The Spiritual Corner: 8 Small Pooja Room Designs For Home

by Juhi Advani | June 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

Small pooja room designs for your beautiful home

 Infuse spiritual aura with small pooja room designs.

Having a mandir in a home brings positivity, peace, and a feeling of security among homeowners. And the size of your temple certainly doesn’t impact its significance. So, what if you prefer a small pooja mandir or if you have limited space at home?  We have, for you, a list of 8 truly beautiful small pooja room designs – ready to upgrade your home’s style and spiritual quotient! 

Here are some tips, colours and mandir designs for your home!

1. Simple Small Pooja Room Designs for Home 

The first one is a simple, open pooja mandir in white marble. Neutral colours like white, cream, and beige are clean colours with no distractions- they bring in peace and openness into the space. If you have limited space at home with unused corners, you can get this wall-mounted, low-height pooja ghar with two push-to-open drawers for mandir samagri or pooja accessories. Add a clean gaddi for eating and have daily morning prayers in your little peaceful spiritual corner! 

Simple small pooja room design built with white marble
Simple white marble looks good in pooja rooms

2. Beautiful Small Pooja Room Door Designs

Some really clever layouts and space-saving pooja ghar designs can easily give you your dream pooja room without taking up any extra room/space. Take a look at this stunning floating (Not on the floor) pooja room design. It is wall-mounted beside a TV unit, in the same laminate- dark wood veneer finish! Its built-in wall structure saves a lot of space, and the intricate jaali work door is the start of the show.  It’s designed to maintain openness while adding privacy. Did you like this design? Get A Free Quote

Small pooja room door design with intricate jaali work
Intricate Jaali work adds charm to mandir space

3. Space-Saving, Small Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes 

Get inspired by the rich culture of our traditions with small pooja room ideas tailored for Indian homes. A great way to optimise space is by using partitions and wall areas, leaving floor space open and free. This cleverly designed wall-mounted wooden mandir is decorated with intricate carvings, ambient lights, and traditional motifs. You can add brass or copper accents to enhance the aura. 

Space-saving small pooja room design for Indian homes
Maximise space with small pooja room designs
Complete home interior design solutions with beautiful pooja room designs

4. Small Pooja Room Door Designs: Infusing Spirituality In Every Corner! 

Open the doors to spirituality with small mandir door designs that combine functionality with style. Small pooja rooms often lack wall or floor space for elaborate designs. However, the mandir door can be an opportunity to style your home mandir. This pooja room door features a simple yet elegant cutwork of Lord Ganesha, giving a glimpse into the sacred space while preserving a sense of privacy. This design is sure to get you compliments from the guests! 

Small pooja room door design which has lord Ganesha cutwork
Lord Ganesha’s cutwork for a unique mandir door

5. Small Modern Pooja Room Designs: Step In With A Blessing! 

If you are planning new home interiors for your home – you might want to explore this modern pooja room design in your foyer area. Integrated with your storage unit, this wall-mounted pooja room easily merges with your furniture. It provides ample floor space, allowing for a small ottoman. The design includes a push-to-open handleless drawer, stunning doors with a jaali-like pattern, and delicate golden bells that act as natural wind chime each time someone opens or closes the main door.

Small modern pooja room design in a foyer area of the house
Small modern pooja room designs for a modern home.

6. Small Pooja Room Designs In Hall For Space-Efficient Homes

Make use of your hall by adding a small pooja room design into your TV unit, ensuring the temple is always within sight. This compact mandir serves as a spiritual focal point without overpowering the limited space. Featuring a subtle see-through glass door design and a wooden wall structure, it merges with the modern TV unit – and includes handleless drawers for storing pooja essentials. The first drawers can be turned into a pull-out desk design to keep your aarti thali. 

Small pooja room design in hall area for space-efficient homes
Compact pooja room designed for space-efficient homes

7. Very Small Pooja Room Designs In Living Room 

Take a look at this charming and meticulously designed wall-mounted pooja room, featuring a hexagonal shape in white marble. The elevated platform for the idol, along with space beneath for storing items and books, adds functionality to its aesthetic appeal. Ideal for homes with limited space, this minimalist design seamlessly integrates into your living area, ensuring your sacred space harmonises with the overall decor.

Small pooja room design in the living room for a stylish look
Stylish harmony in the living room

8. Simple & Compact Pooja Room Design

Bringing in simplicity, this small pooja room design suggests using an empty wall and turning it into your peaceful spiritual corner. Choose a sturdy marble slab or wooden plank for a wall-mounted platform, creating an elegant platform for your idol. The balanced and sophisticated design adds a spiritual aura of positivity and peace to your home.

Simple and compact small pooja room design in the kitchen
Culinary sanctity – Small pooja room designs in the kitchen


These beautiful small pooja room designs showcase creativity and functionality, proving that size doesn’t compromise the significance of a sacred space in your home. If you are planning on getting your home interiors done, DesignCafe’s extensive experience of designing 10,000+ homes in PAN India might come in handy! 

Get an idea of the perfect design for your space & have a free chat with our designer today. 

FAQs On Small Pooja Room Designs

How can I design a pooja room in a small space?
Optimise wall space with wall-mounted platforms, utilise corners and consider compact designs with storage solutions to make the most of limited space.

What storage solutions work well in a small pooja room?
Incorporate handleless drawers, pull-out desks, and wall-mounted cabinets for efficient storage of pooja essentials without compromising on space.

How to decorate a small pooja room?
Choose neutral colours like white or beige for a clean and peaceful atmosphere. Add traditional motifs, intricate carvings, or cutwork designs for a touch of elegance.

What colors are ideal for a small pooja room?
Neutral colours like white, cream, and beige create a clean and peaceful ambience, promoting a sense of openness and tranquillity in a small pooja room.

How can I improve lighting in a small pooja room?
Improve the lighting with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Use fixtures like chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces strategically to create a well-lit and inviting pooja space.

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