Nursery Room Decoration Guide For Parents-To-Be

by Pooja Dara | February 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Nursery design ideas for your baby

Welcome your bundle of joy in style by creating the ultimate haven for your newborn. To spare you the hassle of research, we have curated some ideas for decorating a nursery.  

One of the greatest joys in life is to become a parent. So, when the nesting instinct starts kicking in, it’s time to finalise the nursery design in preparation for the baby’s arrival. The nesting instinct is believed to be a sudden burst of energy a woman often feels in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. A nursery is a special place where you’ll spend countless hours during those first few years after your baby’s birth (naps/night-n-day feeds/playtime). Hence, you need to get the nursery room design idea ‘just right’.

The nursery should reflect the parent’s choices and how they wish their newborn to feel in the room. This is where your baby will constantly learn, grow and evolve into a personality of their own over the years. So, the nursery’s design should be flexible enough to adapt to those stages without needing to redecorate every few years. Think out of the box but at the same time, try to strike a balance between function and form. 

Tips for nursery room design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. When should you start decorating the nursery?

Ideally, you should start decorating the nursery a few weeks before the baby’s delivery. This gives the wall paint, decoration items and furniture polish enough time to dry out and unpleasant smells get aired out. 

 Q2. How do you decide on the nursery room’s design theme?

The implementation of a nursery design idea may seem like an overwhelming process in the beginning. To make it easier, we suggest that you make a mood board — a visual presentation or collage of materials, images, samples of objects and pieces of text in a composition, which in its entirety represents the final project of your dream nursery room. However, try to ensure that your nursery room design complements the rest of your home or else it’ll look out of place. 

Q3. What essentials should be included in the nursery?

  • A crib/cot with soft cushioning/bedding
  • A portable baby rocker (alternative bed) 
  • Crib sheets and blankets
  • A changing table 
  • A nursing chair/armchair with a footstool
  • Blackout blinds/curtains
  • A soft playmat or a child-friendly carpet
  • Storage/drawers for toys, clothes and books
  • A soft dimmable light/sleep lamp
  • A remote camera
Want a playful kid's room for your munchkin

Now, let’s discuss nursery room decor ideas for your little one. Skim through them and take your best pick. 

Nursery Room Design With A Polka Dot Wallpaper

This green and yellow polka dot wallpaper nursery design looks so soothing to the eyes and brings natural vibes to the nursery room. A peach-coloured hoop canopy is draped over the white crib that will help you lull your little baby into soft sleep, and will also protect them from the light. The animal photo frames add liveliness to the room while the tall library cabinet (with cupboard ) displaying the bedtime books and toys helps keep the room spick and span.

Nursery room ideas with green and yellow polka dot wallpaper bring natural vibes
A rattan lounge chair for comfort while nursing

Modern Nursery Room Design

Doesn’t this nursery room decor idea look simple yet absolutely gorgeous? The deep wooden cot with soft bedding and the storage cabinet (home to the baby’s clothing and grooming essentials, books and toys) on the right shines out against the baby blue walls. The rich pattern of the area rug accentuates the look of the entire room. Dive into the comfortable recliner by the window and experience a sense of heaven while you’re attending to your little one’s needs.

Modern nursery design, a deep wooden cot with soft bedding, and a storage cabinet accentuate the look
Use a dimmable light but keep the cords away

Nursery Design With A Beautiful Wallpaper

Vivid colours, visual stimulation and interactive toys are all great ideas for decorating a nursery. This brightly-coloured animated wall painting idea for the nursery inspired by outer space helps you achieve that exact purpose. The compact open bookshelf near the window serves a dual purpose. It helps to neatly stack playbooks and baby’s essentials while serving as a happy artwork piece. The wooden cot and the green plant add calmness to the room.

Space theme beautiful nursery wallpaper
Choose furniture with rounded corners

A Nursery Design And Layout With An Open Wooden Cabinet

As your baby grows, you’ll need multiple things like bath toys, towels, milk bottles, wipes, bibs and much more. The best way to store these accessories is in a cabinet that’s designed specifically for this purpose. This open wooden cabinet with shelves matches the room’s decor and the wide baby cot looks absolutely lovely. The hoop canopy and the large area rug below gives you princessy vibes while the recliner with footstool brings warmth and cosiness.

Nursery layout design with open wooden cabinet and 3D animal photo frames
3D animal photo frames are nice nursery wall ideas
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Modern Nursery Room Ideas

This nursery design idea looks classy and elegant as it is a creative mix of muted tones (light brown, cream and baby pink) and bright tones (yellow, red and green). The tall set of floating shelves helps keep your child’s toys in proper order and saves floor space in the room. You can also use the top of the chest of drawers as a changing table if you don’t want to buy a new one, provided it is at a convenient height. The large window sheers help regulate the light.

Modern nursery room ideas mix of muted tones and floating shelves make the room visually pleasing
Creative decor makes the room visually pleasing

Nursery Design And Layout For A Large Room

This nursery design layout is ideal for large rooms. The custom-designed white cot near the window is the focal point and the baby yellow-coloured roll-down curtains help you easily control the amount of light that enters the room without disturbing the baby’s sleep. Pick this blue recliner chair for nursing purposes, which you can shift somewhere else in a year or so when you no longer need it in the nursery. The cartoon characters and the animated wall clock make the room look more fun and relatable.

Nursery room decoration for a larger room
The pendant light anchors the room

We hope that you will find our nursery room decoration ideas helpful as you embark on a special journey with your little one. For more practical advice and guidance on the perfect nursery layout design for your home, contact the interior designers’ team at DesignCafe and they’ll ensure that you have an easy ride. So, what are you waiting for? Get your feet tapping and get going with the nursery design project. Our best wishes are with you!

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