Celebrate Grandparents’ Day This Year By Crafting The Perfect Grandparents’ Bedroom

by Mehnaz and Pooja | January 10, 2024 | 7 mins read

Grandparents bedroom design ideas for your home

Thinking of celebrating grandparents’ day? Why not surprise them with these creative bedroom ideas? We’re sure that they’ll absolutely love them

If your grandparents live at your place, you are blessed! Not many of us have the privilege of living with our meemaws and peepaws. However, if you do, you must leave no stone unturned to show how much you love having them. Especially on this grandparents’  day! Yes, the 12th of September is grandparents’ day, and we are here to help you throw them a great surprise!

So, if your grandparents live at your place, why not celebrate their love by redesigning their room? Your grandparents are at a very peaceful part of their life and hence, they deserve a quiet and cosy place where they can rest and chill. Therefore, their rooms must have the right furniture and decorations that make them feel right at home and deeply loved by the family. And while designing their bedroom, you must consider their lifestyle and incorporate your grandparents’ preferences and personalities.

Apart from this, some other factors that you need to consider when undertaking your grandparents’ bedroom transformation are:

  • Easy Accessibility And Functionality Of The Space: Minimal but multifunctional furniture of optimal height (chest of drawers, bedside table, a pair of armchairs, etc.) so that your grandparents can easily move around in the bedroom, swing door with sleek pull handles or sliding-door wardrobes, doors with lever handles, etc.
  • Safety And Security Of The Space: Use skid-resistant floors (preferably wood), no loose carpets or rugs.
  • Level Of Comfort In The Space: Bed with a considerable height so that it levels at your grandparents’ knees, place the wardrobe in a corner, a potted green plant or two to bring nature indoors (preferably natural air purifying plants).
  • Level Of Lighting In The Space: Focus more on natural lighting through large windows, bedside lamps or dim night lights with two-way light switches, recessed or cove ceiling lights to avoid overstraining their eyes.

Design Aesthetics: Light to warm colour theme (brown, white, gold, light yellow) to keep your grandparents’ minds agile and cheerful, cleaner dimensions and softer edges, no shiny patterns and surfaces, decluttered and simple decor style.

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Now, let’s dive into some fantastic grandparents’ bedroom decorating ideas doing the rounds in the interior design space. Get inspired and take your best pick. We’re sure that there is something for everyone here.

Minimalistic Grandparents’ Bedroom Design

This grandparents’ bedroom design idea looks minimalistic and sleek. The whole bedroom incorporates various shades of grey in its interiors, namely, light grey on its walls, blueish-grey on the upholstery and dark grey for the bed’s headrest and the rug below. The bedroom decor is accentuated by pendant ceiling lights and track lights which lend a cosy ambience to the space.

Minimalistic grandparents' bedroom has hanging pendant lights and a floating shelf with track lights.
The wardrobe with reflective glass doors and the convenient-height bed will make it easier for your grandparents to get up/sit down and to access their personal items easily

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A Simple Grandparents’ Room With Earthy Tones

The earthy colour scheme is one of the subtlest tones in home interiors. Hence, it is ideal for a grandparents’ room. So, this grandparents’ day, why not go with an earthy renovation and create the perfect peaceful haven for your grandma and grandpa?

As you can see, the bedroom comes with an old-style beige wallpaper with classic wooden furnishings. This grandparents’ bedroom has a modular wardrobe, a comfortable wooden bed, with a small nightstand. They all make a super comfy and homely room — ideal for your grandparents.

An earthy tone bedroom with a comfortable bed and a modular wardrobe
The beige and wooden brown interiors of the bedroom complement each other really well and create a traditional and warm bedroom

Grandparents’ Bedroom Design With Mandir

For spiritually inclined grandparents, this grandparents’ bedroom design with a mandir will be the ideal choice. This bedroom design reflects the optimum balance of tradition and modernity. The patterned motif wallpaper lends a sort of old-world feel to the space, and the mandir jali work also looks very intricate. You can add waist-level vanity units to make sure that your grandparents can easily organise and access their personal stuff and add comfy armchairs too.

The grandparents' bedroom idea with mandir designed with jali work also looks very intricate.
Ensure that the furniture in your parents’ bedroom has round or soft corners so that it is safe for them to move around in the bedroom without hurting themselves

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Grandparents’ Bedroom Design With Partition

Your grandparents’ room doesn’t always have to be minimalistic! This grandparents’ day, design their room with a theme that is a pleasant sight for the eyes (like the one we have here!)! The soothing shades of brown and off-white exude an intimate and not-too-overwhelming vibe into the bedroom. The panel work behind the bed looks gorgeous as it is enveloped between the wooden frame, and the glass partition on the side gives your grandparents privacy as well. The bedding also looks exceptionally soft and comfortable.

A bedroom designed for grandparents with a glass partition on the side
Use a light colour theme in your grandparents’ bedroom with a bit of pop of colour here and there to create some visual interest

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Grandparents’ Bedroom Design With Reading Nook

If your grandparents are fond of reading, this bedroom design with a reading nook is the go-to option for them. You can personalise their bedroom with their favourite family photographs so that they are constantly reminded of their good times with their loved ones. Sit by the window seat or sip on a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day; we bet you’ll have the best time of your life.

The grandparents’ bedroom design with a reading nook next to the window is perfect for reading.
This grandparent’s bedroom design looks quite airy and bright. The white interiors of the bedroom make it look visually more prominent, while the pendant lights and colourful cushions add a pop of colour to the space
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A Soothing Grandparents’ Bedroom With A Bay Window Seating

Grandparents mostly prefer a soothing space with subtle interiors. And this bedroom is all about that! It has a calming mint blue shade with grey and black accents. The room comes with a comfortable wooden bed with a cushioned padded headboard—ideal for older couples. The room also has a gorgeous bay window seating arrangement and a padded upholstered chair to sit. The bedroom has a very minimalistic design appeal with only the most essential furniture pieces. This makes the room open for your grandparents to move around easily.

Minimalist grandparent bedroom has a bay window seating design
This grandparents’ bedroom has very subtle and calming interiors with a comfortable bed and window bay seating

All in all, you must accept that your parents are ageing, and so you need to make sure that they get the best level of comfort, care and love that they truly deserve. You can make this happen by incorporating the above parents’ bedroom design ideas in your home and transform their ordinary room into a much friendlier and livelier place to rest.If you have any more parent bedroom design ideas, do add them in the comment box below. We’ll be glad to hear from you. Also, reach out to us at Design Cafe if you have any questions or doubts that need to be addressed in this regard.

Grandparents’ day is a unique but underrated occasion. So make the most of it this year by letting your grandparents know how much you care for them. And setting up their bedroom in your home can be the most thoughtful way of telling them how important they are in your everyday life.

So design a grandparent’s bedroom where they get the best level of comfort, care and love that they truly deserve. You can make this happen by incorporating the above grandparents’ bedroom design ideas in your home and transform their ordinary room into a much friendlier and livelier place to rest.

Finally, a happy grandparents’ day from us to your meemaw and peepaw!

If you have any more grandparents’ bedroom design ideas, do add them in the comment box below. Also, reach out to us at Design Cafe if you have any questions or doubts that need to be addressed in this regard. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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