Want To Fall In Love Again? Check Out Our Home Decor Ideas For Newlywed Couples

by Ekta Poddar | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home decor ideas for newly weds with a gorgeously styled bedroom

Newly wedded and looking for home décor and bedroom décor ideas? Our write up is sure to get you started in the right direction!

Setting up their home is a special journey for newlyweds. Home décor, bedroom decorating, bedroom colours, bedroom design –  the list of decisions to be made seems endless. As a couple works out and unites their design aesthetic, they convert a house into a home, one in which they can set the foundation for their wedded life. Our ideas on newlywed home décor and newlywed bedroom décor can help you begin things on a sweet note.

R For Romance, R For Red

It is not for nothing that red roses have long been the symbol of romantic love. You cannot go wrong when choosing red as part of bedroom colours for newlyweds. You don’t have to go over the top with the red splashed all over. Pops of red will do the trick, like in this bedroom.

Newlywed home decor with a red colour bed for romance
Pops of red in the headboard, furniture and rug that add a touch of romance
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Lavish Love While Dressing Your Bed

Putting some careful thought into choosing linen, pillows, cushions and covers for the bed will pay off. In this brown and white bedroom, a rich bedspread and pillowcases fashioned in the same colours create a cohesive look. The styling of bed is fuss-free yet gorgeous.

Newlywed bedroom ideas with lavish love and richly patterned linen
Richly patterned linen that complements the bedroom décor

All Lit Up In Love

A variety of lights and dimmable lights are a great newlywed bedroom idea. We are crushing on the garlands of fairy lights in this bedroom. They turn the otherwise rustic room into a romantic set for two. The lights, the rich plum duvet, the bed tea tray – one doesn’t need anything more for long lazy lie-ins.

Newlywed bedroom decorating ideas with charming lights
Charming garland lights transform this rustic bedroom

Lie Back In Nature’s Lap

Take inspiration from nature while doing the interior design for newlyweds, and put your own twist on it, like in this bedroom. A tree patterned wallpaper forms the backdrop for some black, brown and copper tinted décor that mimics leaves. Touches of green through houseplants sets the brown hues of the room off.

Bedroom decor ideas for newlyweds with a natural scenery on the headboard wall
An innovative take on a natural scenery

Bring On The Dark Side

Don’t be afraid to go bold with a dark colour palette while choosing bedroom colours for newlyweds. In this room, black is used to create a dramatic backdrop. The bed linen and curtains are coloured deep denim while browns and greys add soothing contrast.

Newlywed bedroom decoration dark colour designed wall
Dark colours are cleverly used in this bedroom with fabulous results
Stunning home interiors for your first home!

Personalised Bedroom Design For Newlyweds

Have a hobby that you share or a dream or memory that you share? Use it as inspiration to design the bedroom. This enchanting room invokes the romance of Paris in every way: exposed brickwork, flowers in shades of various shades of pink, soft furnishings in jewel tones of purple and a handsome headboard. The armchair and window seat are just what are needed for cosy conversations over tea or coffee.

Newlywed bedroom decor with a personalised bedroom for newlyweds
Nothing says je t’aime like a personalised bedroom

Sofas To Make Conversations And Memories

Let’s turn our attention from armchairs in your bedroom to seating in your living room. All newlyweds need someplace to entertain their visitors and for them to relax on. We are big fans of these comfortable sofas done up in fresh yellows. Remember to plump up those cushions that are a must-have in newlywed home décor.

Bedroom colours for newlyweds with a comfortable stylish seating for newlywed home decor
Comfortable and stylish seating for visitors and for the newlywed couple

Laying Out The Dining Spread

Dining room décor is another essential that newlyweds’ house cannot do without. The dining table here is dressed in superb style – fresh flowers, candles and gleaming crockery and cutlery that sit nicely on the glass top of the dining table. Inspires us to go out and buy dining table décor pronto!

Bedroom design for newlyweds with a glass dining table for newlywed home decor
A dining table inviting laid out and decorated with candles and fresh flowers

Flowers As Room Decoration For Newlyweds

Flowers are a sure shot way to bring beauty and romance to any setting. Set up elaborate arrangements in your living, dining or foyer area or keep it simple with fresh decorations in your bedroom. Either way is a sure shot hit. And where you have fresh flowers, you need vases! Newlyweds will do well to have a variety of vases at their disposal. These can also be used as décor as in this living room.

Room decoration for newlyweds with drawers for flower pot arrangements for newlywed home decor
Stock up on vases for your fresh flower arrangements

Curate Unique Décor Pieces

Be it wall décor or showpieces for the living room, décor items and accessories bring life to space. As a couple builds their life together, they will have plenty of opportunities to procure items that have memories. To begin with they can curate items that have meaning for them – based on individual or common interests and passions.

Interior design for newlyweds with an artful setting for modern decor for newlywed home decor
Artful setting for modern décor perfectly inspirational for newlyweds

That brings us to an end of our ideas on designing and decorating newlyweds home. As a new couple vow to stay together through thick and thin, we wish a good time. May they together create a home and a life that brings the best to them.

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