Boho Style Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Boho Style Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

A boho bedroom makeover sounds exciting and looks even better. Check out these ideas for yourself!

A boho bedroom, also known as Bohemian, resonates with a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle. Characterised by colourful patterns, eclectic prints, and globally inspired aesthetics. Today, a bohemian-inspired bedroom is neither too plain nor eye-piercingly loud. Layers of textures woven with neutral palettes are used within the room to create a scene that tells a story of your personality. It could be quirky memoirs that double up as decor accents, oversized cushions and throws, or even light fixtures that infuse energy into your serene retreat.

Creating a cosy boho bedroom is easy. Here are some design inspirations for you to choose from: 

Calming Bohemian Bedroom Design 

Boho and loud are only synonymous if it suits your style preferences. Boho-style bedrooms incorporate plenty of natural textures mixed with Scandinavian patterns and styles rather than focusing only on colours. Drawing from the earthy colours of nature, this tranquil bedroom draws a focal point to the soothing wallpaper. Alongside the fabric for the bed is a washed-out blue that adds character to the space. Throws, cushions and a lush green plan bring additional energy to the cosy space. 

Bohemian Bedroom Design that adds calming touch to the room
Repurpose old fabric as blinds for a mix-match vibe.

Bright and Airy Boho Bedroom Decor 

The bright yellow wallpaper and light wooden flooring create a sweet boho bedroom. A warm neutral base is complemented with colourful accents like cushions, throws, and a jute rug. The focal point in the room is the bright yellow planter that adds a pop of colour against the warm earthy shades. A delicate pendant night lamp over the bedside helps infuse a contemporary touch into the room. 

Boho bedroom design which is bright and airy
Understated decor gives the room a relaxed feel.

Green Bejeweled Bohemian Bedroom 

The smallest members of a family have the biggest personalities. This room perfectly captures the essence of a vibrant green bohemian bedroom design. A jewel-toned spring green tone with grey and warm browns brings layers of playful interest. Details like butterflies and charming patterned pillows fuel the tiny minds with whimsical curiosity. The bedding has elements of boho that are a mix of comfortable fabrics, soft colours, and a fun animal theme. 

Bohemian bedroom design that have green photo wall paper
The photo wallpaper pops against a white wall.

Sunset-Inspired Boho Bedroom 

Between the wallpaper, rug, pillow, and decor, this boho-style bedroom is an eclectic mix of colours. Patterns from a striped bed sheet to a starry floor rug and lemon yellow pillows to a parrot green bookshelf fill the room with layers of visual interest. A lacquered white wardrobe with hints of red and orange provide a refreshing break from the colourful patterns and textures. The wooden floorboard and matching bed add an elevated charm to the space. 

Boho bedroom design which is sunset inspired
Every element in the room adds character and class.
Modern bedroom designs ideas that suit your taste and budget

Modern Boho Bedroom Decor 

An en suite style boho-inspired bedroom that oozes vacation vibes and defined, clean lines are perfect for tickling your senses after a long day. Layers of pillows stacked neatly with a stylish blanket add softness to the room. Balancing the fuzzy feeling of warmth are well-defined decor elements like a hexagon nightstand, a piece of art over the bed, and a floor-sized mirror that anchors the room. Using a flowy canopy over the bed creates a beautiful Bohemian vibe that is neither overpowering nor loud. A hotel-style, luxurious bedroom that mixes classic textures with boho elements finishes the space effortlessly. 

Boho bedroom decor that oozes vacation vibes
Proof that not all boho bedrooms are saturated with colour.

FAQs On Boho Style Bedroom

What is boho style, and how does it translate to a bedroom?

Boho style is unconventional yet creative. The use of colours, styles, and decor that focuses on bringing to life culture and essence to a room truly encapsulates a boho-style bedroom. 

What are some key elements of a boho bedroom design?

Some key elements of a boho bedroom design are bright colours, unconventional patterns, and materials like rattan, wood, and macrame that are used to bring layers of texture to the space. 

What types of lighting should I use in a boho bedroom?

Boho lighting draws inspiration from natural textures like nightshades in jute. Earthy tones like a wood floor lamp and soothing shapes like a geometric bulb cage wall light add visual interest to a bedroom. 

How can I create a boho bedroom on a budget?

Try these budget-friendly ideas to create a boho bedroom: 

  • Use lots of white bedding 
  • Incorporate plants 
  • Pillows, throws, rugs
  • DIY lamp 
  • Make a canopy with repurposed fabric

What types of bedding and linens should I use in a boho bedroom?

Cotton and linen are the most popular fabrics for bedding and linen in a boho bedroom. They lend a breezy, relaxed vibe to the space. Choose stripes, paisley prints, or florals for a stylish touch to the area. 

A home is an empty canvas that transforms itself into a box of memories. What makes that journey beautiful is how the hallowed walls of a room soak up your personality. If your vibe is casual-fun with elements that tell a story, these boho bedroom ideas will surely strike a chord. Plus, we at DesignCafe are just a call away. From conception to execution, we will help you create the perfect boho-style bedroom of your dreams.

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