Shape Your Kid’s Mood With These 5 Bedroom Colours

Shape Your Kid’s Mood With These 5 Bedroom Colours

Did anyone tell you about the power  of color therapy on children? Yes, color has a sensitive relationship with your child’s behavior patterns and psychology. According to a recent study by the University of California children, under the age of 10 years, are sensitive to colors around them. The study has shown that different colours impact learning, performance and memory capabilities in children in a variety of ways. And these effects can be long-lasting too! 

Yes, you got that right, colour has a huge role to play in the development of your child, something most parents ignore for lack of knowing better. 

Interestingly, colorology or chromotherapy is not a modern-day practice. 2000 years ago, ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Chinese practiced colorogy.  They believed that every color holds a specific vibration affecting certain chakras of our body. Colours, they said, hold a frequency and wavelength to it that affect our brain and mood in myriad ways. If red stimulates blood circulation yellow was used to purify the body.  Chromotherapy is still used today by therapists as alternative medicine. 

In a nutshell, different colours conjure up certain moods or behaviors in your child and as a parent it is essential to choose the best colour for your children’s room. Simply explained, bright colours evoke positive feelings while dark hues stir up negative emotions. 

Red triggers anger, while blue as the name suggests, can bring out the blues! Yellow will make your child happy and improve memory while green, which has a soothing aura to it, is perfect for children with anxiety issues. Interesting isn’t it? Colours, therefore, are a great tool to understand a child’s emotions or even alter them. Children quite often are not able to communicate their feelings or moods articulately and colour can be very useful to assess the same.

This especially so since children spend a whole lot of time in their rooms entertaining themselves or with friends. Therefore choosing the right colour palettes is important to make sure you little one grows up in the right atmosphere. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing your kid’s bedroom to make it a space for a well-rounded child. Children’s bedrooms are often the most playful space in the house accessorised with the cutest toys. Don’t you want your child to enjoy their personal space to the fullest without compromising on their emotional well-being? While decor and props add character, colour brings out the best of their spirits. 

We’ve got the lowdown on every colour that will inspire your child to be the best version of herself or himself. It’s going to help you decide colour combination for your kid’s room.

Before you dive right in to the world of splashing hues, here are a few things to think through so your kid’s bedroom paint ideas and decor is oh-so-perfect!

  • Do you have a theme?
  • Does your child love superheroes or books?
  • What is your child’s basic personality?
  • Does your child have a sibling?

Colours of Warmth

Yellow, orange and red are the warmest of them all. These colours have a cheerful energy associated with it and brings out the same in your kid. Stronger shades of these colours help uplift energy of the room. Perfect to raise confident, happy, and friendly children isn’t it?

Kids room paint ideas - Paint your Childrens room with colours of warmth like yellow, orange and red.
Paint portions of furniture and shelves red and you get the right dose of warmth
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

Cool Colours

Blue, teal, green and turquoise creates a soothing aura. They are the perfect palette to paint your kid’s bedroom as they are pleasing to the eye and mind. So if you struggle with a hyperactive kid, don’t think twice!

Kids Bedroom design ideas for small spaces - choose Blue, Teal, Green and Turquoise for Kids room colours.
A light blue wall feels like an open sky, perfectly peaceful and serene

Earthy Colours

Brown, beige, and tan create a natural look and feel all around. Contrasting coloured furniture goes really well with these shades. So go natural and add a dash of color with brightly painted chairs and beds for a lively atmosphere.

Childrens Bedroom Colour Scheme - choose earthy colours like Brown, Beige and Tan.
Wooden flooring and earthy toned furnishings and soft toys create a natural look
Love this design? Make it your own

Neutral Shades

White, ivory, and brown – colours that evoke harmony, peace and stability. The best part is that you get to play around with them because they match well with any other hue you pick. The right combination will make your kid’s room a lively and happy place!

Kids Bedroom Paint Ideas - Colour your childrens bedroom with neutral shades like White, Ivory and Brown.
Grey toned walls complemented with white and black shaded furniture evoke harmony

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Power Pastels

Pink, peach and mint – these soft shades preserve the calm and austerity of your kid’s room. Pastels provide a perfect environment to relax and concentrate. What’s more ? They are ideal to ensure your child studies with immense focus. What more do you need for that A-Grader?

Kids room for girls - Colour your kids bedroom with Power Pastels like Pink, Peach and Mint.
Pink bed drapes and curtains look charmingly sweet an ideal colour scheme for a girl’s bedroom

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