Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design | 11 Smart And Purposeful Kitchen Design Ideas

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 26, 2024 | 10 mins read

Indian style kitchen interior designs for your kitchen

Give your cooking spot a more functional appeal with our Indian-style kitchen interior design ideas

The kitchen is the staple room of every house. It is where you cook food, chat with family and spend some productive time every day (well, for most of us!). Therefore, your kitchen’s interior design plays a crucial role in your house, especially for Indian families because we end up spending a lot of time in our kitchen; after all, we are all foodies! And when we talk about Indian kitchen interior design, we know it has to be more than just a place where we cook. It needs to echo our sense of culture, our lifestyles and ensure sustainability from our every day tadkas! So, we bring to you some of DesignCafe’s most loved Indian-style kitchen interior designs that come with specific desi storage requirements and global style trends.

Hop on this journey to find some of the best Indian-style kitchen interior designs.

A Classic Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design With A Modern Breakfast Counter

This kitchen design brings the old-school Indian apartment kitchen feels. It has classic wooden storage overhead and base cabinets with a beautiful white marble countertop. The kitchen’s overhead section reveals a pristine pure white colour scheme that adds instant brightness to the kitchen area. The base kitchen wooden cabinets have a matte terracotta finish that imparts a soothing vibe to the place. The kitchen has a stunning backsplash. The kitchen displays the style of the 1980s and ’90s with the twist of a modern breakfast counter, which adds more room. This type of kitchen interior design can never go wrong for Indian homes.

Classic u-shaped Indian kitchen interior with modern breakfast counter and white marble countertop adds a soothing vibe.
A classic U-shaped Indian-style kitchen interior design
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A Glossy Modular Parallel Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design

A parallel kitchen is a saviour of modern Indian apartments that are usually less spacious. The layout adds an exciting design to the area, letting you have enough countertop space in your kitchen. The one shown below comes with a sleek appeal with its glossy and shiny lacquered finish. The kitchen interior design smartly utilises every inch of the space with loft cabinets that multiply the storage efficiency. The kitchen uses spotlights that add brightness to the place. The rest of the kitchen has a minimal interior design approach suitable for houses with a working couple. You can go for this type of interior design if you need more than usual storage options in your kitchen.

Parallel Indian kitchen interior idea for an apartment with loft cabinets look sleek and glossy.
A glossy modular Indian-style kitchen interior design for modern families

A Spacious Minimalistic Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design

Do you have a lot of kitchen space? Use the space as the epicentre of your kitchen interior design like the one below. This kitchen uses a mix of old Indian and modern global design sensibilities that create a unique appeal. It has a wooden-finish loft and overhead cabinets along with lacquered finish cabinets. The base cabinets come with a matte acrylic finish. The kitchen has a plain white countertop with a built-in gas hob design. The main highlight of the kitchen is the island that acts as a casual breakfast counter. The kitchen’s spacious layout is accentuated by a beautiful view and uniformly distributed daylight.

Indian home kitchen interior designed in minimalistic with white countertop and black cabinets creates a unique appeal.
A remarkable minimalist kitchen for new-age couples

A Totally Natural Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design

Natural is the new cool these days, which is why many Indian families are turning to all-natural home designs that bring a healthy and sustainable angle to homes. This type of interior designs usually follows simple and natural materials and finishes that bring an earthy and calming vibe. The kitchen here comes with such a natural-style home design that mixes sustainable natural elements with cutting-edge modular kitchen solutions. As you can see, the kitchen has a marble countertop with geometric pattern tiles on the backsplash. The kitchen uses wood as the material for its overhead and base cabinets. The kitchen has natural wooden flooring that elevates the whole organic appeal of the place. The space is equipped with modern storage units such as an appliance garage, tall units, etc. This type of kitchen design is ideal for people who prefer simplicity over extravagance.

Simple Indian kitchen interior designed in a parallel layout with wooden cabinets and wooden flooring brings a natural feel.
A simple parallel Indian-style natural kitchen interior design

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Looking for Modular Kitchen Interiors

Go With This Uber-Cool Black And Natural Wooden-Style Indian Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen uses a blend of natural wood and black colour schemes to create a rather off-beat design statement. The solid wood, handleless overhead cabinets and black base cabinets add a sleek look to the kitchen. A white marble countertop highlights the wooden backsplash. The room gets extra space with a wooden kitchen island that has an attached breakfast counter. The kitchen has a minimal, clutter-free look that is most suitable for urban couples. This kitchen design type would work for people who don’t cook every day, as the wooden finish might not be the best idea for aggressive cooking schedules.

Wooden interior for the kitchen of Indian style in white colour with breakfast counter looks minimal and clutter-free.
A wooden-style kitchen interior design for modern Indian homes

A Casual Modern Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design For Millennials

This kitchen is for millennial nuclear families who need a spacious kitchen with clean lines and a clutter-free look. The kitchen shown below uses 2021’s Pantone colour combination of ultimate grey and illuminating yellow as the chief colour scheme. The kitchen has a lacquered finish style with modern, handleless cabinets that help maintain a clutter-free, seamless look. Yellow is used to add dimension to the place. The kitchen has a bright and soothing vibe that can help you maintain a low-key ambience while cooking. It is an L-shaped layout kitchen with a marble-top breakfast counter. The breakfast area has an industrial feel to it — accentuated by the grey brick cladding and those metal bar stools.

