Fever FM RJs Visit DesignCafe In Chennai On Women’s Day

by Nikita Raikwar | February 29, 2024 | 3 mins read

DesignCafe partnered with Fever FM to discuss gender stereotypes at our Chennai Experience Centre.

“We know that when women are empowered, they immeasurably improve the lives of everyone around them—their families, their communities, and their countries.”

– Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex

This International Women’s Day, Fever FM and DesignCafe collaborated to put the spotlight on an important topic — one that has been long debated and discussed — Gender Roles and Unconscious Biases. RJ Sindhu and RJ Prithvi visited our Chennai Experience Centre and shared some heart-to-heart dialogues with the customers on gender stereotypes. The popular RJs quizzed them with a few questions about the roles they play at home and spoke to them about how gender stereotypes in society begin at home.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights defines gender stereotypes as “a generalised view or preconception about attributes or characteristics, or the roles that are or ought to be possessed by, or performed by, women and men. A gender stereotype is harmful when it limits women’s and men’s capacity to develop their personal abilities, pursue their professional careers and/or make choices about their lives.”

In this video, you’ll find RJ Prithvi skillfully questioning Design Cafe customers on various life aspects in the context of gender roles. For instance, who makes the decisions, whether they would move cities for their partner and even simple intimate choices like how a parent would respond to their son choosing to paint nails.

In the second video, RJ Sindhu has a candid tête-à-tête with the Design Cafe customers at our Chennai Experience Centre. She talks to them about women leading financial decisions at home, among other things. She also discusses unconscious biases and explains how society expects certain stereotypical gender roles from each individual. They talk about how we can change for the better and bust these myths by equally participating in all roles at home and work.

Biased or not, the DesignCafe customers happily shared their opinions and thoughts with the RJs. Some of them even spoke about their willingness to break these biases and gender stereotypes by actively practising the same at home and work.

It was a great experience and we thank Fever FM for bringing attention to the topic of Unconscious Biases and helping to bust the myths around it. We also thank our customers and staff at the Design Cafe Chennai Experience Centre for being a valuable part of these videos and sharing their thoughts with us.

DesignCafe would love to be a part of your journey of building an equal home free of gender stereotypes. Visit a DesignCafe Experience Centre near you to chat with our experts or book a consultation with us online. Our interior design services come with a 10-year warranty, quick turnaround and promise to maximise the space in your home by 20 percent!

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Nikita Raikwar is a content writer at Design Cafe's home interiors blog.

Nikita Raikwar

Nikita Raikwar is a Senior Content Writer at DesignCafe. She is an ambivert with a love for travel and dancing. You will often find her with her favourite book in her reading nook, urban sketching, or practicing the art of coffee making. She is your go-to for crime and thriller movie recommendations and loves to club her movie marathons with a Margherita pizza in one hand and a Pinot Grigio in the other.

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