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Trend Talk: Ceiling Paint Ideas To Make Your Home Outstanding

Ceiling paint design ideas for your home

Say bye to plain ceilings already! Check out our list of ceiling paint design ideas and let your home be the talk of the town.

Every room in your home reflects a personality it talks to its visitor and dweller. Yet, oftentimes rooms appear plain and fail to strike an aesthete connection. Wondering why does a space in your room loses its charm? Sit up and give some attention to the fifth wall of your home – yes, we are talking about the ceiling, you guessed it right!

Majorly, home-dwellers select white or a plain shade as a ceiling color – but that’s so generic and conventional? Why not look at your ceiling as a plain canvas and bring it to life? As much as for your surrounding walls, by choosing the right paint color for the ceiling you can drastically transform the vibe of a space. See it for yourself, for the next design overhaul or a brand new home, try creating statement ceilings.

What Type of Paint Is Used For Ceilings?

Usually, flat paints are used to cover the ceilings. However, paints with a matte finish work like magic for ceilings. It prevents reflections, hides the imperfections, does not glare the light back, and does not require constant scrubbing or cleaning. Moreover, flat paints are also water-resistant, so feel free to finish them in case you do not prefer the usual choices of the painters: medium gloss or eggshell that usually go for the bathroom and kitchen ceilings.

Wondering how to paint a ceiling like a pro? Follow these ceiling paint design ideas to check how with strokes of fresh, vivid paint colors, you can make looking up artsy and chic.

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Kid room with rainbow-themed wall and ceiling paint with matt finish look artsy and chic.
Pick up the color palette, texture for your ceiling as per the mood you want to create for the room

Bold Is Beautiful

Turn the tables on boring white ceiling paint designs. Experiment and pick the most interesting, rare paint colors like black or some other bold shade for your ceilings. It would not only create a space of your dreams but also make looking up pretty lit!

Living room false ceiling painting in a bold black shade create a space of your dreams but also make looking up pretty lit
Bet on dark shades of black and brown for ceiling paint designs and make your home one of its kind

Subtle Is Stylish

Cannot make do without minimal ceilings and clear paint? In either case, opt for a slightly uplifting color like blue and cooler hues like that of green. That way, the ceiling stands out and yet doesn’t ask for too much attention.

Living room with blue and cooler hues like that of green ceiling paint colour stand out and yet give much attention.
Pick lighter shades of blue and green to create an interesting me-space!
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Earthy Is Elegant

Create your warm, uplifting cocoon by choosing earthy colors and textures of maroon, brown, beige, or mustard for the ceiling. These earthy shades are not only warm but they help you in creating just the right mood to unwind and feel more inspired.

Earthy colours and textures creating just the right mood to unwind and feel more inspired are bedroom ceiling paint ideas.
Warm ceiling color designs are perfect for a comforting, cozy home

Pastels Look Peppy

The charm of pastels is so understated. Although they are always in trend, home dwellers feel that it is just for teens. Break that misconception, paint your ceiling and you would agree with us. Pastel shades make your ceiling more refreshing and pacify you every time you look up at them.

Pink colour bedroom with fall ceiling paint in pastel shades makes it more refreshing to the room.
Perk up your room with a pretty shade of pink or yellow and go all cosmopolitan!

Classic Is Contemporary

Love the white ceiling any day? Go all for it. Just to make it look more elegant, try out different textures, patterns or space it all out with the help of adequate lighting and you will be good. After all, the beauty of classic white paint is irresistible, right?

Minimalistic bedroom with classic white textured ceiling paint looks more elegant.
If you do it right, even a simple, white coloured ceiling turns out to be a sight for sore eyes!
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

Neutral Is Nostalgic

Modern and minimalistic homes deserve a befitting ceiling paint design. Choose neutral shades that are light, warm and easy on eyes. That way, you would make your space interesting yet not make it too loud or overwhelming.

Neutral false ceiling paint design in modern living cum dining areas is light, warm and comfortable on the eyes.
Keep it modern with neutral ceiling paint designs for your home

Looking up to the ceiling with fresh eyes already, aren’t you? Pick either of our ceiling paint design suggestions to good use then and feel free to book our consultation any time, we would be happy to design the ceiling of your dreams!

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