His ‘N’ Her: Best Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples

by Shreya Bilagi | January 2, 2024 | 5 mins read

Couple bedroom, check out bedroom designs for couples

Let us take you on a tour, showcasing a bunch of bedrooms designed for couples. Are you ready? Don’t miss out! Read now!

Every love story involves a bed! And that’s why we at Design Cafe thought we would give you some spice on what we believe make great couple bedrooms. We have something for all of you. Stylish, elegant, sassy and sweet. Find out which is your type of couple bedroom. Read now!

A Beige Themed Couple Bedroom Idea

This couple bedroom with a beige theme is perfect for snuggling in with your fiance. A rich velvet high headboard lets you sit back and enjoy a rom-com night on Netflix right where you are. Pretty luxurious beige curtains protect your privacy. If you need some fresh air and want to share a morning coffee amidst the trees, then you can do so in the beautiful white framed balcony that is part of this bedroom. An elegant beige wallpaper brings in subtle beauty to this couple bedroom. Wooden flooring gives a neat and polished look while the false ceiling with recessed and cove lighting illuminate this bedroom’s interiors.

Beige themed couple bedroom ideas for your home
Enjoy a snuggle in this couple bedroom in a beige themed atmosphere

Make Your Moments Worth While With These Bedroom Designs For Couples

If you’re in love and want to do everything in twos, then this bedroom design for couples is adorable. This couple bedroom comes with a wooden king size bed, soft cushioned headboard and a frosty mirror that add to the aesthetics. A sofa with a tea table ledged between the sofa makes having breakfast together an easy play. Bored of sitting indoors? Want to chill out and crack open a bottle of beer? Well this bedroom design lets you do so as it has been designed with a slide to open balcony with outdoor seating and a round table.

Couple bedroom design with an open balcony, it is a best bedroom design ideas for couples
Have sweet time in twos with this couple bedroom design with an open balcony
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Love Birds, This Couple Bedroom Decor Is For You

Time to make your cuddle zone even better with this couple bedroom decor ideas. If your partner and you love to deck up your bedroom here are some great ideas take a look. This gorgeous couple bedroom has silk cased cushions to elevate the bedding. Square cushion pouffes in a royal rich material have been placed at the end of the bed that makes it perfect to just sit and chat. A royal buttoned armchair in cream is ideal for reading and sipping some tea. A Victorian side table has been placed next to it where your newspapers or books can go. Artefacts in frames and paintings of birds enlightened the wall.

Couple bedroom decor ideas with an armchair and paintings
A pretty couple bedroom decor with an armchair and paintings that bring elegance into the room

A Modern Couple’s Bedroom Design

Want a little sizzle in your room? This couple’s bedroom will heat up space in no time. This bedroom has a King-size bed surrounded by bay windows and an open balcony. Get into a warm bubbly bath with your love in a frosty white hot tub behind a rich brown marble partition. Perfect for a night in isn’t it?

Modern couple’s bedroom design with a bathtub and balcony adds to a romantic
A couple bedroom with a bathtub and balcony adds to a romantic experience

A Small Bedroom Idea For Couples Who Want To Save Space

Don’t have too much space to spare? Don’t fear! We at Design Cafe are here. Take a look at this small bedroom idea for couples. It’s small, cute, and it’s only for couples. This couple bedroom has a simple yet minimalistic TV unit designed with back panel lighting that adds to the effects when the lights are foo. Perfect if you’re watching a movie. This bedroom is equipped with a King-size bed made from wood. A lovely pure white wallpaper brings a dash of design to this bedroom. There is a slide to open balcony that your partner and you can hang out in and maybe do some stargazing.

Space saving bedroom ideas for couples for small bedroom
A small yet cute couple bedroom in light hues makes this room simplistic in its appearance
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Stylish Bedroom Designs For Couples

Is style your middle name? Then this stylish bedroom design for couples will leave you in smiles. This couple bedroom is sure to bring the hidden romance out with a gorgeous accent wall in black with rich golden patti. A high headboard in light brown is sure to give you the comfort you need. This couple bed has sliding wardrobes to place our clothing in style.

Stylish bedroom designs for couples with a blue armchair and set of dark pouffes
A stylish couple’s bedroom with a frosty blue armchair and a set of dark pouffes

This is what we at Design Cafe think are the best couple bedroom ideas for your home. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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