5 Ideas To Style A Study Area In A Bedroom

by Ekta Poddar | August 25, 2023 | 6 mins read

Study room design with bed for your home

Fulfil those daydreams of having a cosy workspace in your bedroom with our list of bedroom study area designs If you have daydreams of having a study that allows you to be productive at work from the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom, you have come to the right place. The key to building the perfect study zone in the bedroom is to ensure that you separate out the study in a way that you are not tempted to slip back into bed for a snooze. Similarly, thoughts about work should not distract you from catching your z’s is peace. Segregating these two areas and yet tying them together to make the study come bedroom look integrated is the balancing trick that you need to get right. Our suggestions of study room in bedroom ideas will help you do just that have you set up at your workstation in double time.

Blend It Like A Pro

We are totally digging the blended in effect of this bedroom study area design. To begin with, the study desk is expertly conceptualised. It is coloured the same and has the same lines as the wardrobe and the bed, making it naturally fit in. Further, the storage area is built in such a manner that it blends into the elegant wardrobe, making the unit seem like an organic extension. This design creates plenty of welcome storage and is gorgeous to look at. The wall treatment further emphasises the various areas in the bedroom while integrating them in. The area behind the study is framed with white stripes, both above and below the floating desk. This mirrors the design behind the bed headboard and serves as a superb counterpoint. The modern artwork above the desk immediately draws one attention, especially as it appears framed in white. It engages the viewer, further making the study space seem to be a natural part of the bedroom.

Study area in bedroom designs for your home where the modern artwork above the desk immediately draws ones attention to study in bedroom
A fabulously designed study space that seamlessly blends into the bedroom

Keep Your Standards High But Lower The Desk

This Minimalism inspired study area gets several things right. It faces away from the bed and towards the view outside making it ideal for working. You are free from distractions and can focus on your work and take advantage of natural light when working during the day. The desk is kept low on purpose allowing you free access to views outside and for light to filter in unobstructed. Further, the full-size desk with built-in storage means you can comfortably put in long hours of work at it. Overhead open shelves provide extra storage and display area. They are cleverly installed to take advantage of the tight corner. Books placed on such shelves can be smartly styled with book ends making the arrangement practical and beautiful. An ergonomically friendly chair and a lamp that provides task light further add to the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Study room in bedroom ideas where you are free from distractions and can focus on your work in this study bedroom design
A customised desk is stationed below the bedroom window maximising productivity and minimising distractions
Eyeing study units for your bedroom?

Fold It Like In Origami

This superb study room design with bed functions as a workspace during the day and a bedroom by night. There are three distinct zones in the room. The storage area has a wardrobe and a chest of drawers and forms one zone. The Murphy bed and sofa faces the television and together they form the second zone. The third zone is the study area that is done up in white to differentiate it from the rest of the room. In keeping with overall aesthetics, the study space has elegant lines as evident through the simple desk and open shelves. The space is functional and is kept fuss-free with the styling emphasising a few carefully selected décor items. A handsome rug unites all the three zones making the room look welcoming and complete in both its avatars – as a bedroom and as a study room with a sofa.

Study come bedroom for your home where there are there are three distinct zones in the room
Build in spare sleeping space by putting a murphy bed into the study room

Store It Like A Magpie

Magpies are (in)famous for their love of all things glittery and for their hoarding skills. What if your work requires you to be a magpie and store plenty of documents and other material? With a bit of creativity, you can build in storage even in a small study in the bedroom as is done here. The custom-built desk is designed to be a continuation of the wooden headboard. There is a cabinet installed into the desk and a custom closet built overhead. The shelves are partially covered ensuring that files and books can be stored away out of sight. The desk extends over the floor cabinet resulting in a large working area. The dimensions and functionality of this study area is such that it can comfortably serve as a home office. Note how the desk is designed to be slim so that there is a walking area between the study section and the bed. Blinds instead of curtains further create a sense of spaciousness in this bedroom study area design.

Study area in bedroom where you can build in storage even in a small study in the bedroom
Well designed cabinets result in a plenty of storage in a cosy home office

Make Best Of Waste To Design A Study In A Bedroom

This corner space was a dead zone brought to life by a study station being cleverly tucked into it, making this a fabulous study room in bedroom idea. The room has great views of the outside courtesy large windows perfect for a cosy window seat. The bed is positioned so that one can wake up the views and the natural light, making it a great layout for the bedroom area. The study being discreetly installed in the corner does not interfere with the bedroom section. The desk appears to float making the corner seem light and airy. The area below is kept open and instead storage is built on top of the desk and wall-mounted. It is kept mostly open to enhance the sense of openness. A few clever touches tie the spaces together. Notes of grey in the wall cabinet and desk tie them with the storage above and below the window seat making the entire corner come together. A peach chair picked out to go with the colour of the other soft furnishing.

Study area in bedroom has great views of the outside courtesy of large windows and the best bedroom study design idea
The corner study does wondrous things to a dead zone

Colours, layout, storage, type of desk and chair, lighting solutions – just a few design components you can experiment with and think through while planning to put a study into your bedroom. Follow our recommendations and you are sure to get all your work done without even leaving the bedroom.

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