Maximise Your Kitchen Efficiency With These Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Designs

by Pooja Dara | January 22, 2024 | 8 mins read

Double bowl kitchen sink designs for your home

It is very important for homeowners to choose the right kind of double bowl kitchen sink. A wrong decision can lead to it becoming a liability and causing you to underperform in the kitchen. So, check out our collection below for some inspiration and turn your kitchen into a more efficient space.

Choosing the perfect kitchen sink isn’t an easy decision as you need to deliberate on a number of factors, including aesthetics and functionality. You must have faced a situation where you washed all your utensils and veggies in the sink but had to end up drying them on the countertop you just cleaned. It surely must have doubled your efforts and overall time in the kitchen at some point, right? 

Well, this blog post talks about the different double bowl kitchen sink designs you can use to overcome such situations.  But before we get into the crux of the matter, let’s answer some FAQs first. 

Which One Works Better: A Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Or A Double Bowl Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks come in various bowl sizes depending upon your needs and preferences. They are ideally divided into single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks and triple bowl sinks, although the triple bowl version is rarely used. 

So, let’s see how single bowl kitchen sinks and double bowl kitchen sinks fare against each other:

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink:

  • There is a single sink that is fitted in the kitchen countertop
  • It is ideal for those people who want more counter space for kitchen work
  • It is available in a wider range of options and colours as compared to a double bowl kitchen sink
  • It is a perfect choice for smaller kitchens, but you don’t have the option of separating washed dishes from dirty ones
  • It is easier to fit and place the faucet in a single bowl kitchen sink
  • It is easier to clean and maintain as there are fewer corners and edges
  • There is a risk of breakage or damage to delicate crockery and dishes since there is a single space used for washing  
  • The garbage disposal is situated on the side of the sink to catch all the food debris
  • It is relatively cheaper than double bowl kitchen sinks, including the product and its installation. It is faster and easier since you need water for only one bowl and a single drain

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink: 

  • There are two sinks fitted in the kitchen countertop and can be within a single frame or separate as well
  • It can somewhat reduce your kitchen counter space 
  • It is ideal for those people who want a separate space each for washing the dishes (big pots/pans), rinsing the produce (veggies/fruits) and drying the utensils
  • It is the perfect choice for larger kitchens and is available in a limited range of styles, colours and designs 
  • Neither side of the double bowl sink is big enough for performing a full-scale activity 
  • It offers more convenience to the homeowner as you have the option of using the two bowls in any combination 
  • It is not that easy to clean and maintain as compared to a single bowl kitchen sink since the surface area is more 
  • The provision for garbage/food debris disposal is only present on one side of the sink and not the other  
  • There are only a few options available for faucet installation in a double bowl kitchen sink as it has to provide water to both the bowls
  • It is comparatively expensive, combining both the product and the installation costs 
  • It is not that easy and quick to install a double bowl kitchen sink as it has two drains that need to be connected to each other before they enter into the final waste trap 
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How To Use A Double Bowl Kitchen Sink?

Double bowl sinks are versatile in the sense that the two bowls can be used for different purposes and not just one. You can:

  • Wash dirty dishes on one side and dry clean them on the other
  • Soak the dishes in soap and water on one side and wash them on the other
  • Utilise one side for prepping veggies/food/raw meat and the other side for washing dishes
  • Separate heavy utensils from more delicate kitchenware like glasses and bowls
  • Place a drying rack in one of the sinks rather than on the kitchen counter itself 

What Are The Standard Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Sizes Available And Their Average Prices?

The average size and price of a double bowl kitchen sink vary depending upon the material, size, type, design and colour chosen. A standard double bowl kitchen sink size is 33 inches (L) x 22 inches (W) x 8 inches (D). The inner configurations can be of the ratio 50:50, 60:40 or 70:30 depending on how much sink workspace you want for each activity.  

