Steal The Show With An L Shaped Kitchen With Island, Here’s How

by Khushi Sehra | February 20, 2024 | 8 mins read

L shaped kitchen layout ideas with island which can change your kitchen for the better

Find all the inspiration you need to build your dream L shaped kitchen with island

When it comes to kitchen designs, there’s no better layout than the L-shaped one. Given how practical, functional and ergonomic they are, L-shaped kitchen designs are the top choice for most designers and homeowners. But just because they are common doesn’t mean they have to be boring. And one way you can make your kitchen design unique is by adding an island!

An L-shaped kitchen with island instantly grabs attention and adds an element of novelty to the space. Not to forget how multi-functional it is – you can use the island as a breakfast counter, install cabinets under it for extra storage space, it can be a staging area for meals, a full-fledged dining area and even a makeshift workstation. What’s more, given that an island is accessible from all sides, it maximises your space and makes workflow in the kitchen super smooth. 

If you’re not convinced already, here’s another reason why you should go for a kitchen island – an L-shaped kitchen leaves a lot of open space in the middle. An island is one of the best ways to make use of it – while maintaining the style quotient of your home.

To get you started with inspiration, here are some L-shaped kitchen layout ideas with island. Be prepared to fall in love with these designs!

L-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas With Island That Up Your Kitchen’s Functionality

This kitchen design is a treat to the eyes. What with the beautiful blue, white and golden colour scheme. While every element of this kitchen is fighting for your attention – the centrally-located kitchen island definitely steals the show. We have here an island that acts as a washing, storage and seating unit. It truly takes the functionality of this kitchen design to a whole new level.

When you have guests over, an L-shaped kitchen with island like this is perfect for laying out cooked meals. Or you can use it as a comfortable seating area where you chat with friends over a glass of wine – away from the hustle and bustle. On school and work days, it’s the perfect place to catch up with your kids over a quick breakfast. The ideas of what you can do with this one simple addition to your kitchen are endless! 

Rustic Style L-Shaped Kitchen With Island To Remind You Of Old Times

Warm, welcoming, cosy – this is one of those L-shaped kitchen layout ideas with island that reminds you of the days you spent frolicking around at your grandparents’ home during summer vacations. If you want to feel the warmth and comfort of those days again, look no further. This L-shaped kitchen with island design will meet all your expectations while making your kitchen a great fit for modern times – with its functional and utility-based elements. 

One such element is the wooden island. It features cabinets that you can use for storing kitchen items and a basin that can act as an additional washing space. Its granite countertop can be used for food preparation and storage. The island can also serve as a breakfast or dining nook. 

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Sleek & Stylish L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas With Island

Style meets functionality in this kitchen design. The use of soft colours like white and brown make it pleasing to look at, but it’s not just the exteriors that make it an excellent choice for you. Practicality is central to these L-shaped kitchen layout ideas with island. It features hooks for hanging spoons, in-built shelves for microwaves and ovens and additional storage space to keep all your daily essentials. 

The wooden island is a perfect addition to this kitchen and entirely elevates the look. Together with the stools, it forms a comfortable seating area where you can sit down for a quick chat over tea or snacks. You can also have drawers on your island – to keep your cutlery, napkins and take them out right before eating. Neat, easy on the eye, and sleek – this L-shaped kitchen with island is just the right fit for you if you have sufficient space. 

Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Space With This Design

If you have a small home or kitchen, the idea of having a kitchen island probably never crossed your mind. But our next design here is proof of how you can transform even a not-so-big kitchen into a functional and stylish space with an island. 

This L-shaped kitchen with island makes the best possible use of space. It gives you all that you could want in a kitchen while making it out-of-the-ordinary at the same time. The colour combination itself makes the kitchen a sight to behold. The island at the entrance works its charm to enhance its look. Not just for keeping and storing food, this also makes for a great area where you can just sit, relax and catch up with your partner after a long day of work. 

A Design That Proves The Versatility Of Kitchen Islands

An island is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use in many ways. This is one of the L-shaped kitchen layout ideas with island that shows how an island can be transformed into a workstation, bringing utmost ease and convenience. There’s nothing complicated in this. All you have to do is add comfortable and suitable stools around your kitchen island, and boom — you’ll have a new home workplace ready. 

Besides being an excellent change of scene for you, this can also ensure that you have everything within easy reach. You can cook, eat, wash and work, all at the same time. This is also a great design idea for parents, as it allows you to easily look after your kids as they study while you’re doing household chores. Keeping it stylish but functional — that’s the promise of kitchen islands. 

Uplift Your Simple L-Shaped Kitchen With This Design

What we have here is a simple and straightforward kitchen design – which could’ve looked pretty ordinary had it not been for the matching island our designers created here. The island completely transforms the look and feel of the small L-shaped kitchen.

To start with, it gives you additional counter space to prepare and store food. But it’s not just that — add some stools, and you’ll have ready the perfect dining area for days when you’re feeling lazy or super hungry and just want to eat inside the kitchen. Overall, this L-shaped kitchen with island proves how a simple kitchen island can improve the appearance and functionality of your space. 

A Multi-Level Island To Make Your Kitchen Like No Other

Want to add an island to your L-shaped kitchen but make it different? Then this idea’s just for you! Here, our designers have created a multi-level kitchen island. Just one level of an island could serve so many purposes, imagine what two could do! 

Now, you can use the two levels however you like. But the most practical way is to use the lower level for food prep – given its waist-level height and easy accessibility – and the upper deck to keep fruits and veggies or as a bar. A multi-level island like this can add the perfect amount of excitement to your kitchen. It will make work easier for you, but that’s not it – it will also make your kitchen create a fantastic impression on guests and visitors. 

There are many ways you can add an island to your L-shaped kitchen. While it certainly amps up the style quotient of your space, it also helps you make the best use of the space an L-shaped layout leaves idle and increase storage facilities within your kitchen.

Did these L-shaped kitchen layout ideas with island spark your interest? Well, you too can bring them to life. Give our designers a call today itself, and they’ll help you out!

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