Trend Talk: Ceiling Paint Ideas To Make Looking Up Worth It

by Nikita Keshwani | January 10, 2024 | 6 mins read

Ceiling paint design ideas for your home

Say bye to boring plain ceilings already! Check out our list of ceiling paint design ideas and trending false ceiling colours to make your home the talk of the town.

Every room in a home reflects the personality of its dweller. Yet, often rooms appear plain and fail to strike the right connection. Wondering why does a space in your home lose its charm? Sit up and pay some attention to the fifth wall of your home. Yes, we are talking about the ceiling!

The ceiling or false ceiling is often the most undervalued part of a room. Why not look at it as a plain canvas and bring it to life? Choosing the right paint colour for the ceiling can drastically transform the vibe of a space without costing a fortune. See it for yourself – these false ceiling colours recommended by our top designers are the key to creating statement ceilings. 

What Type of Paint Is Used For Ceilings?

Usually, flat paints are used to cover the ceilings. However, paints with a matte finish work like magic for ceilings. It prevents reflections, hides the imperfections, does not glare the light back and does not require constant scrubbing or cleaning. Moreover, flat paints are also water-resistant, so feel free to finish them in case you do not prefer the usual choices of the painters: medium gloss that usually goes for the bathroom and kitchen ceilings.

Wondering how to paint a ceiling like a pro? Follow these ceiling paint design ideas to check how you can make looking up worth its while with strokes of fresh paint colours.

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Go For A Timeless White False Ceiling Paint

When asked, “What is the best ceiling paint colour?” Jessica Fernandis, one of DesignCafe’s senior interior designers, immediately responds – White. And we have no reason to doubt it because if you do it right, even a simple, white ceiling is a sight for sore eyes! 

White is the undisputed winner when it comes to false ceiling colours for all rooms in a home. White colour’s pristine aura and serene look and the ability to add depth to the ceiling make it the go-to choice. It reflects light and a sense of freshness to the room’s interiors. This is why low-ceiling rooms or spaces that lack natural light look bigger and brighter with white false ceiling colour paint.

White ceiling paint reflects light and a sense of freshness
A floating false ceiling in white creates an illusion of depth

Create A Style Statement With Subtle Grey Ceiling Colours For the Bedroom 

Want to go beyond the minimalist white look? Opt for a slightly uplifting colour like eggshell or light grey that are easy on the eyes. That way, the ceiling stands out and yet doesn’t ask for too much attention. Nikita Chotrani, Associate Community Manager at DesignCafe, says using light shades for ceiling paint design lends a sleek look and can make rooms look larger than they are. For instance, doesn’t this bedroom with grey false ceiling colours look sophisticated and elegant? Adding a sliding wardrobe in white and light wood laminates is unique and a great way to break the monotony of grey in this bedroom.

Grey ceiling colour for bedroom
Cool grey shades to create an interesting me-space!

Match Your Ceiling Paint To The Wallpaper

When you’re confused about getting the ceiling paint right for a wallpapered space, the best idea is to match the ceiling to the wallpaper! Check out this living room with an accent wall featuring a tropical theme wallpaper. Of course, you can always opt for white ceilings, but doesn’t the wallpaper base colour look stunning in this ceiling paint design? The continuity of colour from the wallpaper to the ceiling gives a seamless look to the entire space. We love how the wooden furniture adds a natural and rustic touch to the entire space while creating a striking contrast against the ceiling paint design. 

Mint green false ceiling paint with matching tropical theme wallpaper
Mint green reminds of the lush green forests

Experiment With Dark Bedroom Ceiling Colours

If you’re not shy of playing with colours, experiment with dark and bold paint colours for your ceilings. It would add some spice to the space and make looking up pretty lit! This opulent bedroom design with ash grey walls and ceiling is the perfect example of experimenting rightly with dark colours for ceiling paint. As unique as it is, the continuity of colour throughout all walls creates a seamless look and prevents this edgy bedroom from looking too overwhelming. The focal point of the bedroom, which is the black wall panels behind the bed, add to the drama and make this bedroom a modern marvel.

A dark grey bedroom ceiling colour creates a seamless look
Go bold with dark shades to create a dramatic effect

Pick Earthy False Ceiling Colours For An Elegant Look

Create a warm, uplifting cocoon by choosing earthy colours and textures for the ceiling. These shades are soothing and help create the right mood to unwind after a busy day. Take this bedroom ceiling paint design, for example. The dusky brown extended panel against an eggshell ceiling is the perfect false ceiling paint idea to make your bedroom look inviting. The concealed LED strip lights create a glowing effect while doing a beautiful job of enhancing the false ceiling colours.

A bedroom features earthy false ceiling colour
Warm ceiling colours lend a cosy, comforting vibe
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Make Your Kids’ Room Peppy With Pastel Ceiling Paint

The charm of pastels is so understated. Popular home decor colour trends for 2023 list pastel colours for making your home look stylish, which is why they have made their way into our list of popular ceiling paint too. This kids’ bedroom ceiling paint design in pastel colours is absolutely adorable! The floating clouds with glowing lights make this bedroom a magical place for your kid. See how this pastel blue behind the cloud false ceiling makes the entire space look more refreshing! This modern ceiling paint design is sure to add a sense of calmness every time your kid looks up.

Kids room with blue ceiling paint
Perk up your kids’ room with a pretty blue ceiling

Looking up to the ceiling with fresh eyes already, aren’t you? Then it’s time to put these ceiling paint design suggestions to good use! If you want to know more or are looking for expert help, feel free to book a consultation with our talented designers any time. We would be happy to design the ceiling of your dreams!

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