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Nursery Design Ideas That Will Have You Humming

Nursery design for your baby with a white decor and same colour babyhug

What better inspiration for your little one’s nursery than rhymes and songs? Read more to get your feet tapping, the creative juices flowing, and the nursery design project going.

Nursery design and nursery decor are subjects full of magical possibility. As you set out to design your little one’s nursery, let’s turn to the enchanting world of nursery rhymes and songs for inspiration. We use traditional favourites such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ and little-known gems such as ‘Five Little Crayons Coloured A Scene’ to bring you practical ideas on everything from nursery furniture, crib design, nursery wall décor, decorating a nursery for a baby girl, and doing up the nursery for a baby boy. Without any delay, let’s put our idea caps on and get humming!

Early To Bed And Early To Rise

We are digging this nursery in pale coral shot through with accents of gold. Golden polka dots on the nursery wall and modern gold light fixtures are set off against the lighter shades of pink and coral. A hoop canopy is invitingly draped over the crib lulling your little princess into soft sleep.

Nursery decor with curtains on a babyhug and baby nursery designers
Your baby will be asleep in a jiffy under this wondrous hoop canopy

Girls And Boys, Come Out To Play

One of the best ways to help your child be strong physically is to get them to play, beginning with tummy time when they are infants. This large spacious nursery allows plenty of floor space for all those rough and tumble games. The tepee is just waiting for your toddler to crawl into, adding the finishing touch to a soothing nursery room design.

Nursery decor ideas for your baby with a bright white theme and a small cupboard for boy nursery design
A nursery designed for toddlers to play and enjoy themselves in
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Tiger, Tiger, Orange And Black

Our love for Mowgli and Bagheera of Jungle Book fame is never-ending. Give a new spin on the jungle theme for your child’s nursery room decor by going the Scandi way. Soft colours, minimal furnishings, a swing for your child to play on and a pared-back jungle theme make this room one you will always want to spend time in!

Nursery room decor with clouds printed on the wall with jungle book theme in wall designs for nursery
A Scandi take on the Jungle Book theme

The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round

The world is round, the sun is round, the wheels on the bus are round, so why should your baby’s crib not be round? We love this round crib in ivory white with soft coral furnishings. The fact that it is on casters and can be moved around is an additional bonus.

Nursery design ideas for your home with round  and square baby hugs for nursery designs girl
It’s a lucky baby that gets to sleep in this lovely round crib

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A Wise Old Owl Lived In An Oak

Want you, child, to be wise like an owl? Read to them! This will give them a head start in their development and help you bond with them. As you work out their nursery design, make sure to build a bookcase or install bookshelves to house all those books that you will read to them.

Baby girl nursery decorating ideas with an elegant bookcase for baby girl nursery designs
An elegant bookcase in soft yellow fits right into this nursery

The Red Bird Flower

Having a baby’s perspective, literally, is a great nursery decor idea. In this fabulous nursery, the designer has done just that and looked at the world from a baby’s viewpoint. What would otherwise be a cramped and boring space under a sloping ceiling is transformed into beautiful scenery, complete with a white tree. Your baby can now look up to leaves fluttering in the wind and singing red birds.

Baby nursery decor with a tree printed on a wall with leaves flying which looks like designer baby nursery decor
A rich wall mural and accents of red transform an awkwardly shaped space

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The Little Girl With A Curl

As you think of stylish décor for your baby’s nursery, don’t forget about the practical aspects of storage. Seasoned parents know how many belongings even a new-born has and how easily accessible storage becomes a criticality. This nursery design for a baby girl illustrates a clever way of storage. These box shelves can be converted into open storage and display cases or be used to house organisers.

Nursery room decor ideas with accessible storage cupboards for nursery design ideas for baby girl
Flexible and readily accessible storage in a baby girl’s nursery

Five Little Crayons Coloured A Scene

The parents and caregivers spend significant time in the nursery taking care of the baby, nursing them and playing with them. Nursery room décor needs to be decided with adults in mind as much as babies. Spots of bright colour, rich patterns and a comfortable armchair make this nursery inviting for both adults and babies.

Baby nursery designs for your home with colourful accessories and a space to hang decor items for nursery design ideas boy
Colourful upholstery and accessories that are sure to please parents and caregivers

Here Comes The Sun

With the fiery energy of the sun as your muse, turn your baby’s nursery into a vibrantly stylish space. Use cheerful colours like yellow and orange on the walls of the nursery and for the soft furnishings. The screen in natural colours that doubles up as a space to hang décor items acts as a soothing counterpoint.

Nursery room design with dazzle colours mounted with frames in designer nursery decor
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

 Oh! Little Bunny Rabbit

Looking to express your love for the baby through a DIY project? This bunny inspired nursery wall is easy enough for even novice DIYers. Use stencils to show a row bunny rabbits hopping across the wall or use decals instead. If you are feeling adventurous, nothing like going freehand with a paintbrush.

Designer nursery with rabbit designed with a ladder by nursery designers
Hopping bunny rabbits make for adorable wall décor

We Are The Planets

Exposing your child to vivid colours and having them to play with interactive toys is the perfect recipe to encourage a baby’s mental development. This brightly coloured space-themed nursery room design does exactly that. With such strong visual simulation and inspiration, your baby is sure to fast track their way to NASA and outer space.

Nursery wall design with a rocket and sun printed on the wall with best nursery designs
A vividly coloured space themed nursery to stimulate the baby’s mental development

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Our final inspiration comes from the classic nautical themed nursery rhyme. The room features wall art and décor pieces that are sea animal themed. Blue and white horizontal stripes of varying width can be found in the soft furnishings. Sofa and cushions in shades of blue complete the marine theme making this nursery ideal for a baby boy.

Baby nursery design ideas with a nautical theme nursery room in baby nursery room design
A nautical themed nursery room that little baby boys will set sail in

From nursery decor themes to nursery colours, from DIY ideas to ones involving designers, from tips to encourage a baby’s mental and physical development, we hope that you found our design guide to the latest in nursery ideas helpful. Our best wishes with you as you embark on a special journey and forge life-long bonds with your little one. 

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