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Grey and White Bedroom Designs For Your Home

Grey and white bedroom designs for your home

Between grey and white, great bedroom designs can happen!

They say: “Grey is the queen of colours because she makes everyone else look good.” Grey as a wall colour has made quite a journey from being thought of as boring to being considered modern and chic. The grey and white combination opens a wide array of possibilities in interior design. While this combination is great in any room, it is well-suited to the bedroom as these are relatively calmer colours that help you relax in peace. To help you make the best out of this colour scheme, we have put together some grey and white bedroom ideas for you!

Grey And White Bedroom Wallpaper

You can opt for an interesting wallpaper for a grey and white bedroom design. The wall in focus for this bedroom adds a wow factor to the space. The rest of the accessories are simple yet elegant — the complementary throw pillows, side table and duvet complete the look of this bedroom. The warm tones of the table lamps accentuate the grey tones of the wall, making it even more attractive.

Grey and white bedroom ideas which adds a wow factor to the space
A busy-looking grey and white wall does all the work in this bedroom

A Play Of Shades In Grey And White Bedroom

The way of making the most out of this colour combination for the bedroom designs is by going for different shades of grey. This creates an illusion of variety in the colours used while keeping the design minimal. The shades vary from the lightest shade of grey for the wall to a much darker one for the cupboard. The monochromatic paintings on the wall complete the look. The potted plants add liveliness to the entire space.

A play of shades with grey and white bedroom which creates an illusion of variety
Different shades of grey add variety to the design
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Customised Art Pieces For Grey And White Bedroom

The beauty of the colour grey is that it is so neutral that it lets other art pieces shine. Your art pieces are an expression of yourself; they depict your travels, memories and interests. The simplistic grey and white bedroom is taken to another level by the rather interesting looking wall with a customised art piece.

Customized grey and white bedroom walls with art
Interesting art pieces can take a grey and white bedroom to another level!

Adding Earthy Colours To Grey And White Bedroom

The grey and white colour scheme holds ground well on its own, but sometimes it can do with a few additional colours. The green of plants and the brown of the headboard and throw complement each other well, and work beautifully with grey and white bedroom design. The French windows, monochromatic painting and fitted lights on both sides of the bed add to the appeal of the bedroom.

White and grey minimalist bedroom with green plants and french windows
You can throw in more complementary colours in a grey and white bedroom

Mirror For Grey And White Bedroom

People have qualms about dark colours like grey in small bedrooms. However, with the help of a few tricks, this colour can only make your bedroom look spacious and comforting. In this grey and white bedroom, white is used extensively to create an illusion of space, while softer shades of grey are used sparingly wherever necessary. The genius is in the use of mirrors. A wardrobe with a full mirror and the mirror artwork on the wall are unusual but effective ways of adding subtle hints of grey to the mix.

Grey and white bedrooms images with mirror artwork on the wall
Mirrors are an ingenious way to make a grey and white bedroom a lot more interesting!

Different Textures For Grey And White Bedroom

A variation in colours can also be brought about by introducing the same colour in different textures. The matte charcoal grey colour of the wall is drastically different from the grey used for the bed and furnishings. Different textures are incorporated in this grey and white bedroom by using different materials. Textured grey for the TV unit, the metallic fan, a textured rug and whimsical painting — all add their own charm to the space.

Grey and white bedroom theme with different textures and whimsical painting
A combination of grey and white with different colours and textures works wonders!

Fun With Geometric Designs In Grey And White Bedroom

The hexagonal bookshelves, circles in the wall art and the linear pattern of drapes look systematic and add charisma to the grey and white bedroom’s colour scheme. The exposed wall adds texture, and the wooden elements add a different dimension to the bedroom design.

Geometric designs with grey and white pictures for bedroom with hexagonal bookshelves
Lines and shapes liven up this grey and white bedroom!
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The Importance Of Good Lighting In Grey And White Bedroom

The way natural or artificial light plays with the grey can have amazing effects on your grey and white bedroom design. The shades and textures of grey used for this bedroom are made better by the abundant natural and artificial lighting for this bedroom.

Good lighting with grey and white bedroom with amazing effects and shades
Good lights maketh a good design!

A grey and white bedroom can be for people of all ages! Comment with your absolute favourite grey and white bedroom ideas from this list!

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