Celebrating Women’s History Month I 5 Marvelous Women Speak About What Home Means To Them

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

This Women’s history month, explore home interior trends with five amazing women clients and employees of Design Cafe.

Women give homes a shape and personality that is often their own reflection.

Women no doubt influence the sensibility of a home’s interiors.  And to celebrate the spirit, style and sisterhood women share with each other across the world we spoke to five women employees and clients at Design Cafe to tell us what home means to them.

These five extraordinary women spill the beans in a fun-filled rapid-fire session where we explore the various aspects of home interiors. They talk about their favourite spots in their homes, most loved furniture, best lighting choices, and much more. The conversation throws light on how millennial Indian women, from different cultural backgrounds, perceive a home.

It shows how personal and intimate a process of designing a home is where there is no cookie-cutter formula. Simply because every woman is different and her home speaks volumes about her.

Here’s an overview of our women achievers in this Women’s Day Special Rapid Fire conversation.

4 Things To Know About Indian Millennial Women’s Home Interior Choices

Every House Needs A Different Design Formula

When we asked these wonderful women about their favourite spot in a home to unwind we were quite fascinated by their responses. The choices ranged from balcony, kitchen, dining room. We even had answers that included art corners, bedroom, and the living room couch that were voted as top favourite chill-out zones at home. This only reiterated the fact that every home must suit the lifestyle and personality of its owners and not just follow the trends. These women showed us how every home’s interior needs to have its own unique character.

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While Solid Wood Is Still Popular, Modular Furniture Is Slowly Topping The Charts

Wooden furniture has been India’s favourite for ages, and that continues to be with many homeowners. A lot of the women we interviewed voted for solid wood furniture without a doubt, however, some of them loved the idea of opting for modular furniture as well because of its affordability and space-saving features. This gave us deep insights into the fact that millennial women prefer the functionality of modular furniture keeping in mind their busy lives. And this was a clear indicator that today furniture is seen more as a practical interior design element rather than of pure aesthetic value. 

There’s A Tie Between Cool Pastels And Earthy Tones

Cool pastel colours and earthy tones are currently quite popular in modern home interior design. While pastels bring a soft and calming aura to a space earthy tones bring in an organic, rustic vibe to spaces. Both the colour schemes bring in similar calming effect but create different interior themes. So, when asked these women of their colour palette of choice were quite surprised to see mixed responses – both pastels and earthy tones won their votes and hearts!

Warm Lighting Is A Hot Favourite Right Now

And then came a pertinent question. Lighting – something that can change the mood, ambience and functionality of a space. It no doubt it plays a significant role in home interiors. When we asked these women about their favourite type of lighting, we were surprised to see how they unanimously prefered warm lighting. It helps create the right vibe at home. Warm lighting bring in relaxing vibes to a home because it feels natural, warm and homely at all times. These responses also showed us how homeowners prefer a natural ambient home with enough daylight and warm lighting options. 

The Vision Of An Ideal Healthy, Family-Oriented Home

With the change of each decade the world saw  sea change in a home’s architectural discourse. A house as a ‘machine for living’ versus a house as an ‘incubator for domesticity’. And with more women running and buying their own the latter has become more evident. It reflects in our video as well where each of these women define their ideal home as a place that promotes wellbeing and homeliness. For some, the vision of a perfect home is a family-oriented design while for others it is about having proper ventilation and space. Overall, they all said that an ideal home has to be cheerful, welcoming and inspiring.

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And as you can see a woman’s contribution to the way a home feels and is apparent in every household. Their understanding of aesthetics across different spaces of is what makes a house a home. So, this Women’s History month this video is our tribute to the magnificent women associated with Design Cafe who have built their dream homes with us.

Have a look at the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to check out the other videos in this Women’s Day special webseries.

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Mehnaz Farooque is a content writer at designcafe

Mehnaz Farooque

Mehnaz is a creative content writer at Design Cafe who is often found obsessing over Ghalib's Urdu poetry or J.K.Rowling's books. She believes in this world of social assumptions and opinions, memes are the only way to make life better. Her love for detailing inspired her to write about interior design. If not working on a blog or binging on her favourite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, she's dreaming about spending time in the mountains.

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