Blue And White Bedroom Designs For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 17, 2024 | 4 mins read

Blue and white bedroom design ideas

Beat all the bedroom aesthetic blues — pair them with whites

Come home and lie back in your bedroom and all you yearn for is a piece of sky to call your own, right? With these majestic blue and white bedroom designs, we have collated all the blue and white bedroom ideas to do just that. After all, your bedroom is quintessentially your personal den and you can transform it into an oasis of peace by choosing zen decor and sophisticated accents that are paired across subtle white and blue hues.

Why Should You Choose Blue And White Bedroom Decor?

Take a look at them anywhere and you will agree that these two colours simply calm you down — be it at your favourite restaurant or boutique. That’s why blue and white are preferred to create a calming bedroom and even other spaces in many modern homes.

After all, blue is a versatile colour and available across a zillion shades. You can choose aqua, cobalt, navy and various other hues of the colour to create the mood that you wish. Most importantly, all of its shades pair well with white.

If you, like us, are in love with these colours, rest assured that you will find a plethora of blue and white bedroom ideas to transform your home with them. From wall colours and art to accents, blue and white bedroom decor ideas are aplenty. Take a look at them right away.

Blue and white bedroom decor
Looking for tranquil hues for your bedroom? Go for blue and white

Regal Blue And White Bedroom

Contemporary bedroom designs are on every homeowner’s mind these days. If that’s what you prefer as well, then we suggest going for this sophisticated dark blue shade. You can choose it to paint the wall panels in your bedroom. Feel free to complement it with white lamp and side tables. It will create a striking space for you to unwind.

Regal blue and white bedroom design ideas
Let your bedroom exude royalty with this stately shade of blue and white
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Vintage Blue And White Bedroom

Bring back those good old memories with this uplifting palette of vintage blue and white. This combination grants a tranquil charm to your chambers. Choose blue linens and furnishings to balance the comprehensive white hues and you will never know what stress means while you rest!

Vintage blue and white bedroom design idea
Calm and cool, this old school combination of blue and white is uber classic

Modern Blue And White Bedroom

All in sync with the trends, this elegant combination of blue and white can soothe your soul anywhere and at any time. Arrange exquisite planters, furnishings and linens in varying shades of blue and white. This tropically styled bedroom will let you unwind in style and make your waking hours more upbeat!

Modern blue and white bedroom design ideas
Go for bold blue wall paint, sofas and complement them with white bed linens or planters

Cobalt Blue And White Bedroom

Quintessentially bohemian and rustic, this blue and white bedroom decor gives more character to the walls. To recreate this look, sponge paint your main bedroom wall with white and cool blue colours. Arrange white pillows, curtains and lamps with light or dark blue bed linens to beat all your blues.

Cobalt blue and white bedroom design ideas
Mix up cobalt blue with white paint to grant more character to bedroom walls
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Pastel Blue And White Bedroom

For that gorgeous Instagram- and Pinterest-inspired bedroom, this blue and white bedroom design is perfect! Neither too bold nor too subtle, it will grant a harmonious aesthetic to your bedroom. Pair white flower vases, lamps and even white-framed wall art to complete the overall decoration of this bedroom design idea.

Pastel blue and white bedroom design ideas
Upbeat and soothing, pastel blue walls go well with white bedroom accents

Navy Blue And White Bedroom

Perfect for a plush and contemporary home,  a navy blue and white bedroom makes you feel like you are living in a luxe hotel. It is plush, pacifying and luxurious to the core. Golden chandeliers, white walls and false ceiling will go well with this design idea.

Navy blue and white bedroom design
Handpick navy blue accents and pair them with white walls and linens to create an elegant bedroom

By now, you must have already made up your mind on your favourite blue and white bedroom design, we are sure! With their exquisite palette and calming hues, blue and white bedroom designs will take away all your worries and calm you down. So, which one of these ideas are you thinking of going ahead with for your bedroom? Feel free to share it with us in the comments. We will be happy to throw in more specific recommendations for the same.

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