7 Living Room Rugs That Promise An Instant Makeover

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 6, 2024 | 4 mins read

Living room rugs ideas for your home

Sometimes living room rugs are all you need to give your space a makeover

Both from the point of view of function and aesthetics, rugs add incredible elegance to your home. Especially, living room rugs! The living room in most urban homes is occupied by furniture leaving little space. Living room rugs help you add more character to your home without taking up any further space. Living room area rugs also infuse textures and hues into your space. Not to mention, they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Living room rugs can serve different functions throughout the year. So, homeowners, you have all the right reasons to bring one home!

If you are keen on buying a majestic living room rug but don’t know how to get started, we have your back. From modern to indie, we have picked some of the best designs for living room area rugs. Explore our recommendations and get ready to buy that magical rug that will transform your living room in no time!

Living Room Area Rugs For A Luxurious Home

Big on style and minimum on maintenance, these type of rugs capture your personality well. Lay it out below your coffee table or let it be as it is — either way, it will leave its mark on your guests. Crafted from the choicest textiles, plush living room rugs are ideal for a modern living room across seasons.

A plush living room area rug is ideal for a modern living room
Rugs elevate the style quotient of a living room

Living Room Rugs With Pretty Patterns

Rustic upholstery elevates your living room manifold. So, if you have been thinking about adding that talismanic rug to your living room, don’t delay it, dear homeowners. Personalised, intricate and effusively beautiful, rugs with patterns break the monotony of your space. They also look make your living room look inviting and warm. We bet your guests will also agree!

Pattern living room rug in blue and white colour
Rugs with patterns are unmistakably eye-catching
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Living Room Area Rugs With Geometric Prints

Geometric prints and symmetry can be very soothing. If you love them as much as we do then a rug with a geometric print will win over your heart in no time. You could choose a range of colours and materials like cotton or khadi to match it with your overall living room aesthetic.

A living room floor rug in geometric prints breaks the monotony of your space
Make the space interesting with geometric prints

Vintage Living Room Rugs Bring Old-World Charm

Feeling all nostalgic about your heirloom rug? How about bringing it back with some patchwork? We say don’t let that chance go because a vintage rug whispers beautiful stories in your living room. The great thing about these styles of living room rugs is that you can find them across the globe. From Rajasthan to Spain, you will come across vintage rugs in various sizes, textures and prints — each telling a different story of where it comes from.

A vintage living room rug in textures and prints brings a nostalgic vibe to the space
You can never go wrong with vintage rugs

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Living Room Rugs In Bright Colours

Catch up with all the trends and give a modern spin to your living room with a bright-coloured rug. Not too loud and not too subtle, this rug design hits all the right aesthetic notes. With a range of hues and textures available, a modern rug will suit all types of living rooms — whether traditional, minimal or ornate.

A bright-colored rug for living room in India gives a modern spin to space
Keep it minimal and chic with a modern rug

Living Room Area Rugs For The Modern Home

A modern living room deserves nothing but an interestingly modern rug. With a classy finish and iconic design, modern rugs fit in every kind of space. Place them beneath your customized planters or lay them out beneath a simple coffee table, these rugs capture the no-clutter mood of your living very well.

A living room rug in a classy finish and iconic design
Choose a luxe rug for a modern touch
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Living Room Rugs With Abstract Prints

Love being a bit experimental when it comes to home decor? We say go ahead and choose a one of its kind, abstract design for your rug. Similar to a modern painting, an abstract rug stands out as an iconic work of art in your living room. You could place it under a coffee table or just to highlight a specific nook in your living area, both ways, it would look brilliant.

A living room area rug in abstract prints is an iconic work of art
An abstract rug gives your living room a fresh vibe

Choosing living room rugs is not rocket science and they don’t demand high maintenance either. All you need to know is what kind of mood you want to create in your living room and the type of textures and design you prefer. Once you narrow that down, there are dozens of living room rugs to explore and choose from!

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