7 Charming Blue And White Design Ideas For The Living Room

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

A living room with a charming blue and white theme

Here’s a fun and simple guide to getting a blue and white living room right for your space.

A blue and white living room is a great choice — not only for its visual appeal but also as a fascinating means to inspire calmness and invoke clarity. Since the living room brings the family together for important conversations and moments, the colour combination is useful to ensure that everyone feels at ease. We bring you some interesting options to feature this incredible theme in your living room. Check these out and give them your own spin, if you must. After all, every family is different.

Blue And White Curtains For The Living Room

When looking to do up a space, curtains are the simplest way to exhibit a theme. This blog on choosing curtains is a good starting point in the world of curtains. As seen in the design below, the dark blue and white curtains for the living room add to its vibrance and create the much-needed partition from the study nook/ergonomic workstation. Thus, family members can use the common multi-purpose space effectively. The geometric wallpaper in a matching tone is used both in the living unit and the study to reinforce the theme. The freestanding custom wooden bookshelf with drawers and the executive corner study in veneer finish complement the blue and white shades.

Curtains for blue and white living room which are the simplest way to exhibit a theme
Blue and white curtains get the job done

Blue Gallery Wall In A White Living Room

Feature walls or gallery walls provide a larger canvas in the living room to showcase your blue and white ideas. Observe the interesting use of blue in this design for the feature wall. The art on the wall with its white background makes the space further aesthetic. Given the expanse of the feature wall, it commands attention even when blue is used for other decor elements in the room. They only enhance the blue and white living room design. Now it’s a stage set for family conversations! Looking for more ideas for a gallery wall? Check these out.

Gallery wall in a blue and white living room to Utilise the gallery wall to project the theme
Utilise the gallery wall to project the theme

Living Room Sofa So Good In Blue And White 

Another great option is to choose the focal furniture in the room to display the colour tone, as that is where the conversations brew. In this design, the single and multi-seater sofas adhere to the tone. The gallery wall in grey accentuates the blue and white sofas. When looking for blue, grey and white living room ideas, this is a charming way to set up the room. Notice how the coffee table cum storage bench and the side table in veneer finish also complement the room. Now you know why sofas are a great pick to emphasise your blue and white living room. Curious about the latest sofa trends? Explore them here

Living room sofa in a blue and white living room with single and multi-seater sofas adhere to the tone
Explore a sofa set matching the colour scheme

Living Room Rug In Blue And White

As you explore blue and white living room ideas, don’t limit yourself to sofas, curtains, walls and decor. At some point, you may move the family discussion onto the floor! And so, carpets and rugs are also effective to implement your chosen theme. We love how the thematic rug in this design elevates the room’s understated palette. It’s almost like the flying magic carpet of fairytales, charming onlookers with its design and colour scheme. Even with the focal wall art, the rug holds its ground. For more on instant makeovers with living room rugs.

Rug in a blue and white living room that brings the theme to life
A rug that brings the theme to life

Blue Art And Decor In A White Room

‘Finding zen through the hues of life’ — we love the spectacular vibe of this room. The wall art in blue and the indoor plants give the space its serene undertone while the colourful decor elements in the wooden wall partition, the table lamp, and the throw pillows add vibrance. This is a fantastic design for those who want the calm blue, one that’s not too prominent. It can be your thinking or daydreaming corner or the family’s brainstorming room.

Art and decor in a blue and white living room where indoor plants give the space its serene undertone
Invite zen with blue art and decor in a white room

Make A Statement With Blue Sofa Chairs And White Curtains

If you prefer to keep the main sofa neutral, such as white, off-white, cream, or ivory, then focus on the single-seater sofa(s). A pair of sofa chairs in blue against full-length white curtains should do the trick for your blue and white living room as seen in this design. With wood detailing for the wall or the TV unit, you can also turn this into a blue, white and brown living room. A fabulous setting for your own edition of ‘Keeping Up With the Family.’

Make a statement with blue sofa chairs and white curtains in a blue and white living room
Try blue sofa chairs as focal furniture

Vary The Shades of Blue And White

Here’s another interesting way to explore the blue and white theme in your living room — incorporate its various shades into the room. In this design, the upholstery includes both a solid blue and another with a mix of white and blue. The contrast of the bright and light shades gives an interesting look to the room with minimal white elements. Furniture pieces with wood finish sophisticate the simple setup. This is also a visual reminder that families will always find ways to blend the differences.

Vary the shades of blue and white living room gives an interesting look to the room with minimal white elements
Use a variety of blue and white tones

We hope you liked our ideas on how to experiment with a blue and white living room to make it stunning. However, the trick is in figuring out which of these elements work best for your space so that it’s not overdone. And that’s something our skilled design team can help you with. Here you go to talk to our design team.

Want to make your living room fun and quirky

If you enjoyed reading about blue and white living room designs, also explore colour combinations for living room.

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