9 Best Kitchen Colours For A Modern Look

by Juhi Advani | January 31, 2024 | 7 mins read

Best kitchen colours for your modern home

Elevate your kitchen design with the best kitchen colours that will inspire and transform your cooking space into a modern masterpiece.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where delicious meals are prepared and loving memories are made. It’s also the most used space in a house where functionality is prioritised over decor. Whether you find inspiration in Pinterest galleries or admire your neighbour’s fancy kitchen, we all desire stylish interiors for our ‘rasoi-ghar’. When designing a modern kitchen, choosing the right colour palette will make all the difference to your space. This blog will explore nine best kitchen colours that will transform your kitchen into a modern-culinary haven. 

Let’s delve into the world of kitchen colour schemes and discover the best colours for your culinary space. 

Pristine White: A Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colour

A modern kitchen adorned in clean whites exudes minimalism. Ideal for our early risers who can step into a fresh, clean & inviting kitchen space for their first dose of coffee or a quick breakfast. From tabletops to cabinets and kitchen units, elegant shades of white are trending kitchen cabinet colours this season. You can opt for white marble countertops and backsplash, white cabinets with gold accent handles, or an exotic white basin. Elevate your look by pairing it with wood and glass accents. 

White colour kitchen cabinet with a glass crockery unit for luxurious vibe
Choose a luxurious vibe with a glass crockery unit

Cool Blue Is the Best Colour for Kitchen Cupboard

Choosing shades of blue for the kitchen cabinets can be a wise choice for their versatile essence. Easy to clean, rich-looking with a beach-inspired vibe-what’s not to like about this shade? Nominated under trending kitchen cabinet colours, it has taken over modern kitchens. Go for blue cabinets with creamy colour walls, navy-blue laminates with wooden drawers or blue backsplash. There is a blue for every design style; choose lighter tones for a calming vibe and darker tones for a rich and dramatic look. 

Cool blue kitchen cupboards and convertible breakfast tables for your kitchen
Upgrade your kitchen game with convertible breakfast tables

What’s the Most Popular Kitchen Colour?

Red is a showstopper for its stylish look and royal vibe—a popular choice amongst young couples, art-seekers and interior enthusiasts. Red is an unconventional colour when infused ‘correctly’ into your kitchen interiors and can transform the setup. As the image below shows, you can incorporate this youthful colour into your kitchen design by opting for red handleless cabinets. These cabinets beautifully contrast with a sleek white marble kitchen top that seamlessly extends into a breakfast table. Complete the modern look with a stunning marble backsplash, creating an elegant kitchen space.

Popular kitchen colours used in built-in microwave in the base cabinet
Modernise your kitchen with a built-in microwave in the base cabinet

Chic Aesthetics With a Popular Kitchen Colour: Grey

Countless homeowners aspire for a sophisticated look for their kitchen design, and we are here to introduce amongst the most popular kitchen colours – the wise grey. Its stunning alliance with industrial and contemporary elements makes it a popular choice. Think textured grey cabinets against a white wall, black hob on grey marble, or even a grey brick wall with green planters. Grey colour’s versatility manifests in various ways. It is a standard colour for kitchen appliances and one of the best kitchen paint colours for a modern kitchen.  

Moroccan-inspired grey colour tiled backsplash for kitchen
Elevate your kitchen with a Moroccan-inspired tiled backsplash

Earthy Green Is the Highlight of the Best Kitchen Colours Scheme

Bring the outdoors indoors through sage green or olive green. These scattered hues can bring a touch of luxurious beauty and harmony to your kitchen. For people seeking a fresh and wellness-inspired kitchen vibe, green is an excellent choice for your modern kitchen. It can be used in kitchen walls, tandem drawers, printed tiles, and infused as potted herbs or indoor plants. Here’s a leafy-green tip – The green shades naturally complement wooden interiors. 

earthy green colour laminates for your kitchen to bring in nature
Bring nature into your kitchen with green laminates

Brown Gets the Vote for Best Kitchen Cabinet Colour

Spoilt of maintaining the best kitchen paint colours title, Brown exudes timeless elegance. It is commonly found in most kitchen interiors as laminates, polishes, decor items and flooring material. In addition to being a proud colour in traditional Indian interior design style, brown can be paired with almost every design style. Envision the textured brown cabinets, rustic open shelves, walnut-brown kitchen island and exposed brown brick wall for an industrial look. With brown colour, there is ample space for experimentation.

Brown colour kitchen cabinet with a glass door to showcase crockery
Showcase your prized crockery in style with a glass door cabinet

The Classic Black: Unleash The Drama 

A black kitchen? Who would have thought? Black is counted as one of the top trending kitchen cabinet colours. Many homeowners are incorporating this bold shade into their modern kitchen interiors. Black Kitchens are expressive and dramatic. Check out this stunning kitchen with pitch-black cabinets, quartz marble top, exposed brick wall, and industrial lighting. Set up your china and a few candles for an extravagant modern kitchen, perfect for your cooking dates. 

Black kitchen cabinets with a timeless brass sink for a classy look
A timeless brass sink in black kitchen
Affordable modular kitchen interiors with ample storage!

Brush It With Cappuccino: A Blend Of Luxury 

Cappuccino, a delicate neutral colour with brown undertones and creamy beige hues, brings a sense of luxury and versatility to any kitchen space. A cappuccino-coloured kitchen interior has become a growing trend in the design world. This colour is perfect for homeowners seeking a classic yet modern look for their kitchen. Notice this kitchen space with beige cabinets, printed backsplash, wooden flooring, and a marble island table. It’s important to strike a balance between the colour’s vibrancy and the overall functionality of the space.

White and brown kitchen which brings a sense of luxury to the space
White & brown: A timeless union of elegance

Yellow: Best Kitchen Colour for Sunny Dispositions 

Yellow kitchens are known for their cheerful and uplifting atmosphere. Yellow is associated with energy, positivity, and warmth, making it an excellent choice for kitchen interiors. A sunny kitchen creates a vibrant atmosphere, motivating you to prepare warm and comforting meals after a tiring day. In the image below, this modern kitchen features a striking yellow accent wall, handleless cabinets in yellow and grey, upholstered high chairs and a grey island table with a hob unit. It’s chic, modern and bright enough to jazz up the space. 

Yellow kitchen cabinets for sunny dispositions for uplifting atmosphere
Here’s your answer to rainy days

Choosing the best kitchen colours is crucial in creating a modern and visually pleasing culinary space. Whether you prefer classic elegance or vibrant accents, explore the possibilities of colour schemes and find the perfect colours for your kitchen cabinets, walls, and cupboards. Let your creative juices flow as you design a kitchen that looks beautiful and enhances your cooking experience, offering a space for you to prepare delicious meals, have cooking dates and spend memorable family time.

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FAQs On Best Kitchen Colours

How do I choose the best colour for my kitchen?
Choose the colour for your kitchen depending on the ambience you desire, the design style you pick and the overall layout of the kitchen.

What are some popular paint colours for kitchen walls?
Popular paint colours for kitchen walls include neutral shades like white, beige and grey and bold colours like yellow, blue and green.

Are there any colours that work well in small kitchens?
For small kitchens, it’s suggested to use colours like beige, white and yellow that evoke a sense of openness and spacious ambience.

Which colours are popular for kitchen cabinets and countertops?
Popular colours for kitchen cabinets and countertops include white, grey, navy blue, and natural wood tones like walnut and oak.

Which colours are considered timeless for kitchen design?
Timeless colours for kitchen design include classic neutrals like white, beige, and grey, as well as earthy tones like warm browns and muted greens.

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