Wooden Floor Tiles to Glam Up Your Home

by Pooja Dara | May 15, 2024 | 7 mins read

Wooden floor tiles to elevate your home’s aesthetics

We are always in a dilemma about whether to go for hardwood or wooden floor tiles when replacing or transforming your home’s flooring. Read more to get clarity. 

The floor is the foundation of your home, and it interconnects all the interior design elements, from wall colours and furniture to decor and lighting. Natural hardwood flooring is expensive, but you needn’t be disappointed, as wooden floor tiles are an excellent substitute. Let’s see why the wood-look tiles are still in style and a great choice for homeowners and interior designers:

  • They mimic the appearance of natural hardwood at half of the total cost.  
  • They lend good anti-skid and anti-microbial properties to the flooring. 
  • They can seamlessly pair well with any other modern flooring material.
  • They are a lifelong investment and increase your home’s resale/rent value. 
  • They are moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and eco-friendly. 
  • They are highly versatile in terms of textures, sizes, colours and designs. 
  • They are easy to maintain. 
  • They are suitable for high-traffic zones and the ..balcony as they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Let’s now address which are the best tiles for wooden flooring at home and what other flooring materials pair well with these wooden floors. 

Best Types of Wood Finish Floor Tiles 

  • Pinewood Finish Wooden Floor Tiles – Gives classic yet modern look | Lighter in shade | Smooth texture | Highly durable | Aesthetically appealing | Minimum maintenance. 
  • Smokey Grey Finish Wooden Floor Tiles – Gives a moody. warm and eye-catchy look | Moisture & water-resistant | Easy to clean | Available in two variations 
  • Timber Finish Wooden Floor Tiles – Gives a subtle yet trendy look | Available in slightly wavy patterns | Heat-resistant | Moisture-resistant 
  • Dark Brown Finish Wooden Floor Tiles – Gives a rich and distinctive look | Simple to install and maintain | Mimics natural wenge wood | Smooth surface texture

Materials That Pair Well With Wood Floor Tiles

  • Laminate flooring (provides colour consistency with stability)
  • Bamboo flooring (higher density and resistance to heat/fire)
  • Ceramic flooring (weatherproof and frost-resistant, warm look)
  • Cork flooring (hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable vibe)

Here’s a low down on the different ways in which you can use wooden floor tiles for your home. Read on!

Bathroom With Medium-Brown Wooden Floor Tiles

If you want to give your bathroom a traditional, rustic, yet homely vibe, opt for medium-brown wooden floor tiles. They blend well with the textured wall tiles and the floor-to-ceiling/wall-to-wall glass partition that separates the bathing area from the grooming area. 

Medium brown wooden floor tiles for the bathroom for a traditional vibe
Install adjustable lighting in the bathroom
Modular home interiors that promise a hassle-free living

Glossy Wooden Floor Tiles for Bedroom

These bedroom light wood floor tiles speak of luxury and sophistication when combined with the greyish-blue accent wall and the large medium-grey area rug. The glossy finish of the wooden floor tiles gives the overall bedroom design an extra edge and interesting character.  

Glossy wooden floor tiles for the bedroom for a luxurious look
Tiles interconnect all the design elements

Beige Wood Finish Floor Tiles

This dusty beige wood tile flooring, coupled with the rattan furniture, white walls, and green-potted plants, makes the living room look like a nature’s paradise. The room’s vibe is such that you will not mind sleeping here occasionally during the day. 

Beige wooden floor tiles coupled with rattan furniture for a cosy vibe
Beige wooden floor tiles coupled with rattan furniture for a cosy vibe

Light Wooden Floor Tiles Design

Bring positive and cool vibes into your dining room with this ideal combination of light wood floor tiles and sky blue accent wall. They help you achieve a creative aesthetic balance and a sense of softness in the space. The white partition on the side creates a visual separation between zones. 

