Wooden False Ceiling For Bedroom | Here’s How To Upgrade Your Bedroom Ceiling

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 17, 2024 | 6 mins read

Wooden false ceiling design for bedroom great way to introduce a natural element in your bedroom

Ditch boring ceilings and get one of these gorgeous wooden false ceilings for your bedroom

False ceiling can be a great addition to your bedroom interiors. It can help you direct lighting as per your requirements, help add more warmth to the space and even have some soundproofing in the room. Yes, besides bringing a visual appeal, a false ceiling can help in different aspects of your home interiors. While there are several false ceiling options, we think going with a wooden false ceiling design for the bedroom is a great idea.

Why? A wooden false ceiling for the bedroom adds a natural appeal to the interiors. They can be available in a variety of textures and patterns. Wooden false ceilings for bedrooms are easy to install, remove and replace. They can add warmth to the bedroom, making it cosier.

Now that you know its advantages, we have some incredible wooden false ceiling designs for your bedroom. 

1. A Minimalist-Modern Wooden False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Minimalist interiors is one of the most popular design styles today. One of the main reasons is that this interior theme is suitable for every kind of house. However, you can jazz up your minimalist bedroom with simple but impressionistic wooden false ceilings such as wooden beams and rafters. These rafters will add a rustic appeal to the bedroom without hindering the minimalist design. These wooden rafters are easy to install and are affordable too. Thus you can redefine your entire bedroom’s look with a few wooden beams on the ceiling!

2. A Simple Elevated Wooden False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If you want to add warmth to your bedroom design, this wooden false ceiling is the right choice. The wooden false ceiling can act as a soundproofing platform right above your bed with a plain and simple design. The wooden false ceiling here is ideal for a tall Indian bedroom with wooden furniture. You can place recessed lights around the false ceiling to focus the ceiling design. 

3.  A Wonderful Wooden False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

This is probably one of the unique wooden false ceiling designs. What looks like just a block of wood can do wonders for your ceiling. Choose a unique wooden texture and lights to the false ceiling, and voila! You got yourself an elegant piece of art right above your bed! To complement the wooden false ceiling, you can go with a similar colour wallpaper on the bedside wall. This will form a seamless connection in design, bringing the ceiling work to the forefront. 

Love this design? Make it your own

4.  A Traditional Wooden False Ceiling Design For Master Bedroom

Wood is one of the main design elements for traditional Indian design. Hence, wooden false ceiling for a bedroom with a traditional design is a suitable choice. The bedroom here reveals a vintage interior design with several wooden furniture pieces. To complement this setup, the ceiling is designed with wooden beams placed within a distance from one another. The wooden beams and the cream ceiling add a beautiful pattern that accentuates the traditional bedroom design. 

5. A Black Wooden False Ceiling For Bedroom

This pristine white bedroom design exhibits a modern interior setup. The room has a low-height bed with a slope with skylights. Although it looks clean and beautiful, the white can be a bit cold for a bedroom design. Hence, there is a wooden false ceiling design. The false ceiling here is a wooden box beam type that adds movement to the space. The ceiling design will make eyes move from the ceiling along the walls of the bedroom. 

6. Wooden False Ceiling Design For Bedrooms In The Attic

This attic bedroom reveals a stunning wooden false ceiling design. Taking advantage of the attic’s sloping architecture, the ceiling is decorated with a wooden false ceiling that continues to the slanting skylight windows. The ceiling has a wooden beam design that emphasises the slope. It then extends to form a simple framework around the skylight window. This wooden false ceiling design is ideal for bedrooms with a natural interior appeal. 

7. Wooden False Ceiling For A Wabi-Sabi Bedroom

Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese interior design concept, celebrates everything natural. And what can be more natural than wood! So, if you are following such a natural and sustainable interior design theme for your bedroom, you can select an entire wooden false ceiling design as shown. The wooden false ceiling with wooden cladding and beams add a country-style ceiling. It also completes the organic appeal of the bedroom.

Some FAQs On A Wooden False Ceiling Design For The Bedroom

Is wood ceiling expensive?

The cost of a wooden false ceiling can vary as per the choice of wood. It can also vary depending on the type of finish you use. Generally, plywood and reclaimed wood can be economical choices. 

What type of wood is used for a false ceiling?

Usually, people go with hardwood for wooden false ceilings. For finishes, you can opt for natural varnished wood, lacquers or laminates. 

What more can I do to make my false ceiling trendy?

Besides going for a great looking wooden false ceiling design for the bedroom, you can pep things up a bit with trendy ceiling lights. You can also add unique wooden textures, using a complementary colour for the ceiling that matches the rest of your bedroom design. 

A wooden false ceiling is a sure shot way to transform your bedroom interiors. It is also a great way to add a unique characteristic to your sleep quarter. Hence, go ahead and experiment with your sleep quarters by adding a classy wooden false ceiling for the bedroom. For more details on false ceiling designs, reach out to us.

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