Interior Design Ideas For Small Indian Homes

by Anmol Kalro | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

Interior Design Ideas For Small Indian Homes

A modern and traditional fuse of gimmicks and smart furniture that cater to small home designs for Indian sensibilities. 

The challenge to create an enviable home with a small space can actually turn out to be quite fun. There’s a lot you can do with little when it comes to interior design ideas for small Indian homes. Since every nook and corner is so manifestly visible to the eye, every small detail counts. But that could be a good thing. Consider this having a smaller space makes everything so at hand and every small detail can be paid close attention to. So in a way, perfection is more (or only) attainable with petite places.

There’s something about smaller rooms that leaves more room for conversation. Read that again. There is undeniable comfort and warmth in a studio apartment, that is incomparable to a large mansion. But this isn’t to say your home can’t have touches of grandeur, elegance and walls that reflect charm, good taste and most of all –  bits of your own personality. 

Indian homes are notably adapting to modern interiors that are flexible and specifically designed to cater to small spaces. But needless to say, these designs come with an extra hint of tradition and culture imbibed within four walls. Here are some noteworthy tidbits to smarten up your small-sized casa.

Slide Through With Pocket Doors In Your Small Indian Home

The beauty of pocket doors is not just in its incomparable space-saving properties but also in how they seamlessly divide two areas without adding to clutter. Furthermore, they slide back into the walls when not in use, taking up a lot less space than doors that open in your face.

Sliding doors in small indian homes
White modern sliding doors make life easier in your small Indian home

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.. (opposite to the window)

Probably the oldest con game in the world of interior design, but still worth a mention, is the use of massive mirrors. Mirrors automatically make your living room feel a whole lot spacious and breezy. Beyond that they do a whole lot by adding to the handcrafted vibe of a small, traditional Indian home. Better yet, if you strategically position large mirrors opposite a window, they will reflect light and trick the eye into believing your small Indian home is bigger than it actually is. Besides being an oldie, it’s also one of the few glamour-adding ploys you can afford with chump change, how about that?

Mirror on the wall in a small indian home
Living room interiors with large mirror for a desi chic look
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Colour Me Nothing

White is the new black. Using lighter colours not only make your small Indian home appear larger, but also add to the sophistication. Neutral colours, besides being soothing to the eye, are more inviting of wall textures, wooden furnishings and coloured paintings that are brought out better with a white background.

Minimalist interior design for a low budget home
White stylish minimalist room with armchair

Bigger Is Better

Go big or go home. (Okay, maybe a little counterintuitive, considering you’re going big with design in a small Indian home) Although it might sound contradictory to what you’re trying to achieve, adding a single item that’s large enough to grab all attention and stripping the rest of the area to its bare minimum, could actually make it feel grander. A clutter of many smaller pieces, on the other hand, is going to make your home look messy and also add to the discomfort, among other things.

Hanging chair on a light blue wall in a small indian home
Light blue interiors with a hanging chair

Wall Niches For Wonderful Small Home Design

They say, walls have ears and if so, we say they’d better be accessorised well! There’s a lot you can do by digging up niches inside the walls of your little home and exhibit antique ornaments, vases or house plants to add it’s splendour. To give it a royal touch, consider vintage bowls, handmade artefacts or an antique style rotary phone- nothing says classy like retro. Niches inside walls work exceptionally well as interior design ideas for small homes simply because not only do they save space but make more.

Small home with arch and decorative flower
An arch niche in the wall with decorative flowers
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For The Love Of Loft(y) Windows

Now that you’re aware of how light plays captain in making your petite space look spacious, it only seems like the obvious option to up your window game. Don’t shy away from ceiling-high or large French windows and witness nature do its thing – and in full swing! Your room is sure to look more airy and ample with this little design hack for small Indian homes. 

Stylish-small home with windows in a low budget
Stylish room in white with large windows for an easy breezy small home design

Add Glow With Glass Tables

Any and all furniture that makes the flooring of your abode visible is encouraged when it comes designing small homes. Floor being visible equals floor looking wider. Glass furniture for one, is a fantastic way to incorporate an illusion of space and its subtlety also brings out the bolder colours of your other things that ought to be in the spotlight – like large area rugs, fancy pendant lights and wall art. So, go ahead and chime it in.

Living room with glass furniture for small homes
Luxury living room with a glass coffee table for elegance

Wall-Mounted Or Hanging lights

Bad lighting is a deal-breaker for great interior design and the trickiest element to ace. With a lack of space on your plate, aim at freeing every tabletop from any extra muss. Desk lamps for one are a complete no-no. Get creative with your ceiling and butt in concealed light fixtures wherever necessary – especially corners and recesses. Think of this way – parts of your home that are visible (basically well-lit), count as space, the others simply don’t. So now you know where infix good lighting in your small home interior game – everywhere! Hanging lights are another great proxy to standing lights that cram up spaces. Long pendants, apart from looking stunning, of course, also tend to emphasise the height of a room.

Wall mounted hanging lights in living room
 Living room interior with recessed lighting 
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Large Rug Riot

You would think little about the impact a rug can have on your space while making a purchase, correct? But a small home design demands that you pay attention to the fuzzy details, too. Smaller area rugs and especially the ones with borders tend to draw eyes to their dimensions and make your floor seem even smaller. Hard pass. Likewise, busy patterns that read too much? Also no. So, what are the ideal rugs for tiny living rooms? Neutral coloured mats with lighter hues that spread across the area work a treat giving your living room the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication it needs. Another way to smarten up with rugs is through integrating stripes – another fabulous mind trick to make it appear more expansive and expensive.

Leather arm chairs with glass table
 Light brown leather armchairs with a large area rug

Nesting Tables Are Nice And Neat

Nesting tables are straight-out-of-heaven space-saving wonders. You’ve probably noticed sets of two-three tables stacked together at furniture stores. What makes them smart furniture is their ability to be used separately when needed and as well as nested together as a centred coffee table for your living room. You can nest them back together when finished and you have your large, spacious room back again. 

Nesting tables for small homes with low budget
Minimalistic concept of a living room with nesting tables

 Lay Low To Biggen

If you’re redesigning or doing up your home interiors from scratch, you might want to consider low-lying furniture, especially for your living room area. Not only do they add to sophistication and style, but also make your ceiling appear taller so the room comes off as much grander than it really is. Who doesn’t fancy a high ceiling?

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In the end, you will come to realise you how the best space-saving ideas are merely illusions or eye tricks and hence cost practically nothing. 

Living room with low lying furniture
Modern living room with mezzanine, wooden flooring and low-lying settee. 


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