All You Need To Know About Staircase Vastu For An East-Facing House

by Pooja Dara | February 11, 2024 | 4 mins read

staircase vastu for east facing house

Constructing a staircase as per Vastu for an east-facing house can help you keep the negative energies away. Let’s see how.

Earlier, a staircase was simply used as a tool to walk up and down the floors but lately, they have also been considered as a style statement that speaks volumes about the design aesthetics of your home. Adding onto this, if you correctly design a staircase for an east-facing house as per Vastu, then it can bring more health, wealth, prosperity and peace of mind into your home. Here’s a lowdown on the Vastu tips that you can specifically implement for internal staircases and external staircases of your east-facing house. 

Staircase Location, Position And Direction As Per Vastu for An East-Facing House

Do not erect a staircase in the middle of the house (Brahmasthan) as it can lead to complications in pregnancy. The best position to construct a staircase is either the northwest corner or southeast corner of the house. Avoid building the staircase in the northeast corner as it lets the sun rays directly enter the house. The staircase should always turn in a clockwise direction to invite auspiciousness and prosperity into the living space as an anti-clockwise staircase can impact your career or business growth.

Staircase location as per Vastu for east-facing house is either the northwest corner or southeast corner
Wooden staircases add a rustic feel to your home
Want vastu approved home interior design solutions

Staircase Design As Per Vastu For An East-Facing House

Immediately repair broken staircases and other design faults or defects as they can lead to minor or major accidents while moving up and down the stairs. It can also cause financial losses in business and negatively affects mental health. Construct rectangular and square staircases with bends at right angles to promote good vibes in the house. Avoid opting for spiral staircases as they bring evil energy inside the home. Ensure that the staircase that leads upstairs should be different from the one that goes down to the basement.

Staircase as per vastu for east facing house: avoid opting for spiral staircases as they bring evil energy
Check that the staircase’s steps aren’t too high

Space Utilisation Under The Staircase As Per Vastu for An East-Facing House

Do not use the area under the staircase as a workspace or a spare room (kitchen, bathroom, puja room) as they let negative vibes settle down there which are hard to remove. Also, avoid placing a cash/jewellery locker there too.

Internal staircase Vastu for east-facing house: don't use the area under the staircase as a workspace or a spare room
Use the space under the staircase for storage

Number Of Stairs As Per Vastu For An East-Facing House

The number of stairs in the staircase should never end with a zero, rather they should end in odd numbers (17, 19, or 21) including the landing. This is because an average person tends to put their right foot first while taking a flight of stairs and so, it must end with the person putting their right foot down too.

Staircase Vastu for east-facing house- stairs should end in odd numbers
Keep the number of steps the same in all staircases

Staircase Colour As Per Vastu for An East-Facing House

Do not paint your staircase in dark colours like black, dark grey or red as they attract more negativity, anger or fierce energies. You can balance the staircase colour by decorating the walls adjoining the staircase with medium-coloured wallpaper to induce visual drama. Choose lighter shades for painting the bannister or the stairs like light to mid-grey, white/off-white, beige, sky blue, yellow, light green, etc.

Staircase colour as per vastu for east-facing house
A beige-coloured staircase with a steel bannister

When it comes to external staircase Vastu for an east-facing house, ensure that the staircase is never constructed directly in front of the home’s main entrance door. The staircase should also not be easily visible to visitors as they invite stress and bad fortune into the home. Build an external staircase outside the house in the southeast direction or northwest direction as per Vastu Shastra expert guidelines to avoid the ill effects of natural calamities.

We hope this blog has given you ample tips on how to design the staircase for your east-facing house as per Vastu guidelines. When staircase Vastu is properly implemented then there will be a flow of positive energies within the house that can impact your health, career, life and more in unimaginable ways. If you are facing any issues in implementing these Vastu guidelines, then connect with our experts at DesignCafe and they will gladly guide you further.

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