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by Ashish Rai | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas for your home
Brilliant layering, dynamic colours, and functional furniture can add significant style to your guest room to make your visitors feel comfortable. Atithi Devo Bhava or the guest is equivalent to God. You must have heard this line many times from your parents, especially when you had visitors, isn’t it? In Indian culture, especially, hospitality ranks high. Most homeowners, therefore, ensure guests feel comfortable and pay extra attention too as well. It isn’t hard to design a perfect guest bedroom if you have a plan. This space needs to be a welcoming space that combines the luxury of a hotel with the charm of a home. To create an inviting guest bedroom, you need to pay attention to several things – a comfortable bed, a reading chair, as well as personal care items and daily gadgets like phone chargers. Your guest bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with the latest decor trends. We have here design and decor ideas to create a guest bedroom you might fall in love with and so will your guests!

The Colour In Your Guest Bedroom Matters

Designing a comfortable guest room starts with the colour of the walls. Colour plays a significant role as it acts as a canvas for the rest of the decor. It is best to opt for a neutral colour scheme so that accessorising later won’t be a mammoth task. Your guests need to feel right at home when they are staying with you and not in a cheap motel. Some colours you can play with-
  • Dark Brown: Pair it with pastels to bring in balance the richness of dark brown shades.
  • Mellow Yellow: Yellow instantly brightens up space, and when teamed with soft green, purple, or blues, it looks magical.
  • Rustic: Choose colours with rich wood tones like champagne, lavender, dusty blue are great if you like all things rustic.
  • Cherry Red: Red is known for its ability to energise a space. Pair it with rich brown wood or warmer tones like cream or ivory for maximum effect.
  • Aqua: Create a tranquil environment with aqua and pair it with white linen for a serene, soothing effect.
Tip: Do not be afraid to experiment with colours! Mix, match and accessorise your guest bedroom so the whole setup looks tasteful and straightforward.
Guest bedroom where colour plays a significant role as it acts as a canvas for the rest of the decor for guest bedroom decor
Focus on one colour, bringing in different shades, or mix in complementary hues.
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A Bedside Table Needs Attention

It doesn’t matter how big or small your guest bedroom is, make sure your guest bedroom has a bedside table. On this side table include a source of light like a reading lamp and make sure you buy or build one with an inbuilt drawer to store basics like jewellery, wallets or keys.  Tip: Add extra touches with a scented candle, a book, and a water carafe too.
Guest bedroom ideas where side table includes a source of light like a reading lamp
A bedside table will elevate your guest bedroom’s decor with simple essentials

Ample Storage To Store Belongings In Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom must have ample room for your guests to store luggage. Use one wall to build wardrobes with lofts so your guests have abundant space to keep their clothes. A pullout tray filled with essentials hand soaps, toothpaste, and tasty delights will give a nice touch to the room and be appreciated by your guests. Tip: Attach a long mirror beside a wardrobe and make it a mini dresser unit.
Guest bedroom ideas for your home with one wall to build wardrobes with lofts and a pullout tray filled with essentials for beautiful guest bedrooms
Create storage space to keep your guests belongings so it’ll be easier to access them whenever needed.
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Twin Beds, Colourful Quilts And Pillows

Twin beds never go out of fashion! A classic choice for a guest bedroom and a practical solution for accommodating more than one visitor. If your cousins, nieces or nephews visit often twin beds can be a lifesaver. Adorn your bed with colourful quilts and pillows for a cheerful palette with long, matching drapes keeping the vibe simple yet elegant.  Tip: Twin beds come in handy for guests who aren’t couples, and the symmetry it creates will leave your guests envious.
Guest bedroom design where twin beds never go out of fashion
A perfect solution to the more the merrier problem
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An Artsy Wall And Furniture Makes An Impression For Guest Bedroom

Make your guest bedroom quirky and decorative with wall art or photographs to amp up the style quotient. It is inexpensive and an affordable way to decorate your walls. Design a wall gallery with photographs of some of your favourite vacations, a collage of a family tree, or mount a sculpture. You can even mimic a mural from a famous artist.  Even furniture adds a significant style statement to your guest bedroom:
  • A chest of drawers will be a great addition as it gives you extra storage space 
  • An accent chair gives your guests additional seating space to enjoy a good book
Tip: If you want to save money then opt for refurbished couches and chairs, since your guest bedroom is not used frequently
Guest bedroom colours for your home with wall art or photographs
Wall art decor adds a much-needed style statement to your guest bedroom.
Steal these amazing ideas to design a chic and comfortable guest room! And if you have some crazy ideas to add to our list, let us know in the comments section below! Happy Decorating! Also Read: Latest Bedroom Furniture Designs

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