10 Best Woods For Making The Most Sturdy Furniture

by Pallabi Bose | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Best Woods For Making The Most Sturdy Furniture

Check out 10 most popular woods for making the most durable furniture

When it comes to furniture, wood is everyone’s first choice. Not just for furniture making; it is used for flooring, ceiling, building houses, decor pieces, and many more. Due to their durability, regal appearance, rot resistance, and cost-effectiveness – wooden items have stood the test of time. 

But there are thousands of varieties of wood available. So if you want to embark on a wood-related restoration or design job, you should know which type of wood is best for furniture. 

10 Best Wood for Furniture Making

1. Cedar Wood Material For Furniture

Type: Softwood
Usage: Outdoor furniture, wardrobe, dresser
Janka Score: Eastern variety 900, Western variety 350

Cedar is one of the most popular softwood varieties. Owing to its unique antifungal and antibacterial properties, furniture made of cedar is incredibly resistant to water, insects, and the sun. Cedar is the best wood material for furniture in rustic style and wall panels.

Cedar Wood Material For Furniture
Stunning space maximising cedar book storage

2. Teak: Best Type Of Wood For Indoor Furniture That Lasts Generations

Colour: Light to dark brown with honey golden
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Indoor furniture, flooring, boat construction
Janka Score: 1155

Teak is widely known for its durability and resistance to fire, water, rot, and fungi. It has a very smooth finish with an oily texture and straight grain. It is one of the strongest and most expensive woods for furniture making. So, if you want to make furniture that will last generations, teak is your best choice.

Type of wood for furniture that last long
Minimalist bathroom with teak hardwood flooring

3. Durable & Weather-Resistant: Mahogany Is The Best Wood For Furniture

Colour: Medium to dark, reddish brown
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Cabinet, furniture, exterior timber
Janka Score: 800-900

Mahogany is a water-resistant wood. It can stay underwater without damage for a long time. After polishing, mahogany gives a beautiful glossy finish, making it a perfect choice for indoor furniture. Due to the wood’s lack of supply, mahogany furniture is always in high demand globally and is expensive.

Mahogany is the durable wood for furniture
Regal Indian-style dinette with polished dinner table
Modular home interiors for a hassle free lifestyle

4. Add Hints Of Colour With Cherry Wood

Colour: Light pink to reddish brown
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Cabinet, furniture, exterior timber
Janka Score: 950

One of the most common types of wood used for furniture is cherry. When unstained, cherry wood furniture goes from light pink to deep reddish brown over the years. It is not ideal for high-traffic areas like entryways. But cherry wood can be used for making cabinets, closet doors, and other furniture.

Cherry Wood for house furniture
Quaint wooden bar-cum-reading nook

5. Strongest Wood For Furniture: Sheesham/ Indian Rosewood

Colour: Deep to golden reddish brown
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Beds, dining tables, coffee tables, and other indoor furniture, flooring
Janka Score: 1600-1700

One of the most widely used woods in India is sheesham or Indian rosewood. Furniture made of sheesham is highly durable and can be seasoned. It is affordable and the best type of wood for indoor furniture.

Cherry Wood for house furniture
Modular Sheesham king-size bed with storage

6. For An Attractive Flooring Finish, Choose Walnut

Colour: Creamy yellow sapwood with dark chocolate heartwood
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Furniture, cabinet, decorative interior pieces, flooring
Janka Score: 1010

Walnut is a premium domestic wood. Its grains are straight and regular, making it easy to work with. Black walnut wood is very durable and resistant to decay but susceptible to insect attack.

Walnut wood for attractive flooring finish
A chocolate brown walnut dining table set with a glossy finish

7. Quintessentially Indian: Sal Wood

Colour: Golden yellow when freshly cut, but turns deep with exposure to sunlight
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Window sills, interior door frames, furniture, railway sleepers
Janka Score: 2080

Sal is India’s most important source of hardwood. Sal wood is used heavily in the construction industry and furniture making for its strength. It is affordable, highly durable, and resistant to water, termites, and fungi. However, it shrinks and cracks in direct sunlight exposure. It is better to use sal wood for interior door frames and exterior.

Sal wood for furniture for  quintessentially indian touc
Interior room divider made of sturdy sal wood

8. Beyond Furniture: Deodar Wood

Colour: White
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Building temples, boat houses, public buildings, bridges, barracks, railway cars

Did you know that ancient Egyptians used deodar timber, often known as the tree of gods, to build the sarcophaguses of the mummies? The wood of this medicinal tree is used heavily in building construction and carpentry. Its heartwood is durable and decay- and pest-resistant.

Alt text - Deodar wood for backyard deck
Outdoor entertainment area in wooden backyard deck

9. Strongest Yet Delicate: Indian Ebony

Colour: Black
Type: Hardwood
Usage: Musical instrument, piano key, cabinet, inlay, door knobs
Janka Score: 2430

Indian Ebony is a highly dense and heavy hardwood. Due to its high density, it quickly sinks in the water. Due to the high oil content in this wood, it is tough to glue. However, this wood is rarely available in the market today and, therefore, quite expensive.

Indian ebony wood for home office
Elegant Indian ebony cabinet for home office
Designer home interiors within your budget!

10. Leverage The Flexibility Of Bamboo

Colour: White to pale brown
Type: Evergreen perennial
Usage: Flooring, roofing
Janka Score: 1380

Bamboo is excellent for its durability, ability to float, and pesticide resistance. It is widely used in building bridges, roofs, scaffolding and floors. Its flexibility allows it to be bent, split or shaped based on your needs. Therefore, it is used heavily in earthquake-prone areas. Furthermore, bamboo can withstand flames and has a higher tensile strength than steel because its fibres run axially.

Alt text - Bamboo wood for living room furniture
Bamboo wall decor for living room

Our inventory of the best wood for furniture is a comprehensive guide to help you with your home needs. Book an appointment with our expert team for more details on using the suitable wood for your home interior design.

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