Redefine Your Walls With These Rustic Paint Colour Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Rustic wall paint colors for your home

Gift your modern home earthy warmth with these rustic paint colour ideas!

Remember the warmth of your grandparent’s home? Aren’t you left with a feeling of fuzziness each time you spend  your holidays or weekends with your grandparents? It is something we yearn and crave for all time. 

So if you’re someone looking to bring back memories of the endless fun you had in your childhood a rustic colour palette for your home interiors is for you. 

Rustic colours and decor are elegant with timeless appeal. They are warm and inviting and can turn any place into a cosy haven. Rustic furniture is typically made of natural woods, cast iron, bronze and the like. However, this may not always be feasible in modern homes with modular furniture, but rustic paint colours can bring in the same earthy vibe to your space if done right. 

Here is our list of popular rustic paint colour ideas for your home to help you design a modern home with rustic charm.

Iron Oxide Reds

Not many of us remember floors made of iron oxide back in the day. For those who do will know the deep red colour of iron oxide lends old-world and rustic charm to any space it is used in. It is a brilliant colour if you like a bit of pop for your rustic interior design. You can use this paint colour for your living room walls. Accompany it with dark wood furniture and bronze decor elements for a mid-century vibe. This wall can act as a statement wall when decorated with vintage frames and wall-artwork as well.

Iron oxide beds with rustic paint with old-world and rustic charm
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A Toned-down Brown

Brown is the colour often associated with mother earth. This hue evokes a sense of oneness with nature. Browns were extensively used in the yesteryears as they were easy to produce and low on maintenance. Applying this on a blank wall in your kitchen or living room will add richness to your interior design. Brown walls with cornices, plaster mouldings and rich dark wood furniture can create a classic British summer house inspired space.

Rustic paint colours woth plaster mouldings and rich dark wood furniture

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Muted Orange

Muted orange is a popular choice for Indian style of interior design. It is a bright and beautiful colour that radiates energy and symbolises the sun or fire in Indian culture. This hue is not as bright as its other variants in the colour wheel. This means it is not overpowering yet bright enough to bring in a happy and lively vibe to any space. It works well on walls. So if you want an accent wall in your living room or bedroom try this shade of orange and throw in beautiful decor to spruce it up.

Rustic wall paint colours with muted orange for indian style of interior design

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The Melancholy Of Blue And Grey

Greys and deep blue are a great way to add a rustic touch to your interiors. They go well with bright coloured interiors that have a generous amount of white or grey as they anchor the design with much-needed contrast. To offset the gloomy nature of these colours, pair them with lots of white in your interior design along with dark or light wood furniture and textures. 

Rustic paint colors with melancholy of blue and grey to add a rustic touch to your interiors

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Soothing Olive Green

The colour green can often be too bright or dull if it’s too pale. Olive green  and similar shades have the right balance of pop while still being visually pleasing. Olive greens have a natural and earthy feel and hence works well if you are looking to create a rustic style for your home. They contrast well against dark woods such as walnut, wenge, ebony et al. If you already own a lot of solid wood furniture pieces or like collecting antiques, this colour is for you.

Brown rustic paint colour for wall with soothing olive green and right balance of pop

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Warm Beige, Gold That Doesn’t Glisten

Beige is commonly used as a default wall colour in many homes. It is subtle yet turns up the warmth and richness in spaces it is used. With its pronounced earthiness, it’s an excellent choice for a rustic look. It’s a comparatively bright colour that is ideal for those who like to offset moody vibes of rustic interior design. Just like gold that adds glamour to a bride, this colour brightens up dark wood furniture and décor pieces.

Rustic colour palette with warr beige with moody vibes of rustic interior design

These are some of the most popular rustic paint colours in the colour wheel you can incorporate into your home. However, you can always explore various shades of the colours listed here. 

If you are a fan of rustic style, we suggest you incorporate rustic accents like a panelled wood wall, wood beam ceiling, non-painted wood logs as a side table or coffee table or decor pieces like antique lights, woven baskets and other such objects along with the rustic paint colour to create a cohesive look.

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