7 Editor’s choice Bathroom Sliding Door Ideas (Ensuite/Shower stall)

by Pallabi Bose | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bathroom sliding door design ideas for your home

7 bathroom sliding door design ideas for homes with limited space

Bathrooms are one of the essential elements of any home. But did you know an extra bathroom, even if it is a half-bathroom, can hike up the value of your home by 10-40% depending on its quality and fixtures?

One of the easiest ways to quickly upgrade your bathroom and make it look classy is by installing a sliding door for a small bathroom instead of a traditional pull-out door or shower curtain. Be it for your shower stall or the exterior bathroom door, sliding doors work like magic in both ways. So, if you are building your home or exploring ways to upgrade your boring old bathroom, here are some reasons you should consider sliding doors.

Top 4 Benefits of Sliding Bathroom Doors

1. Space Saving

Sliding bathroom doors can save a considerable amount of floor space. It prevents your bathroom from looking crowded. It is not only space-saving; it creates an illusion of large space. Hence, it works extraordinarily well for small bathrooms.

2. Easy to Clean

As opposed to shower curtains, sliding doors are much easier to clean. Most vinyl shower curtains are prone to attract mould, soap scum, and mildew. On the other hand, cotton decorative shower curtains take a lot of time to dry in the bathroom’s humid environment. As a result, they get damaged very quickly. This is where sliding doors come in handy. To clean a bathroom sliding glass door, all you need are a squeegee and any glass surface cleaner.

3. Prevents Water Spillage

Say goodbye to constantly mopping your bathroom floors and avoid slipping. Sliding shower doors effectively prevents water spillage, keeping the rest of the bathroom floor completely dry.

4. Customisable

Diamond-shaped, round, square or rectangular, whatever shape your shower stall may be, sliding doors can be customised to match it. A customised sliding bathroom door may be expensive, but it’s an investment guaranteed to elevate your home’s overall value.

Here are some sliding door designs for bathroom you can consider:

1. Seamless Bathroom Glass Partition Sliding Door

If you are looking for a shower stall that looks seamless and doesn’t make the space look smaller, then go for a stall with a bathroom glass partition sliding door. For instance, this sliding glass door design for the bathroom is unique in its simplicity. It is perfectly showcasing the innovative interior design.

 Bathroom glass partition sliding door for a cosy look
Make your bathroom look cosy and spacious with a sliding glass door

2. Barn-style Bathroom Aluminium Sliding Doors For Small Space

A sliding door is a fantastic solution if your house has limited constraints. It takes up less floor space and works best in the bathroom inside the bedrooms. Additionally, aluminium gives the bathroom door a pleasant appearance.

Aluminium bathroom sliding door with frosted glass for a pleasant look
Aluminium sliding door with chequered frosted glass

3. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Sliding Door

Did you only envision the entrance and shower doors when we mentioned the sliding door for the bathroom? Nope, sliding doors can be incorporated into cabinets as well. For instance, a medicine cabinet with a mirror sliding door. These types of cabinets look chic and make the bathroom appear much wider and open.

Bathroom mirror cabinet sliding door to make your bathroom look big
Make your bathroom look big with a cabinet with mirrored sliding door

4. Hidden Pocket-style Sliding Bathroom Door

If you don’t like the opening rails of the sliding bathroom door visible or can’t afford a traditional swinging door, a pocket-style door is your best option. Depending on the design, it may have a traditional or modern appearance and enhance the attractiveness of your home.

Hidden pocket-style sliding bathroom door for enhancing attractiveness
Hidden yet attractive sliding door for bathroom with lock
Design your bathroom with our end to end home interior solutions

5. Rectangle Sliding Glass Door Design For Bathroom

Modern rectangle sliding shower stall partitions are a new trend. They can be made with metal, glass or PVC. It’s a great way to separate your dry and wet bathroom area, especially if you have a corner shower area. They can amplify the atmosphere of your bathroom.

Rectangle bathroom sliding glass door design for a trendy look
Unique round shower stall with sliding glass door

6. Artistic and Pocket-friendly Plastic Sliding Door For the Bathroom

A bifold or trifold sliding door is an excellent choice for saving space because it only requires half the area when folded. You may pick from various materials, including wood, glass, aluminium, PVC, and mirror. Here, we used plastic because it is lightweight and cost-effective. Since they are simple to make, you may even customise their design.

Pocket-friendly plastic bathroom sliding door to add jazz to the space
Add jazz to your home interior with a folding pvc sliding door for the bathroom

Well, that’s all for now. There are various other ways to design sliding bathroom doors, be it an ensuite or half bathroom for guests. Boost the value of your home today. To create a customised design, book a free consultation appointment with our experts. For more such unique bathroom design ideas, don’t forget to check out our DC blog section.

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