds, wardrobes, floor, etc. play crucial roles in moulding a room’s interiors. The trick is to keep things simple and straightforward. For more design tips, get in touch with our design ninjas now!

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