Kumar Amar’s Classy 2.5BHK Home Interiors In Doddanekundi, Bangalore

by Shubhankar Adhikari | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

2 bhk low budget home interiors doddanekundi in bangalore

Let’s take a look at the gorgeous 2.5 BHK home of Kumar Amar in Doddanekundi, Bangalore. Design Cafe undertook the complete redesign of the classy apartment and made the homeowner’s vision come true

Project name: Durga Petals

Property area: Doddanekundi, Bangalore

Property type: 2.5BHK apartment

Designer: Sunitha

The interplay between traditional and modern mores is at the heart of great interior design. While traditional elements help us keep the design grounded in themes that remind us of our great heritage, modern components are reflective of the future. The journey of designing Kumar Amar’s dream property in Bangalore’s Durga Petals Doddanekundi took our team of design experts at DesignCafe down memory lane. We were able to weave traditional and modern aesthetics in the chic decor of this stunning 2.5 BHK home.

Let’s see how Design Cafe helped realise Kumar’s dream and make it a rich reality.

The Living Room With A Stone Cladding Wall

Traditional and contemporary styles are at play in this renovated living room. Being one of the leading budget interior designers in Bangalore DesignCafe excelled in giving the property a feeling of ‘home’ with an aesthetically pleasing environment. The team of experts added stone cladding on one of the walls to give the area some depth. A colour theme of wood and white in the hall unit is subtle and understated in appeal making this room look classy. A peripheral false ceiling with cove lights brings in pleasant artificial lighting and makes this living room look more spacious. The wooden flooring elevates the look of the space and brings in warmth as well.

2.5 BHK Home Living room designed with wall cladding in doddanekundi bangalore.
The appearance of the living room has been carefully designed to bring out the best in its various elements

The Dining Area With Storage For Crockery

In the dining area, a display-cum-crockery unit has been incorporated in the design that provides storage in the bottom portion and display at the eye level. To achieve a unified look, the colour theme of the false ceiling and the unit has been kept the same. DesignCafe’s interior designers in Marathahalli used a colour combination of wood and white on the wall to that is neutral yet pleasing. A peripheral false ceiling with cove lighting ensures a well-lit space and helps the area look larger.

Best interior designer in Marathahalli designed this dining room with a classic dining table and display-cum-crockery unit.
The colour combination in the dining area has been carefully chosen to reflect the refined taste of the homeowner

An L Shaped Kitchen

The kitchen has been designed with an L-shaped layout and neutral colours. The darker glossy shade used in bottom cabinets helps in easy maintenance. This, when combined with the lighter shade of the floor and the top cabinets, provides a contrast. The bottom and wall cabinets help save space and craft a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Durga petals in doddanekundi, L-shaped modular kitchen designed in Marathahalli with bottom and wall cabinets look aesthetic.
The modular furniture in the kitchen is space-saving and provides contrast

A Beautiful And Intricately Designed Pooja Unit

The pooja unit has a traditional look. It has been designed with storage as well.  The area is highlighted by the laser-cut panel and lighting all around it. The unit is designed to merge with the living and dining areas. As such, similar colours have been used. The decor allows for the free flow of positive energy and ensures that the benefits are felt all over the apartment.

Best budget interior designer in Marathahalli Bangalore designed traditional pooja unit with storage and laser-cut panel.
The stunning pooja unit is designed to merge into the dining and living areas

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has been designed with a contrasting theme of yellow and grey that makes the room more spacious and brightens it up. Yellow as a colour is known to lift energy levels. The centrepiece of the design is a modern cot with contrasting fabric. A bed in dark wood has been incorporated to maintain the balance of the space and blend into the overall aesthetics seamlessly. The decor of the room has been kept minimalistic in order to save space. This also makes the room appear brighter and larger. This bedroom has an attractive study corner with a more natural theme that is a sure shot energy booster.

Budget interior in Marathahalli Bangalore, master bedroom cum study area designed with wallpaper on one wall looks minimalist.
The attractive wallpaper on one wall is a great addition to the decor of the room

The Second Bedroom

Clarity and minimalism are hallmarks of the design of the second bedroom in Kumar Amar’s home. The colour tone of the space is warm and inviting that makes it feel more relaxing. The colour of the curtains matches that of the walls to create a feeling of balance. The modern furniture gives this bedroom a timeless and elegant vibe. The false ceiling above the cot helps light up space uniformly making it easy to do some reading. 

Budget interior designer in Marathahalli Bangalore designed bedroom with dressing unit and ceiling lights.
The room is made more breathtaking by the lighting and neutral colours

Looking for the best among all the budget interior designers in Bangalore? Look no further as DesignCafe is the best solution for your needs. Give us a call today if you are looking for low budget interior designers in Bangalore.

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