8 Spectacular Staircase Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

8 different staircase wall decorating ideas for your home

Eight exciting things that you can do with the bare wall around that staircase.

Staircases form an integral part of a multistorey house. Decor around staircases, however, is seldom taken seriously or explored beyond a few standard options. Regardless of the placement, step count or design of your staircases, there is always a blank wall-canvas waiting to be beautified. Here are eight different staircase wall decorating ideas for your home to step up your staircase game.

1. Picture Frames For Staircase Wall Decor Are A Safe Bet

The living room and even the staircase is largely designed using neutral colours, which makes the colourful frames on the staircase wall extremely pleasing to the eye. If you prefer going for simple staircase wall decor, frames are perhaps the most doable option for you.

Picture frames for staircase wall decor ideas
Picture frames or artwork look great on a staircase wall
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2. Add Some Drama To Your Staircase With Larger Than Life Frames

A staircase as ornate and classic as this deserves wall decor that aptly complements it. This beautiful staircase is enhanced with the use of a classy white and gold striped wallpaper. The larger-than-life decorative frame adds subtle drama to the elegance of the staircase. This is another way of using frames for staircase wall decor, keeping it minimal but classy.

Large frames for staircase wall decor for your home
Looking to add some drama to your staircase? This is how to do it

3. Designer Lights Make For Great Staircase Wall Decor

A modern staircase design as stylish as this deserves wall decor that is equally stylish. The exposed grey wall makes for a great canvas for decorative elements like lights. These designer lights not only look great, but they also create an interesting pattern on the staircase wall, creating a stunning effect.

Designer lights for staircase wall decor
Decorative lights as staircase wall decor are a piece of art by themselves

4. Square Pattern Jali As Staircase Wall Decor

For the wall decor of this minimal staircase, a decorative jali adds a different dimension and a beautiful effect complementary to the staircase design. It also has the functional benefit of providing ventilation around the staircase. The minimal picture frames on the wall add to the charm.

P.S.: We love this under the staircase desk set-up. Here are more such staircase wall decorating ideas that we’ve covered before: 8 Creative Under Stairs Storage Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Staircase wall decor with square pattern jali
A modern jali can be wall decor and wall ventilation for the staircase too
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5. Small Storage Cabinets Make For Functional Staircase Wall Decor

Not all staircases have the perfect wall alongside, but there’s always scope for some beautification. The wall supporting the curved stairwell can be a great way to add a bit of storage space. The surfaces of these wall cabinets can be used to display decor.

Small storage cabinets for functional staircase wall decor
Cabinets along the staircase wall can be used to store small everyday essentials

6. A Basic Open Shelf Can Add To The Beauty Of A Classic Staircase

Pretty visuals like this cute shelf for staircase wall decor have their own charm. Open shelves are extremely easy to make space for. Even with the smallest of staircases, you can manage to find an angle or a corner for a basic shelf to hold knick knacks.

Simple staircase wall decor with open shelf
A single shelf can hold a couple of decorative pieces and beautify your staircase
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7. An Exposed Brick Wall Works As Staircase Decor By Itself

If you are wary of making changes to your staircase wall, having a decorative wall in itself can work wonders. Exposed brick walls look modern and add rustic charm to any space. With an end-to-end exposed brick wall and cove lighting along the steps, this staircase has all the wall decor it needs.

Staircase wall decor with exposed brick wall
With an exposed brick wall along the staircase, the wall is the decor

8. Wall Decals Make For A Contemporary Staircase Wall Decor Idea

First, we’re in love with this cool bedroom that is the perfect hangout place for when friends come over. The staircase that leads to the bed is ingenious in its design. You can use wall decals that are suited to the overall theme of the space to decorate your staircase walls. The atlas-inspired decal is great for a travel enthusiast’s space.

Contemporary staircase wall decor idea for your studio apartment
It’s best to have a seamless connection between two spaces for your studio apartment to be functional
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There is a lot that can be done with staircase wall decor. You can play with colours, textures, materials and different decor items to make that staircase wall look stylish. The functionality of the space is also a factor that you can take into consideration. In this case, the decor can be storage-friendly along with being beautiful. Whether you opt for minimal or elaborate decor, you can always make sure that the view during the climb stays beautiful!

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