13 Cute Bedroom Cabinet Designs to Refresh Your Space

by Pooja Dara | February 23, 2024 | 8 mins read

Bedroom cabinet designs for your storage needs

A bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you can create a tranquil environment. Explore bedroom cabinets that can add to the design aesthetic. 

If left unattended, a bedroom cabinet can easily disrupt the cohesiveness of the bedroom’s design. It would be a good practice to research the best bedroom cabinet designs to choose the correct one for your haven. 

Want everything to match? Or not? Each setting has its advantages:

  • You give the bedroom a solid and uniform foundation.
  • You highlight the principles of repetition and flow. 
  • It allows you to include different textures and styles.
  • It provides the bedroom with an eclectic and interesting personality.
  • You can follow some design principles – 
  1. Choose a theme that mixes stability/consistency and difference/flair.
  2. Start with a few furniture pieces if you don’t have a great vision and need a jumping-off point. 
  3. Create a conversation between all the elements of the bedroom rather than making it a bland, flat display. 
  4. Use a balance between small-scale and large-scale items, soft and rough textures AND warm and cool colour tones to create harmony.  
  5. Smartly incorporate a variety of sizes and shapes of furniture when mixing and matching materials. 
  6. Mix tone-on-tone when pairing a family of hues/variations of the same colour. For this, consider the darkness and lightness of different colours. 

Along with implementing the design principles, you also need to research the types of lighting that you can incorporate into the bedroom cabinet design to enhance the aesthetic beauty and the view of the items stored inside them. Here are some popular options: 

  • Spotlight helps you see the ‘thing’ in a particular spot, even if the lights are off.  
  • Accent Lighting is similar to spotlights but has a more ‘aesthetic than functional’ purpose.  
  • Task Lighting helps you to get the ‘task’ done of accessing the smaller and more needed cabinet items.  
  • Ambient Lighting helps to create an ambience in the bedroom’s environment. 

Examples – LED Ceiling Lights/Bulbs | Suspended Lamps | Pendant Lights | Adjustable Bedside Table Lamp | LED Strip Lights | Recessed Lighting | Wall Sconces | Floodlights | Under-Cabinet Lighting | LED Downlights | Dimmer Lights | Under-Cabinet Puck Lights. 

Here are some of the most popular and somewhat cute bedroom cabinet designs to look out for. Dive right in and make the best picks for your home. 

Bedroom Cabinet Design for Corners

This bedroom corner cabinet design is the ideal solution for storage maximisation while efficiently utilising the unused bedroom corner space. It is a space-saving solution wherein you can display your favourite books and magazines. Prop a mirror over it, and it works as a useful dresser. 

Bedroom corner cabinet substituting as a dresser

Bedroom Storage Cabinets With Panels for Bedside

The white side cabinet panels frame the super comfy lift-up bed. They give a homely vibe to the space and are customised with open shelves and drawers to store your souvenirs in an organised fashion. The wooden flooring also complements the cabinet panels. Bedroom storage cabinets are the staple of any bedroom worth its salt. 

Bedroom cabinet design with panels for bedside for a homely vibe
Use bright-coloured cushions for vibrancy

Bedroom Cabinet With Mirror

This bedroom cabinet with a mirror is an absolute masterpiece. It is multifunctional, with an attached table and seat and storage facilities. The sleek look guarantees great aesthetics and a practical space for daily grooming sessions in the bedroom.

Bedroom cabinet design with mirror for a sleek look
Install a vanity light above the cabinet

Bedroom TV Cabinet Design

This set of floating horizontal cabinets under the TV monitor with a glass panel brings cosiness into the space. It blends well with the wooden bed and the carpet flooring. The top of the TV cabinet can also be used to place family photo stands or artificial flowers. How is that for an enviable bedroom TV cabinet design?

A multi-layered tv cabinet for the bedroom

Colourful Children’s Bedroom Cabinet Design

This colourful bedroom cabinet design is a great option for your child’s bedroom. It has a quirky vibe to it and fulfils all the practical requirements. The bedroom cabinet with opaque doors can conveniently store the child’s toys, shoes and clothes, and the attached study table has enough space to stack stationary and books. 

Bedroom cabinet design for children in yellow colour for a sunny vibe
A sunny addition to any room- yellow cabinet

Full Vertical Bedroom Wall Cabinets

This full vertical bedroom wall cabinet seamlessly blends with the grey wardrobe, making the entire storage space cohesive. It is contemporary and features clean lines. Balance out the warm and cool colours of the whole bedroom to ensure an overall soothing appearance. 

