6 Quirky Ways To Design A Bedroom That Matches Your Personality

by Devna Tiwari | February 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Design your bedroom according to your personality type

Are you a creative soul or a bibliophile? Whether you’re a social media guru or a programmer, an adrenaline junkie or a movie buff your bedroom is a window to your soul.

You spend more hours in your bedroom than any other space at home. Even though you’re asleep for most of that time, your bedroom should still reflect your style and personality. To begin with, think about what it is you need from space. If you are an avid reader and spend most of your time reading, getting yourself the right kind of lighting, a massive bookshelf and a comfortable armchair is a must. If your bedroom is where you lounge with your friends or binge-watch those shows consider creative and non-intrusive means to bring in home entertainment options.

Now before you start knocking down those walls, browse these different bedroom styles to see which one suits your persona the best. A neat bedroom designed and decorated in a way that mirrors your tastes and personality is where you need to come back to after a long tiring day!

Personalised Bedroom Wall Art For Creative Souls

Are you a creative type? However, this doesn’t mean your bedroom should scream colour and chaos. On the contrary, designing yourself a plain space will let your personality glisten with creative styling. Design your bedroom with floating shelves, vibrant sideboards and focused lighting. Hang your collection of frames and wall art – get creative with the pieces you want to feature. A large rug is an excellent way to break the monotony of space. It’s also an effortless way to update your room by highlighting trending prints and shades.

Personalised bedroom with a creative pad, floating shelves and vibrant sideboards
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A Wall To Wall Book Cabinet For Your Bedroom’s Interiors

Book lovers ahoy! This one’s for you. If you’re an avid night-time reader but don’t have space for an armchair, go for a padded headboard that’s comfortable enough to lean up against. Also, don’t hold back on the cushions! It also works great as a focus piece to add character to your bedroom. Ample lighting is another element you must pay attention too. If you have enough floor space or a window that opens up to a picturesque view, consider a seating arrangement by your bay window to read your favourite book.

Personalised bedroom with a book shelf and armchair

A Decorous Bedroom Wall For A Luxurious Appeal

If you have strong aesthetic taste and style it’s likely you’re more into this type of decor. There are several ways to design your bedroom elegantly. You can go bling with showy and vibrant ornaments or opt for minimalist design. In the first case, not everything expensive is classy, so bear in mind the style of your furniture pieces. In the second case, minimalism isn’t only about limiting the number of items in your bedroom. It’s about picking only the bare essentials and basing the decor on a cohesive design. Add an appropriately sized bed with in-built storage to help you keep your bedroom clutter-free. A modular functional wardrobe with a dressing unit and a sideboard or side table gives you enough to store small items or bedside reads. Bring in pendant or recessed lighting, a neutral colour palette and you have designed yourself an elegant bedroom.

Personalised bedroom with showy and vibrant ornaments

Add Your Favourite Film Poster To Liven Up​​ Bedroom Walls

You might think the only way to honour your love for movies is to hang posters of your favourite films or actors on your walls and that’s it. That’s easy and quite boring, if we may say so! Honouring the spirit of a movie buff inside you isn’t just about looking at the great artwork of posters. Have a special place in your bedroom that reminds you of your love for cinema – set your TV accompanied by a shelf with your all-time favourite movies. Place a comfortable couch in the corner of your bedroom to binge-watch your favourite shows. You can further add vintage movie posters or memorabilia and your bedroom will become the cosiest movie theatre.

Personalised bedroom wall art with movie posters

Stone Cladding Wall For A Rugged Look In Your Bedroom

If you’re a bold, audacious and robust personality, you’re probably contemplating some colourful designs to match your gregarious personality. Here is a smart suggestion for you! Explore colour palettes you like and incorporate them in your bedroom. A stone cladding accent wall, hanging pendant lights and a king-sized bed will bring in all the drama you need in your bedroom.

Personalised bedroom decor with a huge mirror, hanging pendant lights and a king-sized bed
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A Personalised Bedroom Wall Design For Alone Time

For people who covet quality ‘me time’ and use their bedroom as an escape room, this one’s for you. Keep your interiors nice and simple, so you’re not taking away from the main attraction. A luxe headboard is an excellent way to balance your bedroom space and it becomes a focal point too. Incorporate white and neutral shades, a comfortable bed with feather-soft linen and your bedroom will scream comfort. Who wouldn’t love this?

Personalised bedroom decor with a luxe headboard and comfortable bed with feather-soft linen

Whatever your personality, your bedroom should be a place where you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to your preference, personality and tastes so you can design a bedroom that’s unique to you. Let it be you in as many ways possible! If you are looking for some personalised design ideas for your bedroom that suit your budget, lifestyle and personality, book a free consultation with us today. Our expert designers will help you with home interior solutions that are functional. Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, exactly what your heart desires.

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