Rashmi Seta And Family’s Vibrant And Modern 2 BHK Home In Mumbai

by Nikita Raikwar | January 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Rashmi setas mumbai flats interior design

Here’s a peek into a vibrant 2 BHK home delivered by our best interior designers in Mumbai.

We recently delivered a vibrant, peppy and lively 2 BHK home in Mumbai. Rashmi Seta and her husband wanted their home to look vibrant. They were looking for a design that had a touch of modernity while being colourful. They also wanted their home to have ample space for their child to play around. DesignCafe’s high-end interior designers in Mumbai created a luxurious, colourful and young home design that spells out modernity with its choice furnishings and upbeat aesthetics to go with the family’s dream home. Here’s a sneak peek into Rashmi Seta and her family’s modern, upbeat and lively 2 BHK home in Mumbai.

A Stunning Living Room With Peppy Tones

Our high-end interior designers in Mumbai at DesignCafe created a living cum dining space that exhibits a happy blend of cool and warm colours. The living room is designed with a gorgeous blue wall-mounted TV unit with white wall tiles behind it. 

Mumbai flats interior design with a stunning living room with peppy tones
A living room with modern designer interiors

An Entertainment Area Designed By An Interior Stylist In Mumbai

Delivering a Mumbai flat’s interior design is what our team of experts looks forward to the most, owing to the happy challenges and luxury we get to work on. As you can see, facing the wall-mounted modular TV unit is a lovely rust-coloured sofa along with a metallic nesting table in the centre and a stunning accent wall in grey with textured paint. 

An entertainment area designed by top interior contractors in mumbai
An entertainment area designed by top interior contractors in mumbai

A Vibrant Dining Space That Defines Modern Luxury

The dining area features a granite-top four-seater table which is complemented by blue upholstered high-back chairs on one side and a bench on the other. A pair of multi-coloured ottomans on the sides makes room for extra diners and lends a vibrant punch to the space.

High end interior designers in mumbai with a vibrant dining space that defines modern luxury
A modern dining area for four to six individuals

A White And Blue Master Bedroom With Geometric Accent Wall

The master bedroom borrows the same colour scheme as in the living room. However, here the standout feature is the geometric design in greys and blues where the headboard rests. The headboard is a gorgeous muted mustard yellow while the room has a subtle white marble flooring. The room also has a beautiful study/home office space with white modular furnishing that’s complemented by a multi-coloured upholstered chair.

A white and blue master bedroom with geometric accent wall by best budget interior designers in mumbai
An effortless master bedroom with a study

A Tall Cushioned Headboard In The Second Bedroom

Rashmi Seta’s family was looking for an interior stylist in Mumbai that could deconstruct their vision and implement it effortlessly into the second bedroom which was for their parents. And we did that and a lot more for their 2 BHK home in Mumbai. The parents’ bedroom features an oversized cushioned headboard in a muted beige that adds simplicity, comfort and a touch of luxury and opulence to this bedroom. The headboard extends into a glass display on the side to store decor items and knick-knacks. This room also has the same subtle white marble flooring as the master bedroom and is a sight to behold.

A tall cushioned headboard in the second bedroom by best interior decorators in mumbai
A comfortable bedroom for elderly parents

We hope you loved this gorgeous 2 BHK home that we designed for Rashmi Seta and her family. Creating, curating and designing homes is what we love the most and are happy to share our fun with you too. So, if you have an interior design or a renovation project in the pipeline or are seeking the best budget interior designers in Mumbai, we are here to help.

You can book a free consultation with DesignCafe today, and have all your queries and doubts answered effortlessly. You never know, your home could be our next dream project too!

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