7 Bedroom Mirror Design Ideas For A Stylish Space

by Juhi Advani | May 16, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bedroom mirror design to transform your space

Bedroom mirror design ideas for every taste & budget!

We know it. As home interior and home decor enthusiasts, designing a bedroom is just so special and exciting. You want the wall to look aesthetic, the bed to be placed a certain way, and the stuff to be organised. Using the bedroom mirror design trick, you can create a haven through this contemporary,

budget-friendly, and tasteful accessory and transform your space

Bedroom mirror design is no longer limited to just a dressing table, although that’s super important, too. In the world of home interiors, it can be wall decor, a panel, a finish for your wardrobe, or just a stand-alone corner piece – that’s been quite a trend lately. Let’s look at seven gorgeous ways to style a bedroom mirror, whether a small or a big one- you might find the perfect style for your space! 

1. Don’t Hold Back: Bedroom Mirror Design as Wall Panelling 

A captivating bedroom with a blend of wooden hues and serene whites! The moment you step in, your gaze naturally gravitates toward the mirrored wall panels next to the bed, an invitation to check yourself out. Stroll over to the cosy bay window, evoking the nostalgia of sitting there with chai. A wooden laminate-finished bed with a cushioned headboard and two mirrored panels complements this setup perfectly. And here’s the playful touch—spot the wooden ceiling fan with its subtle lighting, enhancing the room’s overall charm.

Bedroom mirror design as wall panelling on the sides for a captivating look
Check out the mirrored panels on the sides

2. A Pop of Style: Small Bedroom Wall Mirror

You know there are many bedroom wall mirror options- framed, frameless, geometric shapes, and ornate designs. And every design brings out a particular mood for the space. Take a glance at this bedroom that drips sophistication and luxury. Every detail in this room is meticulously planned and placed: a captivating grey accent wall serves as a backdrop to an exquisite asymmetric gold-finished wall mirror flanked by strip lights for added allure. A compact study unit with wall-mounted shelves and wood panelling stands as a space within a space, and the subtle floral wallpaper stitches the bedroom for a modern couple. 

Bedroom mirror design for a small bedroom wall in gold finish
A gold-finished bedroom wall mirror for opulence

3. A Space-Saving Dressing Table? Full-Length Bedroom Mirror Design

While we have dedicated blogs for dressing table mirror designs, here’s a space-saving idea incorporating a full-length mirror. This bedroom showcases the intelligent use of wide walls by incorporating three spacious white laminate wardrobes, providing ample storage. One of these seamlessly transitions into a sleek dressing table unit with a full-length mirror, drawers, and a slide-in pouffe for added functionality. The full-length mirror serves a dual purpose—functionality as a dressing table and visually enhancing the room’s interior. Its presence creates an illusion of depth and space, contributing to a well-designed bedroom that can be tailored to suit various budget preferences.

Multi functional bedroom designs with smart storage personalised for you

Find dressing table designs here: 

Full-length bedroom mirror design, which is a space-saving furniture
A space-saving full-length bedroom mirror design

4. It’s Trending: Bedroom Standing Mirror

Standing mirrors are popular due to their versatility, particularly appealing in small bedrooms or those seeking multifunctional pieces. They are ideal for bedrooms, dressing areas, and studio apartments, offering a full-length reflection without occupying wall space. Standing mirrors create an ambience of openness and depth within a room, targeting those who value aesthetics and practicality. Their reflective nature amplifies light, making spaces feel brighter and more expansive. Additionally, they serve as decorative elements, enhancing the visual appeal of contemporary, minimalist, or eclectic interiors by adding a touch of elegance and style.

Bedroom standing mirror design which looks trendy and cosy
A cosy bedroom

5. Creative Bedroom Mirror Ideas: A Multifunctional Wardrobe 

Have you explored the charm of mirrored finishes? Elevate your bedroom with a clever mirror incorporation—through your wardrobe. Take a peek at this modern green-themed bedroom, evoking a serene, nature-inspired atmosphere. Despite its compact size, the room feels perfectly balanced, all credit to the well-positioned furniture, refreshing colour scheme, and ingenious addition. A sliding door wardrobe featuring a mirrored front placed horizontally amplifies the room’s spaciousness.

Bedroom mirror design which is incorporated into your wardrobe for a modern look
Compact spaces do well with mirrors

6. Tall as a Tree: Long Mirror for Bedroom! 

Following up on a clever wardrobe with mirror designs, this minimalistic bedroom showcases a compact wooden bed and wooden sliding door wardrobe with a full-length mirror that creates a spacious ambience and doubles as a dressing table mirror—a smart solution ideal for smaller bedrooms. 

Long bedroom mirror design for the bedroom, which is quite multifunctional
Multifunctional mirror aces bedroom space
Explore trendy bedroom designs with ample storage solutions

7. Amp it Up: Delicate Modern Bedroom Mirror Designs

Let us introduce the showstopper—the stunning bedroom showcasing various captivating mirror designs. With a chic ring dressing table mirror and delicate metallic golden wall décor, it radiates opulence. The soft pastel pink and white tones create a serene backdrop. Glossy wardrobes, a designer false ceiling, and clever lighting enhance the room’s charm. Mirrors are crucial in reflecting light, adding a radiant touch to this stylish bedroom.

Modern bedroom mirror design in a ring shape for a stunning look
Modern bedroom mirror designs to amp up your interior game

To conclude this insightful journey into bedroom mirror designs, DesignCafe invites you to discover endless possibilities for elevating your bedroom aesthetics! Mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they are transformative elements that create depth, enhance ambience, and bring a touch of luxury to your space.

Do bedroom mirror design ideas inspire you? Our design experts at DesignCafe are eager to turn your mirror design dreams into reality! Explore our portfolio for more innovative designs, and book a consultation today to begin your journey towards a stylish and inviting bedroom space.

FAQs On Bedroom Mirror Design

What are the different types of mirrors suitable for bedroom design?

Mirrors for bedrooms come in various types, such as wall-mounted mirrors, full-length mirrors, standing mirrors, and mirrored furniture. Each type serves a specific purpose, from adding depth to enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Why are mirrors popular in bedroom design?

Mirrors are popular in bedroom design because they can create an illusion of space, reflect natural light, and serve as decorative elements. They amplify the ambience and add a touch of luxury to the room.

How can mirrors be used to make a small bedroom look larger?

Mirrors strategically placed in a small bedroom can create an illusion of space by reflecting light and bouncing it across the room. Placing mirrors opposite windows or on walls helps amplify natural light and visually expands the perceived boundaries, making the room appear larger.

Are there specific mirror shapes that work best for bedroom design?

In bedroom design, rectangular or square mirrors offer versatility, while round mirrors add softness. Unique shapes like ovals or irregular designs can bring creativity to the space, catering to various aesthetics and preferences.

Should I consider framed or frameless mirrors for my bedroom?

Framed mirrors add elegance with diverse frame designs, while frameless mirrors offer a modern, space-expanding look. Your choice depends on personal style and the desired bedroom ambience.

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