A Quick Read On Sunmica Design And Its Uses For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

sunmica design for your home

Versatile and rich, sunmica is still trending!

Sunmica is regarded as a trusted brand of laminates. Just as Xerox became synonymous with photocopying, Sunmica became so popular that it replaced the word ‘laminates’ itself with its own. That’s why from vendors, carpenters, contractors till householders just say that they need Sunmica instead of laminates.

So, when you think of Sunmica, you are essentially implying that you would want to use laminates for your furniture at home. However, everyone interchangeably keeps referring to laminates as Sunmica. Because that’s how mainstream and remarkable that brand has become.

What Is Sunmica?

Sunmica is majorly used for home decoration and renovation. From its quality, robustness, pricing, and various features, Sunmica is preferred as a laminate.

In the 1960s,  a joint venture was announced by Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation & Formica International. Formica India Limited started rolling out their laminates. In 2011, the company was renamed as AICA Sunmica. Around in 1998, when the company introduced Sunmica, they recreated history.

What is sunmica- laminate used in the foyer area is home decoration.
Sunmica changed the way laminates were used for home decoration

What Is Sunmica Made Of?

Crafted from an amalgamation of plastic resins, aesthete brown, and translucent paper, Sunmica, interestingly, is also lighter. Compared to the other Formica variants that have a thickness of 1.5 millimetres, Sunmica was only 1 millimetre in thickness.

Because of the same, as almost an alternate of laminates, Sunmica enjoys a great brand recall like no other brand. Available across more than 400 shades and umpteen textures, Sunmica is undeniably timeless.

Sunmica is usually made up of three sheets. These are lined up with the base layer that is not used for decorative purposes. Carpenters apply adhesive on this base layer. However, the second layer works as a decorative layer. As majorly, it is a sheet, you can have the design of your choice on this layer. Finally, there comes the topmost layer that is translucent and it vouches for the scratch resistance of the same.

Sunmica sheet design in the white study room used as an overlay for furniture.
As an attractive laminate, Sunmica design is used as an overlay for furniture
Want the perfect sunmica laminate for your home

Is Sunmica Waterproof?

Quintessentially, Sunmica is durable and also scratch-resistant. Moreover, it can survive the usual heat, wear-tear, and moisture to a specific limit. However, you need to be meticulous about exposing it to water. Because unless it is waterproof, you can easily warp when it is kept near water for a prolonged time.

Plywood sunmica design is durable and scratch-resistant
If Sunmica is exposed to too much water it could warp unless it is absolutely waterproof

How Can I Check My Sunmica Quality?

Through the means of wear and tear, physically scratching, steam and moisture exposure, strain through the chemical agents, fire, or burns, you can gauge the quality of Sunmica.

Light and dark wooden texture sunmica designs quality in this study room is excellent

Uses Of Sunmica

As Sunmica is pretty versatile, you can use it in every nook and cranny of your home if you want. Right from furniture, wall panels, tabletops, ceiling till the flooring, it can be used anywhere. Also, it is comparatively affordable than actual wood and therefore has become a popular pick among homeowners.

Sunmica design in this kitchen cum pooja area made from wood
Sunmica can be used for your flooring until your furniture

Which Is The Best Sunmica?

Companies like AICA Laminates, Durian, Northern Laminates, Greenlam, Century Ply, Formica, Merino Laminates, Sundek, Asis Laminates, Delta Laminates offer some of the best laminates in the industry.

Latest sunmica design for dressing table and door
There are various premium brands that offer laminates, you could choose the ones that meet your expectations.

You must have got a sound idea about Sunmica aka laminates by now. Feel free to use the same to choose the right colour, the texture of Sunmica for your home. It would surely enhance the look of your home and make it more elegant. For a guided consultation to choose the right Sunmica design for your home, feel free to book our consultation.

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