Entryway Rug Ideas: Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Decor Enthusiasts

by Nikita Raikwar | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

Entryway Rugs for a modern Indian home

Your home’s entrance can make for a great first impression and making sure that it reflects your style and personality is an essential part of home decor. A lot of Indian homes rejoice over traditional large rugs of different shapes and sizes. While that is a great addition to your home’s decor, it’s also one that needs to be carefully curated and chosen to avoid overwhelming the aesthetics of your home. So, if you are the kind that loves a well-decorated home, starting out with the fundamentals of entryway rug ideas is important. Right from learning the best colour for entryway rugs to entryway rug size guide, this blog tells you all you need to know about choosing the perfect rug for your foyer area. Follow along to know how to pick the right entryway rug.

Entryway Rug Size Guide And Choosing The Right Shape

Finding the right size can be an arduous task but you can begin by measuring the entryway of your home whilst keeping in mind how much flooring you’d like to have open. For instance, this entryway has a sizable wooden cabinet on the side. So, you will need to factor in such elements before determining the right size of the entryway rug for your home. Hence, measuring the size of your rug is imperative in a case like this.

Entryway rug size guide: choose the right rug size for your entryway
Get the right rug size for your entryway
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Pick The Proper Material To Get Your Entryway Rug Ideas Right

Entryway rugs come in a variety of materials. While some of these are durable and dust-resistant, there are others that are also spill-proof and water-proof, making them a great choice for homeowners with toddlers or kids. Some of the most popular choices are jute entryway rugs.

Entryway rug ideas to pick a proper entryway rug material
You will find a variety of entryway rug materials

Care Tips For Your Entryway Rugs

One of the most effective ways to avoid dirt, dust and mud on your indoor entryway rug is by placing a mat outside your house. This allows your guests to rub their shoes on the outdoor mat before entering your home. You can also place a friction pad below the rug to prevent it from slipping, shifting or moving.

Entryway indoor front door rugs care tips by placing a mat outside home
An outdoor mat avoids dirt on your entryway rug

Accent Rugs For The Entryway Are A Great Foyer Decor Piece

For those investing in entryway rugs as a foyer decor piece, look out for patterns and designs that align well with your room’s personality. Match the colours, designs and textures to create a semblance of a loving space. For instance, if you have bold patterned walls, use a solid coloured rug to balance designs and vice versa.

Printed entryway rugs for foyer decoration
A printed entryway rug is sure to grab attention
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Additional Tips To Ace Entryway Rug Ideas

Placing a rug pad or friction pad below the rugs helps with extra cushioning and extends its lifespan. If you own a sisal or jute entryway rug that’s wet or has damp spots due to rain or water-based accidents, vertically air dry it before placing it on the floor again. This is crucial as damp spots can become breeding grounds for bacteria and can hinder your rug’s lifespan as well. Synthetic fibre rugs are a great choice for entryway mats. They are durable, easy to clean and stain resistant. You can also choose to dye synthetic rugs when you plan to change the look. Wool is also an excellent choice for entryway rugs. They are naturally resistant to stains and moisture and can have an extended lifespan with a good-quality rug pad.

Entryway rug ideas with jute rugs, synthetic fibre rugs and wool rugs

Remember that your foyer works as a welcome spot to your home, and to maintain the decorum of your space, you can choose to add a seating arrangement along with your shoe rack reminding visitors to take their shoes off and keep the floor space neat. Decor enthusiasts can turn entryway rugs into a statement piece with the right choice. Now that you know how to find one, it’s time to compliment your entryway with the right modular shoe rack design. Check out this blog for ideas.

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