Make Your Home Cat-Friendly And Scratch Proof With These Cat Furniture Ideas

by Noopur Lidbide | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Cat furniture ideas for cat lovers

Make your house cat-friendly with these functional cat furniture ideas and some home interiors tips for cat parents

James Herriot, a British veterinary surgeon, once said, “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort” — and we completely agree! They are inquisitive and masters of their own minds. Having a cat as a house pet can teach you all of this and more. With a pet cat comes great responsibility. One, obviously, towards your furry friend and two, towards your home. So, we have for you some unique cat furniture ideas.

Cats find their comfort in the oddest of places, and the razor blades attached to their deceptively cute looking paws can create havoc in your home! The good thing with most cats is that they are sticklers for cleanliness and are usually particular about doing their business strictly in their litter box. At the same time, they shed their fur all the time and routinely sharpen their nails (usually on surfaces that you would least expect them to!). Here are our cat furniture ideas and tips that keep your furry friend comfortable and your house beautiful.

Cat Furniture Tree That Doubles Up As A Scratchpad

Cats love heights. Quick learners and soft landers on their feet, they leave no stone unturned in exploring your top shelf and cabinets. While it can be fun at times, it is always better to get them their own tall “tree” to explore. This cat furniture also doubles up as a scratchpad for them, helping you protect your sofa and other furniture from being their go-to places for sharpening their nails.

Designer cat furniture tree also doubles up as a scratchpad for them
Get your cat their own tree to jump from

Cat Furniture That Is A Secret Cocoon For Your Pet

Cats love their secret hideouts, and at times these can be places like small cabinets or shelves in the house. You can get your cat their own sheltering cocoon where they can hide, doze off, play hide and seek and just about lay low for a while.

Best cat furniture secret cacoon where they can hide, doze off, play hide and seek
These cute cocoons are a haven for cats
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

A Cat House Can Be Your Next DIY Project And Wood Cat Furniture

You can always get creative with wood cat furniture by making your own cat house. Keep in mind that the house should be sturdy, so make sure you go for the right materials. Add a custom cushion so that the cat house is really comfortable for them. You can also add tiny details like their favourite string toy to keep them engaged in their own little house.

DIY wood cat furniture house with custom cushion
Try this fun DIY project for your cats

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Get Your Cat Their Own Bed That They Simply Cannot Resist

Cats tend to shed their hair on the regular. Especially if you have a Persian cat at home, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain good hygiene and keep the hair off furniture and fabrics. A spacious and comfy cat bed is something that we would highly recommend for your cat furniture collection. Cats love their beauty sleep and love a cosy spot even better. Getting them a cat bed that they love is a great way to make your pet comfy as well as to possibly contain their fur in one place.

Pro tip: With a cat in the house, it’s always best to set up a weekly vacuuming routine to maintain your home.

Modern cat bed furniture is a way to make your pet comfy
A comfy cat bed is just what your cat ordered!

Interior Dos and Don’ts When You Have A Cat In The House

  • Go for furniture with soft or rounded edges. Cats are usually pretty active during the night and stand a chance of getting injured thanks to sharp edges and corners.
  • Avoid finishes like Duco, Veneer and Acrylic for your home as these chip off pretty easily. Not recommended when you have a tiny demon with talons on the loose!
  • Avoid going for wallpapers and accent walls that aren’t in paint. Wallpapers can tear off easily with a cat around.
  • Keep a window perch accessible to your indoor cat as they love spending time looking out at the view (read: eyeing birds!).
  • Cats usually like to use the bases of sofas and chairs as a quick scratchpad. You can get your furniture designed in a way that the scratching doesn’t hamper the material of such furniture.
Cat furniture dos and don’ts
Tips to ensure your home provides what your cat seeks

Well, every cat-hooman will agree to the fact that cats are masters of their own minds. There is a lot that you can do and avoid doing in terms of cat furniture to optimise the living experience for you and your beloved pet, and it is definitely worth the extra effort. At the same time, remember that the ball is always in your cat’s court! For all you know, they might ignore everything else and find utmost comfort in a randomly discarded shoebox!

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