Light wooden floor tiles designed to bring positive and cool vibes
Install industrial lights and a mirror to accentuate aesthetics
Small home? Maximise every inch with space saving home interiors.

Matte-Finish Wooden Kitchen Floor Tiles

These matte-finish wooden kitchen floor tiles make your cooking space look like a cohesive unit, anchoring the laminate kitchen cabinets and the purple kitchen walls together. The window allows ample sunlight to enter the space and brighten it up. 

Matte-finish wooden floor tiles for the kitchen, which complements the decor
Complement the kitchen decor with some motivational artwork

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is! Wooden floor tiles help you incorporate tradition and earthiness into your modern home interior design. You can pick up any style, texture and colour of wooden floor tiles to fulfil your design needs and reflect your personality without spending too much money. If you want more wooden floor tile design ideas for your home, contact us at DesignCafe and let us help you design the home of your dreams.

FAQs On Wooden Floor Tiles

What are the differences between natural wood tiles and wood-look tiles?

  • Natural wood flooring tiles are less durable, while wood-look tiles are more durable.
  • Natural wood tiles require re-sanding and re-sealing more often than wood-look tiles.
  • Natural wood flooring requires more effort and time to clean than wood-look tiles.
  • Natural wood tiles are less versatile (colours/textures/finishes) than wood-look tiles.
  • Natural wood tiles can’t be used in wet spaces, while wood-look tiles can be used anywhere.
  • Natural wood tiles are less scratch/water resistant, while wood-look tiles are more resistant.
  • Natural wood tiles are suitable for ‘low temp areas’ while wood-look tiles are better for ‘high temp areas’.

What are the different kinds of wooden floor tile cut patterns?
Plain-sawn, quarter-sawn, live-sawn, and rift-sawn are common wooden floor tile cut patterns.

What are the disadvantages of wooden floor tiles?
Although wooden floor tiles are low maintenance, they are difficult to replace. They can also feel cold under your feet as compared to natural hardwood if you live in a colder place.

What are the popular types of wooden floor tiles suitable for homes?

  • Solid Wood Floor Tiles – Feels great under the foot | Can be refinished repeatedly | Prone to swelling/warping when exposed to water for a long time | Needs more care and maintenance | More expensive | Is not available as a floating floor | Limited installation techniques
  • Engineered Wood Floor Tiles – Less expensive | Less sensitive to humidity/temperature fluctuations | Cannot be refinished repeatedly | Available as a floating floor | Multiple installation techniques
  • Reclaimed Wood Floor Tiles – Gives a vintage and luxurious look | Stood the test of time | Available in a limited amount | Highly sustainable/eco-friendly
  • Oak Wood Floor Tiles – Used in high-traffic areas | Reasonable cost | Gives a classic look | Grain pattern hides scratches well | Discolours over time when exposed to extreme heat
  • Cherry Wood Floor Tiles – Used in low traffic areas | Darkens over time when exposed to sunlight | Gives a warm and rustic look | Easier to install owing to its softness
  • Ash Wood Floor Tiles – More pronounced grain | Not widely available | More expensive | Highly durable
  • Laminate Wood Floor Tiles – Highly accessible | More affordable | Used in high-traffic areas

How to clean & maintain wooden floor tiles?

  • Identify the type of wooden floor tile installation to decide what cleaning agent to use.
  • Clean the spills or stains on the wooden floor tiles immediately using a damp or dry cloth.
  • Engineered wood tiles can be easily cleaned using a floor mop, while laminated wood tiles need a vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid dragging the furniture on the wooden surface to avoid scratches.
  • You can use furniture pads under the legs of the table, sofa and other furniture to soften the impact on the floor.
  • Protect the wooden floor tiles from direct sunlight, which can change the wood’s colour.
  • Don’t use abrasive chemicals to avoid damage.
  • Install soft carpets/area rugs over the wooden floor tiles in areas with high foot traffic to make them look more aesthetically appealing and keep the dust particles away.

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