Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas: Bring The Coastal Vibe Home

by Pooja Dara | February 6, 2024 | 4 mins read

Mediterranean themed bedroom design ideas for your bedroom

Mediterranean bedroom design style is one of the most trending bedroom decorating styles in the interior design world. Read further to find out how you can achieve it. 

The Mediterranean design style is a fusion of several different design styles from the Mediterranean region (Morocco, Italy, Spain, Greece and some North African nations closely linked to France). These regions have plenty of commonalities between them but each one of them is distinctly unique in its design elements as well. The Mediterranean interior design style is timeless, full of character and brings a warm/natural vibe to any space (in this case: the bedroom).

These are some of the elements that define the Mediterranean Design Style

  • Furnishings and Lighting Accent wooden tables, wicker chairs, painted table lamp, intricate chandeliers 
  • Textures and Patterns Intricate wood carvings, mosaic-tiled walls, white backdrop walls and vibrant textiles 
  • Materials and Finishes Wood, linen ceramics, hardwood, stone, wrought iron, rattan, wicker, tiles (think Spain) 
  • Colours Terracotta, ochre, peach, cobalt blue and turquoise (think Greece), natural/neutral colours (ivory, sand, cream, off-white, white), teal (think water), warm yellow/gold (think sunny days), lavender
  • Decor Faux plants, real plants, vases, sculptural accent pieces (handcrafted/vintage), hand-painted tiles
  • Layout and Architecture Minimalist (stick to ‘less is more’ concept), high ceiling (bring the breezy and airy feel), wide windows with solar shades (maximise the outdoor views and the natural sunlight)

It is now time to scroll through some gorgeous Mediterranean-themed bedroom ideas for your home. Get inspired and make your best pick.

Mediterranean-Themed Bedroom With A High Ceiling

This Mediterranean-themed bedroom looks simple yet stylish. The white walls make the bedroom look visually larger and accentuate the wooden elements in the space, be it the four-poster bed or the bedside tables. The wide windows allow the bedroom to soak in ample sunlight while the recess lights on the ceiling further lend sunny vibes.

Mediterranean-themed bedroom with a four-poster bed and high ceiling looks simple yet stylish
Break the monotony with small pops of colour
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A Modern Mediterranean Bedroom No Less Than A Coastal Oasis

Doesn’t this modern Mediterranean bedroom give you a feeling that you’ve entered a coastal oasis? The blue window seat and the orange artwork on the beige accent wall lend a Spanish modern influence to the space. The light grey carpet contrasts well against the dark wooden floor and demarcates the respective zones.

Modern Mediterranean bedroom with pair of pendant lights and a blue window seat
A pair of pendant lights are a pretty accent element

A Minimalist Mediterranean Bedroom Design

The white colour theme of this Mediterranean-style bedroom with accents of brown here and there make the space look airier and brighter. The single wide window behind the bed visually extends the bedroom and connects the indoors to the outdoors. The woollen carpet also blends in well with the flooring.

Minimalist Mediterranean bedroom design in white colour with accents of brown looks airier
Wooden panels give the bedroom a slightly rustic feel

A Modern Mediterranean Bedroom With Large Windows

Wake up to the bright blue sky and the mesmerising coastal views in this Mediterranean-inspired bedroom. Multiple green potted plants and textures enveloping this space give it a more authentic look and exude tons of positivity too. The beige curtains on the balcony/window-side lend a soft glow and comfy vibe to the space.

Modern Mediterranean bedroom with a large window and potted plants lends mesmerizing coastal views
Artwork gives the space character and visual depth
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A Mediterranean-Style Bedroom With A Touch Of Blue

This Mediterranean-style bedroom looks absolutely sophisticated and luxurious. Wooden furniture and darker wood tones tend to give the bedroom a natural/earthy feel. Pairing the bedding with medium/deep blue accessories can create a unique coastal vibe. This bedroom also speaks of minimalism at its best.

Mediterranean-style bedroom features wooden furniture and darker wood tones
Potted plants add hints of colour to the bedroom

All in all, a Mediterranean-style bedroom is a creative cocktail of different cultures and nationalities (read: diversity), and it is increasingly becoming one of the hottest bedroom styles in urban homes. It is affordable and easy to achieve so it becomes harder to run away from its charm. Book a virtual consultation with DesignCafe if you would like to know more about Mediterranean-themed bedroom ideas and the team will gladly help you out with the same.

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