A Sneak Peek Into The Different Types Of Wardrobes For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 11, 2024 | 6 mins read

different types of wardrobe for your home

A perfect wardrobe design can accommodate all your needs and requirements, complement the layout and theme of the bedroom both functionally and aesthetically, and also reflect your personality and style

A modern wardrobe is no longer considered only a functional piece of furniture in the bedroom. We know they help keep your personal stuff and accessories in a neat and organised manner, but this personal space (read: wardrobe) has come a long way if we see it from an aesthetic perspective.

However, the type of wardrobe design you choose isn’t as simple as you think as you need to keep several factors in mind. Let’s read ahead to find out what they are.

What Are The Different Types Of Bedroom Wardrobes That You Can Choose From?

Some factors determine the type of bedroom wardrobe you choose. These are:

  • The bedroom’s layout and total space available (~the height, width and depth of the wardrobe)
  • The wardrobe’s interior layout (number of drawers/shelves/hanging rods) and exterior layout (number of doors)
  • The wardrobe’s structure (freestanding wardrobe, built-in wardrobe, wall-to-wall wardrobe, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe)
  • Your personal wardrobe style (wardrobe with mirror, wardrobe with attached study table/make-up corner, etc.)
  • Type of wardrobe material (solid wood, veneer, MDF, transparent/frosted glass, laminate, particleboard, plywood)
  • Kind of door opening mechanism (hinge door, swing door, no door, shutter door, folding door, sliding door)
  • The number of items and the types of articles you want to store
  • Load bearing and storage capacity
  • Your buying budget

Here’s our lowdown on the popular types of wardrobes for the bedroom for you to get inspired from. So, let’s get to it.

Angular Wooden Wardrobe That Looks Stunning

This angular wooden wardrobe looks quite modern and stunning with its walnut finish. It is a perfect choice for those looking for a large storage space with multiple compartments and versatile drawers to store their wardrobe essentials. You will be able to access everything that you need easily without digging through the piles. This wooden wardrobe design also acts as a smart partition to separate the bedroom and the dressing corner.

Angular wooden wardrobe is a different type of wardrobe, and it comes with ample storage space with multiple compartments
This angular wardrobe allows your accessories and clothes to breathe well
Functional wardrobe designs for your modern bedroom!

Concealed Wardrobes Are A Super Space Saver

This concealed wardrobe is a super space saver as it is built into the wall and remains hidden as a part of the TV showcase when its doors are closed. The colour of the wardrobe also blends well with the light grey walls of the room, resulting in a soft look and feel for the bedroom. The wardrobe doors are hinged and swing open at a 90-degree angle, making it easy for you to gain a full view of the wardrobe’s interiors and spot personal items conveniently.

Concealed wardrobe is a different type of bedroom wardrobe built into the wall with handles doors
Measure the dimensions of your wardrobe doors carefully when designing the wardrobe structure so that there is sufficient walking space around it

Customised Two-Door Wardrobe For A Bold Statement

This customised two-door wardrobe makes a luxurious and bold statement in this classic black and white-themed bedroom. It features a freestanding wardrobe with clear glass doors, and vertical storage shelves/drawers attached on both ends making it a single and focal furniture piece in your bedroom. The provision of light within the wardrobe makes it easier for you to search for your clothes and related stuff easily even when the bedroom lights are dim at night.

A customized two-door wardrobe is a type of wardrobe that features a freestanding closet with clear glass doors
You can make efficient use of the wardrobe’s roof as an extra storage space for your bags/suitcases if your bedroom has a high ceiling

Freestanding Wardrobe (His And Hers)

This freestanding wardrobe set features two separate glass door wardrobes to differentiate between his and hers. Alternatively, you can also use one wardrobe to organise clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories and the other wardrobe to store bed sheets, pillows, quilts, etc.. The glass doors reflect the light in the bedroom and make it look more spacious and airier. The empty middle space between the wardrobes can be set up with a dressing table area with lights.

Freestanding wardrobe is a type of wardrobe furniture with two separate glass door wardrobes for his and hers
The two wardrobes and the dressing/make-up area in the middle act as a visually appealing focal point for your bedroom

Laminate Wardrobe To Keep Up With The Trends

Laminate wardrobe designs have become quite a popular alternative to solid wood bedroom wardrobes these days. Laminates not only provide more strength and protection as compared to hardwood but are environment-friendly too. There are different types of laminates for the wardrobe — decorative laminate (usage-based), matt finish and glossy-finish laminate (surface finish-based), high-pressure and low-pressure laminates (manufacturing-based.)

A laminate wardrobe is a different type of wardrobe that provides more strength and protection also environment-friendly
Learn about the differences between laminates and veneers for wardrobe here
Are you ready to make your wardrobe the show stopper of your bedroom

Walk-In Wardrobes For Ample Spaces

If you have a large space and a big budget to spare, this wooden walk-in wardrobe will be an ideal go-to option. It has a mix of open cabinets and closed cabinets with transparent sliding doors, which do not take up much room in front of them and do not hinder the flow of traffic in the room. Which type of wood is best for a wardrobe like this? It is BWP plywood as it is durable, strong and moisture-resistant.

A walk-in wardrobe is a different type of wardrobe design with a mix of open and closed cabinets
You can also spare some space in the walk-in wardrobe for a dressing/make-up area

Wide Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

This wide wardrobe with sliding doors is a modern and contemporary take on the classic and traditional hinge-door wardrobes. You can insert any number of sliding doors (say, 2-4) depending upon the width of the wardrobe. A walk-in wardrobe gives you extra space in the main bedroom for other furniture items. You can customise the wardrobe’s interior layout depending upon your needs and requirements.

Wide wardrobe with sliding doors is a type of wardrobe that gives extra space in the main bedroom for other furniture items
This dark grey wardrobe gives a smart, opulent and bold look and feel to this space

We hope this blog post has equipped you with a good amount of knowledge about the types of wardrobes you can adorn your bedroom with. Let us know in the comment box below which wardrobes from the collection above did you like the most? Remember, the interior design team at Design Cafe is just a call away if you need more guidance on the same for your bedroom.

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