Sabitha Harish’s Earthy 3BHK Home In Navi Mumbai

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Interior designer in navi mumbai

Take a walk-through of this serenely beautiful, earthy 3BHK home of Sabitha Harish at Atlantis, Navi Mumbai. It was a fun experience bringing together contemporary interiors with a touch of the traditional to create this minimalist haven for this family of five 

Project Name: Atlantis

Location: Navi Mumbai

Designer: Alefiya Lanewala

“Home is the place that feels like you!”

This is the underlying principle of the redesign of Sabitha Harish’s 3BHK home in Navi Mumbai. This traditional family consists of an elderly couple, a young couple and a kid. They wanted their place to display open and unblocked interiors with minimal furniture. They wanted their home to tell a story of modern and earthy tones, highlighted by a simplistic ambience that resembles the family’s style of living. Thus, DesignCafe’s best interior designer in Navi Mumbai came up with a light, airy and modern living set-up that goes well with the family’s love for earthy and organic aesthetics. Our interior designer in Navi Mumbai followed a contemporary theme that interacts with natural principles of art and interiors. 

Let’s unravel this beautifully designed 3BHK home curated by our interior designer in Navi Mumbai.

The Multipurpose Living Area Set-Up

Designing Sabitha’s living area was the most challenging part of the project by our interior designer in Navi Mumbai. It comprises the living area, foyer, bar area and dining area. This part of the house is where everything is happening. So, DesignCafe’s interior designer in Navi Mumbai went ahead with an open, unsegregated interior plan to keep this area open and uncluttered. As a result, there are no physical partitions to separate the various sections of the living area. The place is kept wide and free. The TV area comes with a contemporary floating TV unit with a white and wooden laminated finish. The storage unit at the bottom of it comes with handleless laminated cabinets. Above the TV section, there’s a floating shelf with a closed, black cabinet. The room is furnished with a dark grey, velvet recliner couch that adds warmth to the whole seating area. The dining and the living areas are connected with a simple foyer. It has a wooden white laminated front door that hallmarks the earthy, modern interiors of the house. This area also has an under-cabinet bar unit with a wooden front that remains concealed when not in use. 

The multipurpose setup by interior designer in navi mumbai
The chief colour scheme of the area is white with periodic intervals of wooden columns

The Earthy Dining Area

Adjacent to the living room area is the earthy dining area. It is characterised by a casual veneer top dining table with a wall-mounted veneer bench on one side and wooden chairs on the other. The dining area, designed by DesignCafe’s best interior designer in Navi Mumbai, also comes with a compact wooden finish pooja unit. The unit is simple but made purposeful with an open shelf at the top and a storage unit at the bottom.  

The earthy dining area by best interior designer in navi mumbai
The dining area curated by our interior designer in Navi Mumbai also has a wooden vanity unit

The Cosy Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is earthy and homely in every sense. Borrowing the airy vibe of the living room, this master bedroom is designed with organic interiors that are seriously calming. Its wooden flooring adds instant warmth to the ambience. And the wooden poster bed brings in an earthy tone, creating a cosy set-up that is intensely organic and raw. The stone-cladding wall behind the bed highlights the monolithic interiors. 

A cosy master bedroom with interior design in navi mumbai
The ceiling has a complementary antique look with a vintage style fan

The Pastel Pink Kid’s Bedroom

The kid’s bedroom depicts a playful ambience, quite different from the rest of the home’s interiors. This room is designed to inspire and encourage the family’s daughter. The parents wanted the room to have a cheerful ambience while giving enough space to accommodate a well-equipped study table. The bed chosen here by our interior designer in Navi Mumbai is a bunk bed for two that adds a fancy angle to the room. The room’s space is maximised with loft storage units and a dressing unit with handleless cabinets. The room also has a compact, white-laminated wardrobe. The overall colour palette of the room is pastel pink with white as the supporting colour. 

The pastel pink kids bedroom by interior design firms in navi mumbai
The room gets enough sunlight and a beautiful view from the window, dressed with vibrant pink curtains

The Suave Bedroom For The Grandparents

The third bedroom is designed with a subtle beige and white scheme. It comes with a wooden bed with a shelf built into the headboard to keep important things handy. The room comes with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with loft storage units that keep the room spacious and neat. A window with sliding doors — dressed with beige curtains — blend well with the room’s interiors. 

The suave bedroom for the grandparents by architect and interior designer in navi mumbai
The contemporary interiors of this bedroom combine with traditional art elements to balance the earthy tone of the rest of the house

The Parallel Kitchen For Easy Cooking

The kitchen interiors align with the rest of the folksy interiors of the house. It’s a parallel kitchen highlighted with rustic dado tiling on both sides of the kitchen platform. The top of the kitchen and the walls are white; consequently, the area looks open and large. This kitchen is designed with functional and purposeful loft storage cabinets with glass fronts and an under-cabinet stove unit. All the electrical appliances are arranged in one corner. The preparation area of the kitchen is in the centre of the wet area and the electrical contrivances. 

the parallel kitchen for easy cooking by Interior designers for Atlantis mumbai
The cooking area has been designed by DesignCafe’s interior designer in Navi Mumbai to allow enough free space while cooking

On the whole, Sabitha’s 3BHK home is the ideal example of an earthy, modern home designed with the utmost care to fulfil her family’s needs. From spacious layouts to simplistic furniture choices, this house brings together an array of minimalist interior setups, effortlessly aligned to create a refreshing and contemporary abode for this family of five. If you are looking for such inspiring, modern home interiors, reach out to our interior designer in Navi Mumbai.

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