7 Wall Shelves For Bedroom Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 31, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wall shelves design for bedroom

Add an interesting twist to dull walls with these handy wall shelves designs for bedrooms.

Wall shelves are the quirkiest way of adding storage while saving space. These shelves utilise the vertical length of rooms, add decoration to boring walls and help stack books. Thus in a modern home, wall shelves are indispensable. They are handy for small houses that require smart storage options. While wall shelves are practical in every room, we will explore some interesting wall shelves for bedrooms today.

Our designer-approved wall shelves designs for the bedroom are quirky, handy and very functional. They can be placed on the wall beside the bed, above the TV unit or anywhere you want! So browse through this collection of wall shelves designs for the bedroom and get additional storage without using any floor area.

1. Simple Honeycomb Wooden Wall Shelves For The Bedroom

This tiny bedroom has limited space for furnishing. However, we all need extra storage in our bedrooms. So instead of adding a bulky showcase or shelf, go with these honeycomb-style wooden wall shelves for the bedroom. They are easy to fix on the walls and have enough room to store articles. These wall shelves can also be used to decorate plain walls to keep things interesting in your sleep quarter.

Simple wooden wall shelves for tiny bedrooms
Simple honeycomb wall shelves for tiny bedrooms

2. A Cool TV Unit With Decorative Wall Shelves For Bedroom

We all love a clutter-free bedroom design. However, there are so many things to store and so little space. If this is the case with you, opt for this gorgeous modular TV unit with these cool book wall shelves for the bedroom. The L-shaped wall shelf unit comes with square wall-mounted shelves that are ideal for stacking books and collectables. The best thing about these wall shelves is that they have a wide area to hold heavy books and artefacts.

TV unit with decorative wall shelves for bedroom
A TV Unit with wall shelves for bedroom to stack books and display decorative items
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3. Floating Wall Shelves Design For The Bedroom

Go with this floating design if you don’t want to overdo it with wall shelves for the bedroom. The shelf here is a simple wall-mounted shelf where you can stack your photographs and small artefacts. The sleek, floating design adds a clean look to the bedroom wall and is ideal for minimalistic designs. This wall shelf is for people who like to keep things simple.

Floating wall shelves design for the bedroom
A floating wall shelf design for simple bedrooms

4. Small And Savvy Wall Shelves For Bedroom’s Study

This compact bedroom required modular furnishings. Hence we went with this small and savvy wall shelf design for the bedroom’s study corner. It’s a wall-mounted showcase unit with three open wall shelves where you can stack your books, documents and decorative items. These wall shelves for the bedroom are ideal for study corners as they add storage and keep the desk area clutter-free.

A small study unit with wall shelves for the bedroom
A small and savvy study unit with wall shelves for the bedroom

5. Single Wooden Plank Wall Shelf For An Attic Bedroom

This is an attic bedroom that has limited space but smart storage. And one of the functional use of its space is the wooden plank wall shelf for the bedroom. The shelf has a sturdy design, making it ideal for stacking books and artefacts. Wooden wall shelves for the bedroom like these work great for interiors that feature wooden elements. You can add more shelves as per your storage requirements.

Single wooden shelf for a loft bedroom study unit
A single wooden shelf for a loft bedroom’s study unit
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6. A Wardrobe Cum Showcase With Wooden Wall Shelves For Bedroom

This bedroom comes with a modular wardrobe and a wall-mounted showcase unit with closed cabinets. The showcase unit also comes with two wall shelves placed above the bed’s headboard. The shelves are great for stacking books and other bedroom essentials. The showcase unit also consists of two open shelves on either side of the bed, which work as modern nightstands for storing bedside lamps. This wall-mounted shelf shows how modular units can save space and add storage.

Wardrobe cum showcase with wooden wall shelves for bedroom
A wardrobe cum showcase unit with wall shelves for bedroom

7. Cute Corner Wall Shelves For Bedroom Storage

Here’s a cute wall shelf unit with three open wall shelves for the bedroom’s study. The square, laminate finish wall shelves are ideal for storing books and other collectables. The unit also has a bigger closed wall shelf unit that provides additional storage. This compact wall shelf design for the bedroom can work great if you want a simple and small storage unit. These wall shelves are very easy to DIY, and you can even increase the number of shelves if you want more storage.

Corner wall shelves for bedroom storage
Compact wall shelves for study unit in the bedroom

Wall shelves for bedrooms are a great way to add more storage space and decorate bedrooms. They are also effortless to install and even DIY (if you are into handmade stuff). Besides, these wall shelves come in different sizes and shapes. Thus letting you have a wide range of choices. So go ahead and select the ones that would go with your sleep quarter. For more such modular storage ideas, reach out to us.

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