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Duplex House Interior Design Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth

Duplex House Interior Design Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth

Clever duplex house interior design elements that make your home cohesive and comfortable without compromising on aesthetics.

Duplex houses are dwellings with two separate entrances. They may be side by side apartments or two-storied ones with different living units. Because of their unusual design and a large canvas, there is so much creativity to explore. Duplex homes are a notch above villas but in a much smaller size. In apartment complexes, they are created by buying apartments side by side or one above the other. Duplex home interior designs are also different from traditional designs. They can be two different looks, traditional juxtaposed with contemporary, a contrast of colours and styles and even two altogether different looks brought together. Duplex house interiors are built in such a way so as to break the home into several functional parts, different living units with a common kitchen and dining area ensuring privacy with an overall look.

As versatile as duplex house interior designs are, it needs good planning and creativity to bring everything together. Small canvases in interiors are easy because the rooms and their functions are fixed. It is easy to design a single bedroom, dining and kitchen. When this multiplies and rooms increase, is when true creativity comes into play with regards to the colours, aesthetics and ambience. Too much of clashing contrasting colours, a surfeit of stairs and windows can create an imbalance that throws off the look of duplex home interior design.

In duplex homes there are some elements that are more important than the rest, requiring more time and effort infused into them. Designing and decorating these elements must be done with care. A few clever tips and ideas have been elaborated below.

Stairs Design For Duplex House

As small as duplex homes might seem, it is possible to create a stunning staircase design with them. They can be the focal point of your home. Stairs are more than something that connects two spaces. They elevate and embellish homes, create drama and reflect your personality. Stairs can be created in different materials, designs and finishes. The trick to doing them is knowing what you want.

In duplex homes, heavy marble staircases and elaborate traditional carvings of bannisters may overwhelm. Similarly spiral and long-winded staircases may appear inconvenient especially when homes are one above the other. Duplex stair designs work best when broken into separate levels. They are also best created lean and minimal in aesthetics. Nestle stairs in one corner of your home, instead of locating them in the centre and keep them in simple wood or light tiles that go with the overall aesthetics. Suspended steps are a great idea for their straight lines and simplicity, making the rooms appear lighter and brighter.

Another great idea for duplex stairs design is invisible railings. Light, thin, transparent glass railing with a reinforced steel staircase has become popular and classy. Since duplex homes are not necessarily large despite the expanse of space, keeping embellishments and design elements at a minimum is a perfect way to go about designing such homes.

Transparent stairs design for duplex house are a cool new duplex house interior designs in India.
Transparent stairs in a duplex house are a cool new interior design idea

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Let Us Look Inside A Duplex House

As previously mentioned, the inside of a duplex house affords a large canvas to work around with. Interiors are the mainstay in a home. The colours, layout, materials used must reflect the homeowners’ personality. In a duplex home, it can get conflicted because of many people living in the space and a lack of understanding of how to put things together.

Begin with the colours and hues of your home to get your interiors together. Light hued pastels around the house are the best way to begin, with dark contrasting colours where you want to separate spaces. Therefore if living rooms are mildly hued, the dining space and kitchen can be darker in deeper hues. Similarly, multiple bedrooms and resting spaces can be played around with. The aim of this is to create one large space yet have individual pockets of functions.

Flooring is another important aspect of duplex house design that doesn’t get much attention. Wooden flooring or tiled ones throughout look better than different designs everywhere. Similar red oxide or terracotta tiles in the balcony or outer areas brings together the entire look and feel of the home.

Adding mirrors to the interiors of home lend an added spatial element while making the room appear bigger. Decorative mirrors add light and texture. They can be placed strategically, from living room foyers to staircase landings, especially in spaces that appear too constricted or small.

Image of Indian Duplex house design from inside to showcase the airy and bright duplex home with stairs.
The interiors of a duplex home that is airy and bright

Small Duplex House Design

Many Most of these design inputs also apply for small duplex house design. Because of space being a premium, the idea here is to make rooms appear larger, let in more natural light, open out your space to balconies as well as gardens and merge it all together. Duplex houses have many different ways to bring greenery indoors. From large window sills to small sit-outs, living room indoor gardens to staircase landings, clever designs can transform the look and feel of such spaces.

Beautiful small duplex house design images for modern indian duplex apartments.
Cosy living interior for small duplex house

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Keep Duplex House Interiors Green

Duplex house design in India is just going through a sea change. Homes are no more staid and boring, but creative and challenging. Homeowners are questioning the status quo, making their homes more beautiful rather than restricting them to functional pieces. Greenery is a simple hack but one that ups the ante of your home several notches. Play with plants and flowering pots for a fresh garden feel. 

Image of Indian 3BHK duplex house from inside showcasing greenery, staircase and hall.
Bring greenery indoors for your duplex house design for a fresh garden look

Trendy Duplex Home Furniture Choices

Because of the multitude of living spaces, duplex home designs may look or feel like a paying guest accommodation. Stylish and trendy interiors, a versatile collection of different furniture, accessories and appliances can change all that. When choosing furniture, it is not necessary to stick to a similar set but a similar design aesthetic. Select several chair and sofa pieces in similar finishes and colours, mix and match designs. Place them in different sections of the home with upholstery and furniture to match. Doing this everywhere will transform the look and feel of your home while keeping everything cohesive.

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3Bhk duplex house design showcasing wooden dining table with matching chairs.
A smart wooden dining table with matching chairs crafted with clean lines is a classy input for duplex home interior design

Building a duplex home and decorating it takes some bit of ingenuity but to summarise below are the points to keep in mind:

  • Find the most important part of the house and work around it. Let that lead you into putting together the design and decor elements. This space also decides the theme of your home
  • Decide whether the overall duplex house design will be luxurious or cost-effective, exclusive or relocatable. Design your space accordingly choose different elements for the home
  • See whether the outside view is important and can be included in duplex home interior design. A leafy front road, foliage, ocean or an open landscape provide good vantage points and also leads the design of your home.
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Finally, design a duplex home to be a place you would love to live in and come back to every day. Also, a place that maintains harmony and a warm ambience for friends and the entire family.

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