Small Space, Big Style: Easy DIY Balcony Decor Ideas for Every Style

by Nikita Keshwani | February 1, 2024 | 7 mins read

DIY balcony decor ideas for your home

Follow these simple DIY balcony decor ideas to turn your mundane balcony into a relaxing retreat. 

Transforming a small outdoor space like a balcony into a stylish and comfortable sanctuary with simple yet effective DIY balcony decor might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With creativity and basic craft skills, you can elevate your balcony space and create an inviting atmosphere. 

Read on to discover easy DIY balcony decor ideas to help you create a beautiful outdoor retreat you’ll love spending time in. From adding greenery and lighting to creating a cosy seating area, these stylist-approved ideas will help you make the most of your balcony space. So let’s dive in!

1. DIY Balcony Makeover With Curtains

To maintain the easy breezy vibe of your balcony, decorate it with full-length sheer white curtains. They add a layer of privacy and act as a shield against harsh sun rays during the daytime. Pairing the curtains with warm fairy lights will turn your balcony into a whimsical paradise. Relax on a rocking chair while enjoying the soft breeze.

DIY balcony makeover with full-length sheer white curtains protects from harsh sun rays
Curtains are affordable and add a boho chic appeal

2. DIY Balcony Wall Decor With Frames

One of the most practical DIY small balcony decorating ideas is sprucing up an empty balcony wall with frames. Check out this balcony wall decor that you can easily DIY by arranging different shapes of empty carved frames. The yellow frames bring alive the plain Jane balcony walls and enhance the overall visual appeal. Complete the look with a folding table and two folding chairs.

DIY balcony wall decorated with empty carved frames
Enliven a boring balcony with vibrant frames
Space saving balcony spaces for an aesthetic vibe!

3. DIY Canopy for Cosy Date Nights

For couples living in urban apartments, we have the most romantic balcony DIY decor idea. Hang a soft net fabric from a common spot on the ceiling for a DIY canopy. Combine it with fairy lights to create a warm cosy setup. Add a comfy floor bed and some cushions to transform your urban balcony into an exclusive date night place!

DIY balcony decor with a canopy for cosy date nights
Repurpose available items to decorate your balcony

4. DIY Tiles for Small Balcony

These interlocking wooden floor tiles are currently all the rage for balcony makeovers! They are a low-maintenance decor option and charmingly infuse warmth and character into small spaces. The best part is that you need no tools to install them. Just clean the floor and arrange the tiles with the help of their interlocking system – that’s it! Add a macrame hanging chair to turn this balcony into your favourite corner of the house.

DIY small balcony decorated with interlocking wooden floor tiles
Give your small apartment balcony a Bohemian touch

5. DIY Balcony Decoration With Lights

We suggest going bolder if you’re bored of the usual ambient ceiling lights or small fairy lights. Check out how we’ve lit this balcony with big bulb string lights. These bulb lights can be used all year round and add much-needed sparkle to your cocktail nights with friends and family. They are eye-catching, add the right amount of glamour during evening parties, and don’t cost a fortune.

DIY balcony decor idea by adding lights to bring a sparkling effect
Bulb lights add a twinkling effect to your balcony

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6. DIY Small Balcony Garden

The best bet for a small area like this is to add some natural beauty through plants. These multi-layer free-standing shelves are a cheap balcony decor item that can hold multiple plants and further enhance your balcony’s beauty. Whether you prefer colourful flowers, leafy green vines, or succulents, plants can enhance the overall vibe of the space. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can pick from a variety of low-maintenance plants that easily thrive in outdoor spaces.

DIY balcony garden decorated with plants on multi-layer free-standing shelves
Plants give your balcony a fresh and inviting look

7. DIY Balcony Craft Idea for Apartment Balcony Decor

Looking for a fun and cost-effective way to decorate your apartment balcony? Mason jar lanterns are one of the easiest balcony craft ideas. All you need to do is fill up an empty mason jar with fairy lights. Hang these and some artificial leaf vines from the balcony ceiling for a rustic farmhouse look. Add cane chairs and a coffee table to add the finishing touch to your farmhouse-style balcony setup.

DIY craft idea for apartment balcony decor: Mason Jar lanterns with fairy lights and leaf vines
Turn your unused mason jars into pretty lanterns
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8. DIY Reading Nook in Balcony

If you have a home with a view, this balcony decor idea is perfect. A simple yet effective decor idea that can be easily executed on any balcony will help you create a book lover’s paradise. Just add a simple cabinet and stack it with your favourite books. Use large floor cushions for seating that can be easily utilised in other areas of the house. Tada! Your reading nook is complete and ready to accompany your hot cup of coffee in the mornings.

Balcony decor with diy reading nook features a simple cabinet stacked with books and floor cushions
A calm and relaxing reading nook with a view

In conclusion, plenty of affordable ways to decorate a balcony can transform it into a beautiful and inviting space. We hope we’ve filled you with some inspiring ideas for your balcony. If you’re looking for an expert’s help for the same, get in touch with our designers today for a detailed consultation.

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FAQs about DIY Balcony Decor

1. What are some easy DIY balcony decor ideas for beginners?

There are many easy DIY balcony decor ideas that beginners can try. You can add some greenery with low-maintenance plants like succulents or herbs in small pots. Add string lights, colourful rugs, comfy floor cushions, or create your own DIY wall art. You can hang some colourful curtains if you want to add privacy to your balcony.

2. What are some cost-effective DIY balcony decor ideas?

One of the most cost-effective DIY balcony decor ideas is adding a fresh coat of paint to old furniture pieces and sprucing them up with cushions. Another idea is creating planters from old containers or waste materials like PVC pipes, wine bottles, or mason jars. Create wall art with framed family portraits or display empty frames.

3. How do I choose the right plants for my balcony decor?

Choosing the right plants for your balcony decor depends on the amount of sunlight your balcony receives, the size of your space, and your personal preferences. For a small space, choose hanging plants. You can select larger plants and even create a vertical garden if you have a bigger balcony. If you don’t have a green thumb, go for low-maintenance plants like succulents or cacti. For those who enjoy gardening, there are a lot of plants that require more care and attention. 

4. How can I make my balcony more comfortable and cosy?

Adding string lights, lanterns, or other outdoor-safe lighting options can make your balcony more comfortable and cosy. Make sure to pick comfortable seating options and add pillows for extra comfort. You can also add an outdoor rug to infuse texture and warmth into your balcony. 

5. What are some DIY lighting ideas for my balcony?

Mason jar lanterns are the perfect DIY lighting idea for a balcony. You can always opt for affordable string lights to add some warmth to your balcony. Paper lanterns are another great DIY lighting option. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly and low-maintenance balcony lighting option. They can be placed anywhere on your balcony and will charge during the day and turn on automatically at night.

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