Depending upon the type of configuration you choose (two equal-sized bowls, one larger or smaller than the other with the same depth, farmhouse-style sink and the like), the length can go up to 36 inches, width up to 48 inches and depth up to 10 inches. The price of a standard double bowl kitchen sink (33 inches in length) lies between $470 and $680, including installation charges.

Want to measure your kitchen sink at home to be doubly sure? Here’s the process: Use a measuring tape to gauge the length and width of the sink end-to-end. The width equals the distance between the front of the counter and the back of the counter, while the length equals the distance between the kitchen countertops on either side of the sink. 

How To Clean A Double Bowl Kitchen Sink?

  • To increase the durability of your kitchen sink (single or double bowl), always unclog the kitchen sink drain of food waste/scraps before you dump your dishes so that it is easier to clean it later on 
  • Once you’ve washed your dirty dishes and the sink is empty, use little mild dish soap with warm water to scrub all the surfaces of the sink and wipe it off with a clean and soft cloth. The primary purpose is to prevent the sink from developing a permanent stain Alternatively, you can use baking soda, vinegar and half a lemon with water depending upon the severity of the stain and the sensitivity of the material used but remember to rinse it off immediately 

Finally, let’s now dig into the trending double bowl kitchen sink designs available in the market today. 

Black Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

This black stainless steel double bowl kitchen sink set within the rose gold kitchen interiors and white kitchen countertops is an absolute masterpiece. The greyish-black colour of stainless steel makes a bold statement but its matte finish balances the boldness out. It is extremely easy to clean, durable and lightweight.

Black double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink blends well in rose gold kitchen interiors
Stainless steel double bowl kitchen sinks can be made both in the under-mount and drop-in options

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

This double bowl kitchen sink comes with a drainboard. It gives you ample space separately for soaking the dishes and washing them and drying them out on the drainboard. It occupies a considerable space in this brown-themed kitchen but with its top-level functionality, the investment is absolutely worth it.

Double bowl kitchen sink with drainboard design in the brown-themed kitchen
You can also go in for a double bowl, double-drainer kitchen sink if it suits your budget and needs

Oval-Shaped Matte Finish Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Do you love the rustic farmhouse vibe? If yes, then you can go in for this oval-shaped matte finish double bowl kitchen sink. The stainless steel kitchen sink is gracefully enveloped between the light oak wood glossy sink countertop and cabinets. It looks quite strong visually and is appealing to the eye as well. 

Double bowl kitchen sink in oval-shaped matt finish appealing to the eye
The long, rotatable faucet provides water to both the sink bowls as and when needed

Small Drop-In Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

This is a small top-mount/drop-in double bowl kitchen sink that is perfect for a kitchen island. It is relatively inexpensive to buy and extremely easy to install as well.  The projecting lip of the kitchen sink does away with the need for a support system under the counter.

Double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink on the kitchen island
The pull-down faucet gives you enough vertical height to wash your dishes in the kitchen sink without your hand or utensil hitting it

Under-Mount double bowl ceramic kitchen sink

Although this under-mount double bowl kitchen sink is a bit difficult to install, it is comparatively easier to clean. It has no rim and no crevices where food waste can get accumulated and the water directly flows towards the sink drain. Adjust the water flow with the lever on the faucet’s side and the dish soap dispenser is already built-in for your convenience.

Under-mount double bowl ceramic kitchen sink gives a neater and airier look
This under-mount double bowl ceramic kitchen sink gives a neater and airier look to the kitchen space and also blends well with the brown granite island countertop

We hope that this blog post inspires you enough to incorporate an aesthetic and functional double bowl kitchen sink in your home. The specific design you choose will totally depend upon the kitchen space available, layout, budget and your personal lifestyle. 

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So, go ahead and take your best pick from our curated collection and have a fun time in the kitchen when you’re cooking. Good luck! If you need any more advice on kitchen sink designs, do reach out to us at DesignCafe via call or email.

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