Modern Indian kitchen interior designed with breakfast counter in Pantone colour of the year lends a chic look.
A Pantone colour inspired modern Indian-style kitchen interior design

An All-White Indian Kitchen Interior Design

White can be a fantastic colour to impart brightness and a clutter-free look. That is why it is very much preferred in the kitchen — which requires light and organisation. But these Indian kitchen interior design photos follow a unique white look with an all-white colour scheme. The bright white adds a natural brightness to the place — accentuated by the modular kitchen storage designs. The kitchen countertop gels well with the all-white look. The base and the overhead cabinets come with a textured off-white finish that adds a dimension to the monotonous white kitchen design. This kitchen design is ideal for people who don’t use the kitchen every day or use it less frequently.

All-white Indian kitchen interior design has a window rolling shutter in minimalistic design.
An all-white, minimalist kitchen interior design for occasional use

A Straight Indian-Style Kitchen Design For Bachelors

This kitchen design is for all the bachelors who mostly live in studio apartments or 1BHK houses. The simple architecture of this kitchen smartly utilises the space. It’s a simple straight layout, accentuated by a unique interior design. The kitchen design strikes a chord with its supercool pink and purple colour combination. The entire kitchen area imbues a vibrant, young vibe that will surely make things interesting in the kitchen. It uses wooden lower cabinets that add a classic appeal to the otherwise modern theme. The kitchen comes with a matching range hood and a microwave unit that simplifies the design.

Single-wall kitchen in pink and purple colour combination for studio apartments is the best Indian kitchen interior.
A straight kitchen design for small and studio apartments

An Urban Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design For City Dwellers

This kitchen design comes with a contemporary feel ideal for modern-day couples with small children at home. The kitchen has the perfect modular cabinetry solutions — letting you utilise every inch of the place. There is a tall kitchen larder unit along with different storage cabinets, meant for multiple storage options. The kitchen’s overhead units have a mixture of both open and glass-front shelves for easy organisation. The black kitchen countertop adds a clean, seamless look — accentuated by the blackboard backsplash. It adds a new tone and dimension to the place. The kitchen has an industrial style with its brick cladding wallpaper and hanging metal shelves. The wooden finish tall unit and base cabinets introduce a natural design to the kitchen. This type of kitchen is great for contemporary homes with open kitchen areas.

Small kitchen interior in urban Indian style with creative backsplash and brick cladding looks aesthetic.
A creative kitchen interior design for urban families

A Lavish Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design

This kitchen design looks like it is straight out of a bestseller magazine! It has a luxurious feel to it that captures the glamour of its occupants. With a beige colour scheme, the kitchen comes with gorgeous, new-age cabinet systems that are brilliantly purposeful. The overhead cabinets come with closed, open and tinted-glass front designs that defy the traditional kitchen cabinet look. The white marble countertop brings more light and organised look to the place. The base cabinets come with a handleless design to get a seamless look that’s more space for the kitchen. These cabinets are also straightforward to use and safe, especially for those with kids. The kitchen also has tall units like an appliance garage, a wine rack and an in-built microwave. There is also a kitchen island that serves as a breakfast counter with storage for utensils. A pair of elegant pendant lights accentuate the elite interior design of the kitchen.

Indian modular kitchen interior designed in island layout with breakfast counter and wine rack lends lavishly.
A lavish kitchen design in beige for spacious modern homes
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A Wooden/Floral Contemporary Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a template of traditional designs. You can go out-of-the-box and create gorgeous interior designs that are just too pretty to ignore. The one shown below is such a beautiful kitchen design that defies the boring interior styles. It has a clean white colour scheme with twists of wooden and floral designs. The wooden countertop creates a synchronisation with the wooden flooring and the wooden dining set. The backsplash has a regular tiled design that blends well with the rest of the set-up.

Contemporary kitchen in Indian style interior design with dining table and wooden countertop creates a vintage look.
A lively kitchen design with a dinner table

Some Modern Indian-Style Kitchen Interior Design Trends

  1. These days, Indian families look for modular storage solutions that solve storing everything on the kitchen countertops. Therefore, the best way to solve this is by embracing modular kitchen solutions like oil pull-outs, appliance garage, in-built microwave, kitchen larder unit, etc. 
  2. If you want to use all the nooks and corners of your kitchen space, invest in suitable quality storage units like corner units that come in different carousel designs like S, D carousels, etc. These units help in adding extra storage to your kitchen in the corners that usually remain unused.
  3. If you like more colours in your kitchen, use wallpapers. These paper-printed wall designs are great for both new and old homes. They bring in new twists to the place. 
  4. Who doesn’t like freshly made roti, right from the tava? And for this, you need a dining corner in your kitchen. For this, add a breakfast counter in your kitchen.

Don’t know which one is what? Check out this kitchen infographic that will help you with modular kitchen terminologies.

An Indian style kitchen interior design

Now that you know all about the fantastic interior for kitchen of Indian style, plan your dream kitchen design. The trick is to get the best quality and multifunctional storage systems to help you manage your cooking haven better. And in case you’re looking for some expert guidance, write to us for the best modular kitchen interior designs.

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