Guide To Sunmica Design For Kitchen Cabinets And Trending Ideas

by Pooja Dara | February 3, 2024 | 5 mins read

Brown colour sunmica design for kitchen cabinets

Whether you prefer modern or traditional, here are some of the best sunmica designs for kitchen cabinets to get inspired from.

You must have repeatedly heard the term ‘Sunmica’ when you bought wooden furniture or wooden cabinets for your home. But what exactly is Sunmica? Sunmica is a decorative laminate sheet, a mix of plastic and paper materials treated at high pressure, that is generally used as an overlay or final layer for wooden furniture pieces or home flooring. It is one of the earliest and the most preferred laminates in India owing to its reasonable pricing, robustness, durability, good quality, and wide range of colours, textures, and finishes. Know more about Sunmica and its use in home interiors. 

Sunmica is particularly popular for kitchen interiors. It makes for a more versatile and creative solution than paint for refurbishing kitchen cabinet doors. The material is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and durable. However, Sunmica is very different from Veneer as a kitchen cabinet material. 

What Are The Popular Colours, Textures, and Finishes of Sunmica Design For Kitchen Cabinets?

  • Sunmica colours for modern kitchen cabinets – Some of the most popular Sunmica sheet colours for kitchen cabinets are walnut brown, oakwood, cherry, ash, light to dark greys, metallic shades like gold, copper and steel, lemon green, yellow and burnt orange.  
  • Sunmica finishes for kitchen cabinets – Matte finish (non-reflective and soft finish), high gloss finish (mirror-like and highly reflective finish), textured finish (dotted, striped, embossed or grainy finish).
  • Sunmica textures for kitchen cabinets – Geometric texture, floral texture, funky texture, motif texture, digital prints, real wood finish texture. 

How To Maintain The Sunmica Design For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

  • It’s better to opt for Sunmica designs to refurbish the kitchen cabinets rather than paint as the painted surface can get easily scratched.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and steel wool scrubbers as they can damage the surface of the kitchen cabinet.
  • Do not expose Sunmica kitchen cabinets to water for a long time as they can curve or bend in shape.
  • Ensure that you dust the kitchen cabinets at least once or twice every week.
  • Use a slightly wet towel or soft cloth to remove stains.

Here are five great sunmica designs for kitchen cabinets to help you give your kitchen the dream makeover.

Contrast Light And Dark Sunmica Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Pair solid-coloured bottom kitchen cabinets with upper cabinets made of wooden finish Sunmica sheets for a nice contrast. In this kitchen, blue cabinets are paired with light brown Sunmica cabinets giving a beachy vibe to the space, and taking inspiration from the sand and the sea. The large side window illuminates the kitchen perfectly and accentuates the beauty of these cabinets. It makes the kitchen look sleek and modern too.

Blue colour sunmica design for kitchen cabinet
Earthy colours give any space a more natural look
Want the perfect sunmica laminate for your home

Wooden Brown Finish Is One Of The Best Sunmica For Kitchen Cabinets

This medium-brown Sunmica design makes ordinary kitchen cabinets look so beautiful and sophisticated. The finger-pull style cabinet handles help you easily access the required kitchen essentials during the time of meal preparation. They also blend well with the greyish-white top cabinets.

Brown color wooden sunmica design for kitchen cabinets
A black countertop looks great with brown cabinets

Most Used Sunmica Design For Kitchen Cabinets To Give A Rustic Look

Customise your kitchen cabinets with these dark walnut Sunmica sheets if you’re planning to give your large kitchen a more rustic look. You can also get more usable space out of your white granite kitchen island by adding a few Sunmica cabinets there as well. It lends a sense of continuity to the space.

Dark walnut sunmica design for kitchen cabinets give a rustic look
Pair dark walnut cabinets with bright white flooring

Ideas For Sunmica Colours For Kitchen Cabinets

Get your simple kitchen a combination of dark and light brown Sunmica cabinets to create some visual drama and depth. The black granite kitchen countertop lends boldness and the much-needed glamour quotient to the space and it highlights its crucial areas too such as the kitchen sink and the cooktop.

Sunmica design for kitchen in dark and light colour
Contrasting colour combinations for Sunmica cabinets

Light Colours Are The Best Sunmica For Kitchen Cabinets In A Small Space

Opt for lighter Sunmica shades if you want to make your small kitchen look visually larger and airier. It brings a sense of tranquillity, elegance and peace into the kitchen which is considered one of the busiest areas of the house.

light colour sunmica design for kitchen
Use a mix of four light shades for a small kitchen

Since you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for meal preparation and cooking, it makes absolute sense to ensure that it looks attractive and inviting. So, choose the right Sunmica design for kitchen cabinets and give your ordinary kitchen a complete makeover.

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