Cool It Down: 7 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Designs For Your Cooking Space

by Pooja Dara | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Blue kitchen cabinets with island counter

Are you planning to model or remodel your kitchen? If yes, then add a dollop of calmness to the area by introducing blue kitchen cabinets. They’ll surely add some drama and fun to your meal-making experience. Read further to find out.

Cabinets occupy substantial space in the kitchen and hence, impact the overall look and feel.  Using the right mix of colours is essential to bring out the beauty and character of the kitchen’s interiors. In this context, one of the most popular colours gaining the attention of interior designers and homeowners these days is blue.

The colour blue brings a comfortable, tranquil and happy vibe with it which makes it the ideal choice for your kitchen cabinets. It is a versatile colour as it is available in multiple shades — peacock blue, moody blue, azure blue, royal blue, denim blue and many more — all of which have an impact on your mood and behaviour.

For example, dark blue kitchen cabinets designs can be associated with intelligence and power while light blue kitchen cabinets can induce creativity and playfulness in experimenting with new dishes. This presents a perfect opportunity to bring out the hidden Masterchef in you, eh!

Blue symbolises purity, spirituality and expansiveness, and is also believed to keep your blood pressure and heart rate in check. With many options of blue available in the market, we’re sure you’ll be spoilt for choice but equally lost during the final purchase/designing of your kitchen cabinets. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Just follow a few tips to pick the right shade of blue kitchen cabinets for your home.

  • Choose a shade of blue that matches your style and overall decor preference. If you want a traditional look, pair it with white or grey whereas if you want a modern look, pair it with brighter tones like yellow and light green
  • Use medium and darker shades of blue for large kitchens (as they induce warmth), and use lighter shades of blue for small kitchens (as they make the space feel larger and neater)
  • Don’t use too much blue in the kitchen (or any other space) as it might make you feel overwhelmed and overpowered 
  • Factor in the colour of your kitchen walls to help you decide on the perfect shade of blue. Pair it with lighter shades in the colour wheel such as yellow, white, grey and cream to bring stability in the kitchen. Check out two-colour combinations for your kitchen cabinets here 

Let’s now dive into this collection of trending blue kitchen cabinet colours. We’re sure you’ll find something that interests you. So, read through it, take the best pick and make your kitchen more inviting and personal.

Aqua Blue Kitchen Cabinets

These aqua-blue kitchen cabinets, combined with light grey elements, look like a smooth union of the calming sea and rainy clouds. It is one of the most popular colour combinations to reinforce relaxation and peace in the kitchen space.

L-shaped kitchen with aqua blue kitchen cabinets and backsplash lends calming vibe
Aqua blue contrasts well with light grey without overpowering the overall look and feel of the kitchen

Baby Blue Kitchen Cabinets

These baby blue kitchen cabinets complement the white cabinets and walls and make the kitchen look larger and airier.  It also lends a very minimalistic, pleasant and elegant vibe to the kitchen interiors.

White and baby blue kitchen cabinets blends in well with the wooden flooring
Baby blue blends in well with the wooden flooring and decor of the kitchen

Bright Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Want to go all out and make a stunning statement? If yes, then infuse bright blue colour into your kitchen cabinets. It creates quite a fun and lively ambience in the kitchen landscape and has a sleek finish to it.

Bright blue kitchen cabinets in kitchen cum dining room
Bright blue and white together create a dramatic yet subtle feel in the kitchen
Smart kitchen interiors with 20% extra space!

Cornflower Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Doesn’t this kitchen look like you are in a blue paradise? With cornflower blue kitchen cabinets running parallelly along with the white-tiled kitchen backsplash and the light blue chequered floor tiles, this kitchen is a sight for sore eyes.

Cornflower blue kitchen cabinets paired with darker shades of the colour creates visual appeal
Lighter shades of blue can also be paired with darker shades of colour to create some visual interest in the kitchen

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy-blue kitchen cabinets bring a twist of luxury and opulence to your kitchen while giving it a sombre dark and cool feel. The dark blue colour helps you balance out the light and heat in the space.

Small kitchen with navy blue kitchen cabinets on bottom and cream upper cabinets
These navy blue kitchen cabinets look sleek and stylish in the kitchen interiors with recessed lights

Steel Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Steel blue kitchen cabinets bring a homely and traditional feel to the kitchen interiors. They also pair well with the other rustic elements in the area like the oakwood flooring and the wooden kitchen table.

Steel blue kitchen cabinets paired with oakwood flooring and wooden table
Steel blue kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice for the country- and farmhouse-themed kitchen spaces

Turkish Blue Kitchen Cabinets

These Turkish blue and white-painted wooden cabinets are a winning combination. The white colour successfully tones down the intensity of the blue colour and gives an overall balanced vibe to the kitchen area.

White and turkish blue kitchen cabinets gives an overall balanced vibe to the kitchen area
The fold-up kitchen side table-cum-cabinet door acts as a surprise space-saving element in this kitchen

Modern blue kitchen cabinets are the perfect option to balance out the heavy heat while you’re whipping up meals in the kitchen. So, if you’re looking for some advice or a helping hand in your kitchen remodelling project, then reach out to us at DesignCafe via email or call. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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