From Cluttered to Chic: 7 Ways to Create Space in Your Small Kitchen

by Pallabi Bose | January 2, 2024 | 5 mins read

7 tips for making a small kitchen look bigger for your home

7 easy tips on how to make a small kitchen spacious

If you’ve been wondering how to make a small kitchen look bigger, be ready to be surprised. You can make your kitchen space roomy very easily without doing any major renovation. Yes, a white theme does make a space look big and airy, but it’s not the only way. You don’t have to sacrifice colour and style to make your kitchen space look bigger. Here’re 8 cool ways you can transform the heart of your home without breaking the bank.

Knock Down The Wall and Maintain a Straight Layout

If your kitchen has a wall that separates the living room, here’s an easy tip on how to make the kitchen look bigger. Consider breaking down the divider wall. This will create an open floor plan and instantly make the space feel larger. Also, the straight kitchen layout works best for a small kitchen. It leaves a lot of space to move around. Keep in mind that decluttering and organising your space can further help create a more open and airy feel.

Consider breaking down the divider wall to make the kitchen bigger
Break down walls to make your kitchen feel bigger instantly
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Let The Sunshine and Nature In To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Wondering how to make a small dark kitchen look brighter? A window can do the trick. The bigger, the better. You can easily transform a small kitchen space by letting the natural light and nature. Keep it free from blinds and curtains to ensure light and air are never obstructed.

Make a small dark kitchen look bigger by installing a large window to brighten the area
Brighten up your small kitchen with a window

Add More Open Shelves To Make Kitchen Look Bigger

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a spacious kitchen. So, here’s an easy tip on how to make your kitchen look bigger without any significant carpentry changes. Just take the shutters off the cabinets. By doing so, you’d create an innate sense of openness. Also, open shelves are on-trend now.

Like the kitchen shown in the image below. Although the kitchen is built in a tiny space under the staircase, open shelves have made the kitchen look spacious. So, if you are a neat and tidy person, this would stunningly work for you.

Add more open shelves to make your gallery kitchen look bigger
Open up your kitchen space with open shelves

Incorporate Reflective Material For An Expansive Feel

Reflective materials in a small kitchen, such as glossy cabinets, stainless steel appliances, or mirrored backsplash, can help make the space look roomier by creating an illusion of depth and expansiveness. These materials reflect light and create a sense of openness, making the room feel brighter and larger. 

In the kitchen below, we experimented with stainless steel countertops since glass is hard to maintain. And the result is a stunning modern and sleek kitchen that looks and feels much bigger, thanks to the large bay window that lets a lot of natural light in.

Kitchen with glossy cabinets, stainless steel appliances, or mirrored backsplash gives bigger look kitchen
Easy tip on how to make a kitchen look bigger and brighter with reflective surfaces

Use Cabinet Lights and See-through Shutters To Make Small Kitchen Look Brighter

If open shelving is not your cup of tea, the best alternative is see-through cabinet shutters. They offer a sense of expansiveness while protecting your crockeries from dust. To enhance the beauty of the space, add recessed lights inside the cabinets. Alternatively, add lights underneath the top cupboards or at the base of floor units. This creates an illusion of depth.

Add see-through cabinet shutters with lights to make a small kitchen look bigger
Quick tip on how to make the kitchen bigger with cabinet lights
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Use Bright Colours To Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger With Paint

If you are looking for an easy tip on making a small kitchen look bigger with paint, your search ends here. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a dark, gloomy kitchen. Although the white kitchen is on-trend, you can choose bright colours like pink, peach, and yellow for a welcoming vibe. Furthermore, you can combine white with pastel green or teal to make the space look more airy and trendy. But remember to keep the space always uncluttered so that it feels roomy.

Easy tip on how to make a kitchen look bigger with paint
Changing the paint is a low-cost way to make the kitchen look bigger

FAQs on how to make a kitchen look bigger

1. How do you make a small kitchen feel bigger?

Implement the below tips to create a more open and spacious feel in your small kitchen.

  • Maximise natural light
  • Choose light colours
  • Use open shelving
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Use multi-functional furniture
  • Create visual interest

2. What colour makes a small kitchen look bigger?

Using light colours is an easy way to make a small kitchen look bigger because they reflect more light, making the space feel more open and airy. Some of the best colours are:

  • White
  • Light grey
  • Pale blue
  • Soft green
  • Beige or cream
  • Pastel pink

3. What size tiles make a kitchen look bigger?

When it comes to tile size in a small kitchen, larger tiles tend to make the space feel bigger. Larger tiles can make the floor or backsplash feel more expansive and continuous. Some tile sizes that work well in a small kitchen include:

  • 12 x 24 inches
  • 18 x 18 inches
  • 24 x 24 inches

Urban subway tiles or herringbone pattern tiles work well in small spaces.

In conclusion, a few simple changes can make a small kitchen look bigger. By implementing these tips, you can create a more open and spacious feel in your kitchen without spending lakhs. To learn more about kitchen renovation ideas or to discuss your specific needs with our interior experts, book a free consultation call today and check out our blog section for more inspiration.

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