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Karthikeyan Panchanathan’s Minimalist 2BHK Home in Mumbai

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Let’s get on a tour of Karthikeyan’s minimalist 2BHK home in Mumbai.  Design Cafe’s team has created a place that directly reverberates the family’s simple style of living.

Have you been planning a minimalist look for your home but don’t know where to get started? Well, you can take cues from Karthikeyan’s 2BHK home’s interiors that is by far one of the best examples of a minimalist and lively home design. This one will surely slay your heart. Karthikeyan’s place is designed in a way that it fulfils each of his family member’s needs. Therefore, with the right furniture choices and the needs of each individual at the epicentre of this home’s interiors, Design Cafe created a modern home in Mumbai.

So, let’s take a tour of this simple home that Design Cafe created and executed, one that is amazingly functional and naturally elegant for the Panchanathan family.

A Contemporary Open Living Area

Karthikeyan’s family wanted a living area that is spacious and clutter-free. They wanted a place that gave them enough room to sit, chill, and relax with one another. Thus, Design Cafe’s team of experts came up with a neat living area that is simple but not boring. They chose a floating white laminate TV unit with an open shelf at the top and handleless storage cabinets at the bottom. The modular TV unit is compact and designed with cleans lines. The low lying TV unit finished in high gloss laminate has been designed with an open shelf on top and makes this living room remain a striking example of minimalism.

Then there’s a wooden sofa for four that sits gracefully at the heart of the room. The family’s love for wooden finishes is highlighted in the living space with a simple wooden rectangular centre table. To accentuate the minimalist style of design, the living area has been built with a writing board with storage shelves in white laminate and wooden finish. This adds an interesting twist to the otherwise monochrome look of the room. Overall, the living space exhibits a plain and simple interior that is also practical.

White living room designed with a TV unit, centre table and ceiling lights looks minimalist, home interior in Mumbai.
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A Cute Little Dining Nook

Right beside the living area, there’s this open dining area that is perfect for a family of four. The dining area has a wooden rectangular foldable dining table with sturdy dining chairs that complement the rest of the wooden furniture set. So, when not needed, the dining table can be kept folded to use the extra space. The dining area is planned in a way that it remains bright and vibrant all day with natural light from the sun-facing window right beside it. There’s a small light wood storage cabinet near the dining set that comes handy for keeping a telephone or a WiFi router. Along with the dining set, the area has a small pooja unit that is kept minimal to blend in with the rest of the home’s interior design. The pooja unit comes with a white laminate and wooden storage cabinet at the bottom and the top. The entire dining area setting is designed to maintain a relaxed layering in the house keeping things subtle yet striking.

Dining cum living room designed in a minimalist style, the home interior contractor in Mumbai.

The Minimalist Master Bedroom

Design Cafe kept the master bedroom simple and modern in line with the family’s wishes. Like the living room furniture the master bedroom also has wood as the primary design element. It has a spacious king-sized wooden bed with a simple wooden headboard to rest against. Unlike popular master bedroom designs this one exhibits no-drama interiors that is perfect if you are looking for a serene bedroom ambience. The bedroom also comes with a modular floor-to-ceiling wooden wardrobe with loft storage. The dressing unit is placed at the end of the bed with a wall-mounted mirror and a wooden storage drawer unit at the bottom. To keep things neat the bedroom is also provided with another wall-mounted storage unit with cabinets and open shelf. The space is kept bright and vibrant with ceiling light fixtures that keep the top area well-structured too. The master bedroom also has a janitor unit at the entrance with a jali partition. This nook is used to store soiled clothes.

Master bedroom design with a wall-mounted storage unit and ceiling light elegant look, a home interior company in Mumbai.

Adorable And Fully Functional Kids’ Bedroom/ Activity Space

Are you looking for a kids’ bedroom design that is also mature, stylish and functional? Well, Design Cafe brings the most efficient kids’ bedroom ever! Karthikeyan’s wife, Gauthami, is a Bharatnatyam Dancer who often likes to dance with her daughters. She also takes dance tuitions at home. Therefore, to help Gauthami in her dance sessions, the kids’ bedroom is provided with a built-in study table with a large floor to ceiling wardrobe with handleless cabinets. The study table when not in use, can be folded up to free up floor space. The bedroom is provided with a large wall mounted mirror that serves as a fabulous dance studio mirror for Gauthami and her girls. Thus the room also doubles up as an activity room that allows every member of the family a dedicated space to indulge in their hobbies and passions. The kids’ bedroom is kept similar to the rest of the home interiors. However, the furniture choices are made keeping the kids in mind. Therefore, the room is a functionally inclined space that will remain timeless as the girls grow up. In a way, the bedroom has an everlasting style that will stand strong through their daughters’ growing phases.

Big mirror and floor-to-ceiling wooden wardrobe in the Kids bedroom bring aesthetic, home interiors in Mumbai.
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The Overall Minimalist Design Approach

Overall, Karthikeyan’s place is a striking example of modern-day homes that don’t just look good but also gel well with the family’s daily needs. It’s a place that is designed with a small family’s choices at the heart. Therefore the place is designed with clean lines and contemporary structures to let the family live in a relaxing haven. This 2BHK home design is an ideal example of how minimalism can be mainstream and yet not boring. The design colours like white, beige, and brown have created an interesting interplay of subtlety and elegance aligned to the family’s out look towards life i,e to stay down to earth.

DC designed kids' bedroom with sliding study table in the wardrobe, Interior designer for Atmosphere Blanca.

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