Vertical bedroom wall cabinet design for ensuring soothing appearance
Install finger pulls or push-to-open mechanism for cabinet handles

L-Shaped Open Wardrobe Cabinet Design for Bedroom

Using an L-shaped open wardrobe cabinet design is a fantastic blessing if you have a large bedroom. It provides an organised storage space for all your items. You can also use the open loft shelves to expand the storage requirements as per your needs. 

Open wardrobe cabinet design for a large bedroom in l-shape
This wardrobe cabinet looks symmetrical and well-fitted

Open & Closed Combo Bedroom Cabinet Design

This bedroom cabinet design features a combination of open and closed cabinets. The cabinet slots are of customisable sizes, so you can easily fit in everything. Fitting snuggly near the kid’s wooden bunk bed, it adds to the room’s ambience. 

Open and closed bedroom cabinet design in bright accents
Bright accents add colour to the room

Portable Bedroom Cabinet Design

This white portable bedroom cabinet design serves the purpose of a dressing table with vanity as it has a wall mirror placed right in front. Along with the furnishings, it adds a softness to the space and makes the bedroom appear larger than it already is. 

Portable bedroom cabinet design to bring a timeless elegance
Use carved cabinet legs to bring a timeless elegance

Small Side Cabinet(s) Design for Bedroom

A small side cabinet is an absolute necessity for any bedroom. A single unit or even a pair can work well, depending on usage and space. The drawers help you safely place your precious items. You can also incorporate a locking mechanism for your side cabinets if you need it.     

Small side cabinet design for bedroom with quirky table lamp to complete the look
A quirky table lamp and fresh flowers complete the look

Wall-Mounted Horizontal Bedroom Cabinet Design

Employ the unused wall space with floating horizontal wall-mounted bedroom cabinets. It gives the bedroom a minimalist ambience and an ‘almost invisible’ look when set up against the accent wall of the same colour.  

Horizontal bedroom cabinet design which is wall mounted
Darker colour cabinets add definition to the room
Looking for aesthetic bedroom interiors that spark joy

Wooden Open Cabinet Design for Bedroom

This tall wooden open cabinet design beside the large window looks simple yet beautiful. It exudes warmth while effortlessly matching the existing bedroom decor. The wooden elements bring a sense of sophistication. What’s not to like?

Open cabinet design for bedroom which is made up of wood
Laminate cabinet finishes look attractive

Designer Bedroom Cabinet Design

If you like experimenting with the looks of your bedroom on a budget, you can opt for this designer bedroom cabinet design with a suspension mechanism. It has a delicate look and can be used as an exclusive pooja cabinet. The open cabinets can store pooja essentials.  

Designer bedroom cabinet design with recessed ceiling lights
The recessed ceiling lights illuminate the entire area

Wrapping Up

A bedroom cabinet design can make or break the space, so choose the right one based on your style, layout, and functionality. If you are looking for guidance on the purchase decision, you can reach out to the DesignCafe team, who will handhold you through the process and resolve your queries.

FAQs On Bedroom Cabinet Designs

Are there any sustainable materials for bedroom cabinet designs?
Sustainability begins at home, so start with the bedroom cabinet designs. If you follow the principle of sustainability, you can effectively reduce the carbon footprint and enhance your space’s elegance. There are five organic materials available for your bedroom cabinet design, each with its benefits:

  • Solid wood – Classic Choice | Heavier Than Plywood | Expensive | Rustic Appearance and Feel
  • Plywood – Alternative To Solid Wood | Versatile | Relatively Affordable | Made From Veneer Sheets
  • Glass – Delicate Look and Touch | Can Be Used With Wood | Available In Different Textures & Colours
  • Steel – Immense Structural Strength | Industrial Look and Feel | Moisture-Resistant | Cost-Effective
  • Wood Plastic Composites – Pre-laminated sheets | Less Maintenance | Water-Resistant | Recyclable

What are the best colours for modern bedroom cabinets as per vastu?

  • Neutrals & Whites – Makes the bedroom look spacious | Brings cosiness
  • Light Wood Finish – Adds dimension and depth | gives a sleek look | Blends well with existing decor
  • Baby Yellow & Green – Brings brightness and positivity into the space | Gives a vibrant & airy touch

Pooja Dara is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Pooja Dara

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