Open Wardrobe Design Ideas To Organise Your Clothes Better

by Sneha Virmani | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wardrobe Design Ideas To Organise Your Clothes

Check out these open wardrobe design inspirations to maximise your storage space.

An open wardrobe design is a clever way to organise your clothes. Why? Because they can dramatically transform your room into a spacious and functional abode. The beauty of these designs lies in their fine aesthetics that can be customised to suit individual tastes and needs. 

With endless ways to style your closet, you also get the advantage of extra space, and who ever said no to that? You have access to all that you need in plain sight, plus you can throw in a sophisticated mirror, some good lighting, and voila! You’ve got a personal vanity room, and no woman in the world doesn’t love a little extra TLC.  Convinced yet? If not, here are some stunning open walk-in closet ideas that can change your mind. 

Stylish Open Closet Design 

A minimalist’s dream closet design, this idea will revolutionise the way you store your clothes. With ample hanging space for your outfits, you spend less time rummaging through drawers. It makes you conscious of your purchases and puts an end to mindless spending. If you like to take things up a notch, colour coordinate your wardrobe or pre-plan outfits the night before. The entire wardrobe can be concealed with a sleek sliding door, which can be left open or closed as you, please. 

Stylish open wardrobe design with sensor lights
Sensor lights within the closet lend a luxe feel.

Open Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedrooms 

An open closet design for your little one, why not? Built over the study table is an aesthetically pleasing pristine white wardrobe with space for shelves and hangers. A designated area for all their clothes and accessories forces them to neatly organise outfits instead of throwing them on the floor or bed. A core habit that makes a massive difference to their little personalities will also help reduce your efforts to keep their space clean. Use their favourite wallpaper or decor elements to make the room more fun. 

Open wardrobe ideas with storage bags for small bedroom
Add storage bags to help them organise occasion wear.

Open Walk-In Closet Ideas 

Taking walk-in closets up a notch is this luxurious design where everything is highlighted but with privacy. A sanctuary of fashion and all this glam, this room will calm your nerves even on your most hectic day. The main cupboard is concealed behind elegant glass doors lined with shelves, drawers, and hanging space. The floating island with drawers is perfect for holding jewellery, watches, belts, and other everyday trinkets. With ample space in the closet room, you can create a corner to hang your everyday coats and jackets. 

Open walk-In wardrobe design ideas which have ample space
Create his and her section to keep the closet clutter-free.

Modern Open Wardrobe Design 

One of the disadvantages of having an open wardrobe design is dust. But modern-day homes call for modern-day innovations, just like this sleek closet that serves the dual purpose of a dressing room. Besides keeping your clothes and shoes dust-free, the elegant mirrored doors on the wardrobe combine style and functionality. Perfect for studio apartments that lack space, the wardrobe is built as an inverted U above the bed, utilising every inch of the wall. Designed for more than just clothes, this wardrobe is a one-stop solution for all your space issues. 

Modern Open Wardrobe Design with mirrors on the door
Mirrors on the doors create an illusion of a more spacious room.
Make way for modular wardrobe solutions

Multi-Level Open Almirah Design 

Do you want an open closet design but lack the space? Use the multi-level storage system. This concealed walk-in closet room has shelves that can double up as a dresser. Built-in continuity is an open rack to hang occasion wear and a shelf to organise everyday basics. The built-in almirah on the side has a door to store personal belongings and accessories.

Multi-level open wardrobe design
Windows reduce the chances of mould in closed room closets.

FAQs On Open Wardrobe Design

What are the benefits of an open wardrobe design?
Some prominent benefits of an open wardrobe design are:

  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Minimal Clutter
  • More Organised
  • Added Value to the Outfits
  • Space Maximisation

What are the types of open wardrobe designs?
There are quite a few design options for an open closet. Some popular ones are:

  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Loft style wardrobe
  • Modular closets
  • Mirrored wardrobes

What are the best materials to use for open wardrobe design?
The best materials to use for an open wardrobe design in the Indian climate are :

  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Particleboard
  • Wood
  • Crack-proof glass

How do I maintain and clean my open wardrobe design?
Dust in an open wardrobe is inevitable. Regular dusting, weekly vacuuming, and daily wiping of the laminates with a dry cloth will help you keep the closet clean.

An open wardrobe design is a great idea for those looking to maximise storage space in the home. With hacks to include stylish glass doors to prevent dust, you have everything organised in plain sight, making them worth the investment. From bold laminates to chic utility baskets, amp up your closet to match your personality. Hit us up at DesignCafe for more wardrobe design ideas.

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