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Modular sofa designs with modern flair for your home

Some interesting modular sofa ideas that help in resetting the look of your living room

Modular sofa sets are the centrepiece of any social space today. They define your style and thought process. This is why it becomes the most critical element of home décor, but more so because a modular sofa is like a showstopper in the living room. However, picking the correct type of modular sofa that is appropriate for your home can be very daunting. 

So, whether you want to reset and restyle the ambience of your living room, or choose your style, match the fabrics and mix things up – take a look at our curated list of excellent modular sofa options here.

Modular Sofa Set For A Nomadic Soul

The modular sofa is designed in a way to enhance its comfort factor. Even its armless and backless pattern stresses being the typical Scandinavian at heart. It is earthy and subtle. It can be assimilated with an exciting wall backdrop or cushions to achieve that cosy and comfortable feel and look. The Scandinavian modular sofa has soft yet durable fabric upholstery that gels well with many aesthetics.

Modular sofa with armless and backless pattern stresses being the typical Scandinavian at heart.
Scandinavian modular sofa set in a blue colour cosy and comfortable feel and look.
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Bulbous Camaleonda Modular Sofa Is Everywhere on Instagram!

Best described by Mario Bellini on his creation of Camaleonda: “I crossed two words: chameleon (animal capable of adapting to its environment) and onda (wave).” He was the leading designer in post-war Italy whose Camaleonda was featured in an exhibition in 1972. That this modular sofa provided a bit of Instagram fodder during the pandemic is enough to define its comfort factor. If your idea of home decor is to embrace maximalism – this is totally your cup of tea!

Camaleonda modular sofa in white colour acts as home decor and lends a chic look.
It is an iconic modular sofa that has no set shape but consists of shifting sectionals. Camaleonda modular sink-into sofa became very popular during the lockdown, bringing it back in fashion after 50 years

Lounging Just Got More Stylish With This Oversized Modular Sofa

L-shaped modular sofas signify freedom, ease and comfort that can easily turn your home into a comfort haven. It is everything that a modern living room needs – expansive, sturdy and super trendy with its stylish chrome finish legs. Sewed in soft and sumptuous velvet fabric upholstery, it also looks luxurious, where six people can comfortably relax.

Green oversized modular sectional sofa in l-shape adds charm to the white living room.
An L-shaped oversized modular sofa set adds a contemporary charm with plenty of luxury and ample style

Houston 3-Seater Fabric Modular Sofa With Chaise

The extra chaise to recline is a stunning piece of extra sofa space for visitors. See that you measure with precision before purchasing a chaise – narrow or wide enough to fit two, or whether you want to mix it up for the other part of the ‘L’. The grey 3-seater modular sofa is compact and modern-looking, perfect for homeowners with compact homes who don’t want to spend much.

Three seaters modular sofa with chaise look classy in the small living room.
This radiantly classy-looking living room perfectly accommodates a Houston 3-seater fabric modular sofa with a chaise that evokes novelty and freshness in its look and feel
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Modular Sofa Bed Provides Extra Seating And Sleeping Space 

A sofa bed is that type of modular sofa that orchestrates the real spirit of minimalism in home decor. Gone are the days when sofa beds used to be bulky and uncomfortable. Today, they are purpose-built, more comfortable and super stylish too. It is a practical addition to your home that conveniently transforms into a warm and cosy bed for your guests.

The small living room with a blue modular sofa with colourful cushions enhances the aesthetic.
A functional modular sofa bed in the minimalist living room enhances the creative aspect of home decor.
A minimalist modular sofa bed is visually appealing and also provides extra seating and sleeping space.
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Sectional modular sofas are large compared to other sofa sets, and you also get to assimilate the multiple sofa pieces in different conformations as per your taste and needs. This is a great feature – it’s flexible and allows you to reset and restyle your home décor as and when you need it. Sectional modular sofas include a two-seat or loveseat, a chair or single sofa, and a 3- or 4-seater sofa with adjustable headrests, curled arms and built-in chaise on either the left or right arm shelves.

There are still more options in modular sofa designs that can be customised according to your requirements and taste. You can discover these options by booking a consultation with our designers today. You can also walk into any of our experience centres in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad to get a detailed insight into everything related to home interiors.

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