Modern And Luxurious: Marble Kitchen Sink Designs For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | January 10, 2024 | 6 mins read

Beautiful marble kitchen sink for your home

Say hello to increased durability and beauty in your living space with these stunning marble kitchen sink designs. We are sure that you will fall in love with those in our latest collection

There’s no doubt that a kitchen sink is one of the most used places in the house. It is that corner of the kitchen where you soak all your vegetables and perishable food items, wash your hands and clean dirty cooking utensils and dishes while you’re preparing meals. Incorporating a kitchen sink in marble will transform the overall look and feel of your cooking space from ordinary to extraordinary.

To begin with, a kitchen sink isn’t just a single accessory; rather, it has an anatomy to it:

  • Basin/Sink (support structure for other sink elements as well as the main action centre)
  • Rim/Lip (weight-bearing mounting surface for some kitchen sinks, attaching it to the kitchen countertop)
  • Drain (channel at the bottom of the sink that carries water and debris away from the sink) 
  • Fixtures (water supply faucets, dish soap container, knobs, etc.) 

What Are The Benefits Of A Marble Kitchen Sink?

  • It exudes style and elegance and is a typical feature of high-end and luxurious kitchen spaces
  • It is versatile as it can be combined perfectly with other kitchen elements to create a timeless look 
  • It is highly durable, crack- and heat-resistant when it is sealed properly

What Factors Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Buying A Marble Kitchen Sink?

Marble kitchen sinks are really expensive as compared to other kitchen sink materials. It is also not easy to fix a standard price to it, as the prices of marble kitchen sink designs depend upon several factors like preferred sink measurement (size), colour, shape, style, attached accessories and more.

Let’s briefly take a look at these factors one by one so that you can find the perfect marble kitchen sink for your home:

  • Type Of Mount: Topmount/Drop-In Sink, Undermount Sink, Integrated Sink 
  • Number Of Bowls (And Configuration): Single-Bowl Sink, Double-Bowl Sink, Low-Height Double-Bowl Sink, Farmhouse/Apron Sink,  Bar/Prep Sink, Half And Half Sink, Corner Sink, Offset-Style Sink
  • Shape Of The Sink:  Square And Rectangular 
  • Sink Accessories: Shower Arm, Sink Grid, Extendable Spray, Garbage Disposal Feature, Dish Soap Dispenser, Strainer Basket, High Curve Faucet
  • Depth Of The Sink: The ideal depth of a kitchen sink should be 22 inches and the gap between the kitchen countertop and your elbow should be 6 cm. However, it may vary according to the height of the person using it 
  • Size Of The Kitchen Cabinet: The size of the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink ranges between 18 inches and 27 inches (and more) depending on kitchen space availability
Budget friendly modern kitchen interior design

How To Clean A Marble Kitchen Sink?

A marble kitchen sink needs to be regularly cleaned and periodically re-sealed so that it doesn’t lose its original shine and colour. Since marble is a porous material, you need to avoid using abrasive cleaners to clean them like vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, bleach and other acidic substances. Also, don’t use harsh sponges to avoid scratches on the sink’s surface. Instead, clean the marble kitchen sink with a mixture of warm water and dish soap only and rinse off after some time.

Finally, let’s now dive into the most inspiring marble kitchen sink designs that are attracting the attention of homeowners.

Farmhouse-Style Marble Kitchen Sink Design

This farmhouse-style white marble kitchen sink design stands out well in contrast to the patterned tile kitchen backsplash, hardwood flooring and steel-framed cabinets. This type of sink is wide and generously sized so you can easily wash and clean your big pots, pans and casseroles here without any worries. However, if you plan to install a farmhouse-style kitchen sink, then you’ll have to adjust your countertops and cabinets to make room for it.

White marble farmhouse kitchen sink with cabinets below in green colour looks elegant.
Marble is a heavy stone material so always check if your cabinets below can handle the weight of the marble kitchen sink above

Integrated Double-Bowl Marble Kitchen Sink Design

If you’re looking for a softer look for your kitchen sink, then you can opt for this integrated double-bowl beige marble kitchen sink design. Blending well with the white walls, stone flooring and laminate cabinets, it makes your kitchen look brighter and airier. The double-bowl arrangement provides you with a separate space for washing the dishes and drying them out as well, that too without the obtrusive rim coming in between.

Integrated double-bowl kitchen sink with marble top in the white island kitchen is multi-functional.
This integrated double-bowl kitchen sink is highly flexible and multi-functional with a high-curve faucet

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Integrated Marble Kitchen Sink Design With Drain Board

If you’re looking for a single-bowl, yet purposeful, kitchen sink, then this integrated white marble kitchen sink design with a drainboard is the perfect option for you. This kind of sink design has a combination of a small sink on one side and a drainboard with a rim (at almost counter-level height) on the other side and can be easily fitted into smaller-sized kitchens. The rim traps all the extra water and forces it to drain back into the sink while the pots and other utensils are drying out.

Wooden finish cabinet integrated marble kitchen sink with drainboard
This kitchen sink seamlessly complements the wooden cabinets, off-white walls and concrete flooring
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Integrated Single-Bowl Marble Kitchen Sink Design

This integrated single-bowl white marble kitchen sink design is gracefully enveloped between the beige walls, white flooring and olive green PVC kitchen cabinets. This type of sink design can also be categorised as an in-counter sink and has no divisions in it. It is installed in smaller houses that face space constraints.

Integrated single-bowl white marble kitchen sink with olive green PVC cabinet below looks aesthetic.
You can opt for a large-sized, integrated single-bowl kitchen sink if you have to wash big items regularly and have a house with many people living in it

Large Rectangular Marble Kitchen Sink Design

You can also choose this large rectangular marble kitchen sink design if you want to add some visual drama and interest to your kitchen space. Its medium-toned grey colour boldly pops out against the light-coloured peach walls and glass cabinets. It gives a classic, sleek and charming look to your kitchen landscape and is a sight for sore eyes.

Large rectangular grey marble kitchen sink color and cabinet below in mint green look sleek and classic.
The edges of a farmhouse sink are smooth and rounded so that no one gets hurt while working around it

Undermount Marble Kitchen Sink Design With Stone Countertop

This undermount brown marble kitchen sink design with a white stone countertop incorporates your love for two different kinds of kitchen materials. The colour of the sink goes well with the light pink kitchen backsplash and the terracotta flooring.

Undermount brown marble kitchen sink design with a white stone countertop looks charming against pink kitchen backsplash.
Undermount kitchen sinks are different from top-mount kitchen sinks as the basin is attached below the countertop using special clips

That’s all there is! A marble kitchen sink design will indeed be a perfect aesthetic and functional addition to your kitchen if you’re willing to invest more money in the project. Do reach out to us at DesignCafe if you’d like more guidance in this regard or if you have any more marble kitchen sink design ideas to share. We’re waiting to hear from you soon.

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